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November 28, by Dan Johnston. Antonella asks an interesting dating question about being with an ESFJ. I have a relationship type question. I just saw the Myers Briggs type compatibility chart and its kind of unfair that Im only compatible with half the types. Ive seen why we may have our differences I have too many deep thoughts or I connect ideas from everything I see, and he kind of enjoys life without too much thinking and our comunication requires a little bit of more effort because it has to be clear.

Male INFP & Female INFJ Interaction

Sometimes I feel this lack of deepness or ideas, but I try to tell me is not really important. However, I understand that love is about loving who they are and learning to love the differences acceptable differences. He blew me off for a while and eventually told me how badly I hurt him, to him it was finally over and he was trying to move one and that included friendship and all. This realization has been devastating and even shocking for me, I didn't even know that I still had such an attachment to him, to us even if it was just friendship.

Here I am 9 years after our break-up and 12 years after meeting him completely heartbroken and even worse, this time I was the 'bad guy' and that is making it even harder to deal with. I never understood why we had this deep connection, I told myself that he was narcissistic and I had a 'kind soul' so we were destined for failure. He isn't narcissistic tho, he wouldn't have loved me so much for so many years or been so heart broken when I left.

He was a young guy that felt the same thing I felt and I think that scared him because that wasn't ready for such a serious relationship. He is an ENTP and we fit in some weird way that we never understood. It just explains so much but it also breaks my heart, the thought that I have lost my soul mate makes me feel completely empty.

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The only choices for me is to have ENTP completely out of my life and the thought of not knowing, my long time friend and soul mate anymore or risk everything and change my entire life to be with him.. Do I do what my brain says and whats best for INFP and our child but never feel this deep love again or do I do what I have to, to make him a permanent part of my life? Your kid is never going to be a good excuse to stay with your INFP partner. Just like you can't choose who your kid is going to date or even fall in love with, your kid has no business choosing who's a part of your love life.

As a child who was raised with my parents having joint custody, I was super happy having two bedrooms, two sets of toys, etc My parents worked hard to present a united front when it came to discipline if one parent grounded me for a month, the other parent imposed the same rules , and I knew without a doubt they loved me and my sister. I also knew that there was no way they could be together and be happy - not right away of course, because kids have no intuitive knowledge about this sort of thing - and while it caused some confusion when other people asked me why my parents separated, I can't say their separation affected my happiness.

The truth is if you stay with INFP and are somewhat miserable because of it, you're hurting him. Separating from the INFP would be doing you both a favour. People say it's never good counsel to leave one man for another one. I don't believe the soul-mate crap even though I am INFJ, but if you love something you'd be stupid to let it slip away because of a social convention. Your kid's not an excuse. You've cheated on INFP so clearly he's got no hold on you either.

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  • I completely agree with the response above. You must wisely choose which direction you want your life to go. This is a very risky business. Even if he does choose you-be prepared to experience any left over resentment from the past. You only get so many chance before you exclude anyone who ever cared for you So don't mess it up again.

    Can an Idealist (ENFP, INFP, INFJ, ENFJ) date a SENSOR?!

    Ask yourself if you simply want an excuse to have an affair for the excitement of itor if you truly feel a pull to be with someone else. There's a huge difference. Many times, people think they are missing out on something better when all they will ever need is right in front of them so the saying goes. I feel like I can greatly empathize with this because I'm always looking for adventure-or something else--and I'm not sure if that something is out there-or just the idea of it Just remember that everyone is human and makes mistakes.

    You've made mistakes-but all you can do is move on with your life and improve it from here on out. I hope that my reply helped in some way. Most of all, I hope you find what makes you happy. Your post opened my eyes also. Best of luck to you.

    16 things to know before dating an INFJ

    Talking from my own experience as an ENTP: They mellow out and stabilize as they grow older. We take our serious relationships and friendships very seriously, once we've decided we want to have and keep someone in our lifes forever and build a future together There are several INFJ's in my life and I have a special bond with every one of them, even if with most it isn't and never was romantic. There have been two romantic INFJ's in my life too, but I probably was moving too fast with them, and they both eventually clamshelled, ran and disconnected, probably scared of their own emotions and the intensity of the connection, just like you did.

    Both also have a background of not being stable having some personal issues, trust issues etc. I truely loved them and had to take full emotional distance no contact to deal with the disconnect and process it. I hold no grudges, still care for them even, though we aren't talking, but I also wouldn't want either of them back now unless I knew they had grown and changed for real and stabilized. Probably not even as just a friend, as I full well know the intensity of emotion and pain they can have me feel.

    I'm an INFP trying to start a relationship with an INFJ

    There is nothing that hurts me more then giving my heart fully and then have my significant other growing cold and distant and bailing on me, refusing to even talk. It's a level of pain that hits my very core, unlike anything I've ever experienced before that. Speaking from my own perspective ENTP's are loyal to a fault and we'll fight long and hard and intensely for something we truely love and want and believe in.

    Just like he fought for you for months on end. More then my parents and brother even.

    INFJ-INFP Relationships & Compatibility

    And I truely believed in a future with them. But when I'm done, when I've tried everyting It's not a matter of not loving you anymore And that is fatal. Speaking about myself again, there is a road back with ENTP when you've burned your bridges with us. But that road isn't an easy one. Those bridges that just spontaneously popped up out of nowhere before would have to be rebuilt, and you'd be doing most of the building. You would have to restore my belief in you and my hope for something real.

    A one on one meetup with a truthfull explanation of what happend and what you felt that lead you to your chosen actions for starters will go a long way to get us to understand you If you aren't willing to do that: That would be the only condition on which I would be willing to risk my heart with you again. Wishing you the best of luck He loves social interaction and I don't.

    I like to be around people to help them through their lives.

    INFJ-INFP Relationships

    I don't like to be around people to party. I feel like partying drains my energies. He knows that I don't like loud and party-like places so he eyes them from the outside. Many times I feel bad that he feels left out and I accompany him to a concert or a party.

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    • But I can only do this for a short period of time. As for him, he can't read as much as I do. Nor can he stay at home and tend to the home as much as I can. So we have learned to find a balance, by understanding each other. We've been together for 7 years now, married for 3 years and there were times we wanted to seperate from each other.

      These drifts happened because we didn't communicate well with each other. The reason was he wanted to give me the facts and I knew the facts but didn't think they were right. I've learned that if anything crosses my values, I will not think twice, I will cut it out of my life. My values are everything. But to an ESTJ, facts are everything. ESTJs also don't question authority figures, which made it very tough to work with him. If my boss falsely accused me of wrongdoing, it was my fault, eventhough the facts showed that it was my boss who was wrong.

      Eitherway, I've learned that when I work with him, I must present the facts, in a non-biased manner, cooly. I simply communicate my strong intuitions with solid facts and he simply registers the information. Since they're very practical people, he looks to see if my intuitions are correct by seeing if they reappear in our life. My intuitions are solid. This is how he has come to listen to my advice without taking it personally. The other area in communication we struggled with was in giving constructive feedback. I correct him diplomatically frequently. I needed to correct him directly infrequently.

      When I made that change, we had a better time with each other. There were even more changes I had to make once I understood how he thought. At work I dressed in the most comfortable and tidy way possible. But when I was with him, I dressed fashionably because it was important to him that I looked socially attractive and acceptable. This was a tough change to make because I didn't know what was socially acceptable and attractive and had to scour magazines and ask him what looked good on me.

      Once he saw the effort I was making to accomdate this need, he felt loved. Once or twice a week we go to a very social place because of his need for lots of social interaction and I slip out into the car when it becomes too much.