Hot water element hook up

Do you have an appliance that requires v.? The plugs have to match. If not a new circuit has to be installed from the main panel by someone experienced. Is there really no adapter? Would something like this not work? You see on that adapter where is says "W"? And how on the heater you want to use it says "W"? I agree with Guygan. Notice the element states hardwired vac. NOT splitting vac.

How to Reconnect the Wires to a Heating Element on a Water Heater

The transformer you mention is for traveling into areas with different voltages not for heavy long period use. Have to consider wattage and amperage not just voltage. That's probably a better idea. I'll return the element I got and get v ones. I'll still be unsure on the wattage though. There is 3kw v elements. Pretty close to w IMO https: You would use some kind of a "water heater element" to make steam? That is not how a sauna works.

Wiring an Electric Hot Water Heater

To make steam you throw water on the rocks heated by a stove, electric or wood burning. Some will also heat the water needed for washing yourself. We're using the heated water below a grate as a way to make the rocks hot.

The element will not be boiling the water to make steam. We will still be pouring water over the hot rocks to make the steam. And you think that will make the sauna hot enough? I really don't think it will work because the point is to make the rocks so hot that the water evaporates immediately. I don't think you can do that by warming water, as they should be over degrees Celcius.

You won't get rocks hot enough by hanging them over warm water. Direct contact would be better. Then there's thermal shock - select the rocks carefully.

How to wire water heater thermostats

Well the water heater element definitely isn't set in stone.. What would you recommend for a relatively low budget replacement? We weren't really sure on a wood burning stove, because we don't have enough firewood to keep it going in our area.. I really wouldn't know, I just take saunas, I don't build them. A "modern" home will have exactly twistlocks unless requested or specifically installed.

You are correct that most homes in the US have Single or split phase service. Water heaters are typically hardwired v. These replaced the older allowed R and R, respectively. The older 10's still installed in many locations did not provide a dedicated ground - but were, in effect, grounded through the neutral.

Whizkid has provided much more thorough explanation in past posts. Notice I didn't type a single L in front of those. You are all set and you can go ahead with using it, but just check that you have screwed it properly or not and also that o connection is loose. One Year to Go [ Microsoft ] by Cartel Anyone had any issues? Bobcat79 Premium Member Dec 7: Willy to evilt00l Premium Member Dec PSWired to magicjimmy Member Dec You might rethink this "non-polarized" notion after licking a neutral conductor and a hot conductor from your nearest v receptacle Water heaters are V, both lines are hot.

Bobcat79 Premium Member Dec 5: Which is why you need to set them about 10 degrees apart. The top one overrides the bottom one, so you won't get a full tank of hot water unless the bottom one is set to a higher temperature than the top one. The top one is there to give you a faster recovery, but the bottom one does most of the work. Bobcat79 December 16th, Bobcat79 to evilt00l Premium Member Dec 5: The upper thermostat feeds the lower with power, when the upper is satisfied, the lower is activated.

Bobcat79 Premium Member Dec Irun Man to evilt00l Premium Member Dec 2: Neutral is required for those.. IE; 4 wire plug. Move black wire to Volt breaker Move white wire to neutral busbar: Image shows typical V water heater circuit. To convert to V: Move black wire from V breaker to Volt circuit breaker rated for correct amps. Circuit is more efficient, and breaker box lasts longer. Move white wire from V breaker to Neutral busbar where ground wire connects.

Some breaker boxes have separate Neutral busbar where white wires are connected. Basic Volt water heater circuit How to replace circuit breaker How to install subpanel. Water heater will heat slower at volt. Heating water more slowly during peak-price hours can reduce electric bill for some folks.

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It still takes same amount of electricity to heat each gallon of water up to thermostat set point. And keep water at that temperature. Typically, Volt heats gallon per hour.


And electric usage is spread across more time, so peak usage can be reduced. Wattage drops when voltage is reduced See water heater label showing difference between V - V Resistive loads such as light bulbs and elements will burn less hot when voltage is reduced. Same is true for water heater elements. Lower wattage heats less water per hour See chart Assumes watt element rated for V Element wattage and voltage printed on end of each element Resource: How to identify and replace elements Formula for toV:. Voltage higher than element rating: Good for off-peak or generator. How to replace element Connect water heater to generator.

Also use Volt strategy when main box is overtaxed If main breaker is tripping. Main breaker stress test If water heater breaker is getting hot and tripping. Another strategy is to change elelments from watt to watt for slower heating and less draw off breaker Generator may not provide enough wattage for entire house: How to wire volt water heater for volt generator. Toggle water heater between Volt and Volt Max watt non-simultaneous water heater Use Volt during times when electric prices are lower, and faster recovery is needed.