One direction imagines you hook up with another boy after a fight

After two years, all those people had become your friends as well after all. What are you doing here? Everybody but Harry laughed when you suddenly heard a well too familiar voice. You felt your heart tighten in your chest and your whole body got tense. He had recognized you from behind. Of course he did, you had been dating for two years. He knew you very well.

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How could Louis find her pretty? In fact, she was the complete opposite of you. You were a small brunette, you had some nice curves that Louis used to love.

He was so different. He looked more pretentious, arrogant and haughty than ever. Is it already too far away for your stupid brain? An offended look appeared on her face. Louis frowned and pushed you a little.

Zayn interposed himself between the two of you, seeing that you were going to come to blows as you were beside yourselves. All you wanted to do was go for the jugular. The both of you were watching the other one straight in the eye, not letting go. Niall finally took you by the arm to take you away from Louis, Liam and Harry followed you as Zayn stayed with him. Even though the break up had been quite difficult to live for the both of you, you had remained very good friends.

Niall was a very nice guy and he had never done anything wrong or even hurt you once. He was such a cutie but after a few months of dating, you guys had realize that you were not made for each other in that kind of way. It had been a few months since you had split up and you missed old times.

But not in the way everybody would thought. You missed being with him all the time because Niall was one of your best friends and that living H24 with your best friend was great. When you were together, you were always laughing, having fun, doing silly things, etc. Living with Niall was more like having a room-mate.

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Well, in a way, it was hard to be crazier than Niall! Tonight, you were going on a double date with your bf, Niall and his new gf. You were excited to meet her because you knew he would never date a boring person!

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  • One Direction Preferences — You see each other after the break-up!
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  • When you entered the restaurant when you were supposed to meet, they were already there. After a few hugs and some introductions, you all sat and ordered. Her name was Kate, she was 20 and she looked really pretty. She was a bit shy at the beginning but relaxed a bit after a few minutes when she saw that you were all chilled out and cracking some jokes.

    Did you get used to it? You burst out laughing when you saw his face. There was an awkward silence. You felt a bit stupid knowing that he must have been really working on it for her not to notice. When you removed your hands, he smiled at you proudly. Except that little embarrassing moment for the both of you , you had an amazing night and promised to each other that you will do it again really soon! You sighed for the umpteenth time.

    He had told you to be here at 2pm but it was 2: You grabbed your phone and called him. You decided to let a voicemail. You felt like your heart had broken into a million pieces. Seeing your baby girl like this made you feel even more angry against Zayn. You took her in your arms and hold her tight, rubbing her back. He parked his car and ran towards you. The boys and I had to e-end something at the studio!

    You got up and walked straight towards him.

    One Direction Preferences ♡

    Once you were standing in front of him, you slapped him in the face. I said I was sorry! What do you think? That my whole life turns around you? All you care about is your job. Can you believe that? He looked really confused, not knowing what to say. He bended to look at his daughter and saw she had red and puffy eyes. His mouth half-opened and his eyes got watery. He skirted you and walked to her, sitting beside her. Without saying anything, he took her in his arms and buried his face in her hair. You could hear them sob and sighed.

    I love you so so so so much and you mean the world to me. He kissed her cheek and she smiled at him. They talked for five good minutes and you started to feel guilty about what you had said to him. Eventually, he opened the front door and you all went inside the house. He told your daughter to go upstairs to put her things in her room and turned to you. You looked at him for a few seconds and finally gave a faint smile. He smiled back and stepped closer to you to take you in his arms. He smiled and nodded. You sit in front of the vanity, trying to figure out what look you were going to go for today.

    After three attempts to get both winged lines perfect on your eyelids, the clock reminds you to hurry. You hurry into the closet, pulling out a tank top and a flannel. Your closet was cluttered with his things as well.

    You housed his things so he never had to bring anything when he came to visit. You pull the least expensive of the two on, walking over to the full length mirror to make sure everything was in place. You nod at your reflection before grabbing your sunglasses from the dresser and heading out of the bedroom with not much time to make it to town. The girls across the street liven up when they see you emerge from the house.

    You make it four steps down the stone path to the road before the door opens up behind you and the girls get a little louder. You stop your movement to the car, turning around to face him. He leans in, pressing a kiss to your lips. You can hear the girls across the street practically screaming at his actions. He pulls away shooting you a wink, and you shake your head. He shrugs his shoulders, the smile still present on his face. He smacks your butt playfully as you begin to walk away. He loved to fuel the relationship rumors with you, but his actions were usually subtle.

    He was obviously over subtle. He is holding his wrapped arm up as if you needed a reminder. You were ready for this argument. He was never one to turn down a ride, not even if the outcome meant another wrap for his broken hand.

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    The stares all around you are evident and you know that this is bringing him unwanted attention. He rolls his eyes and follows after you. They stand around, looking at one another, unsure of what they had just seen. Yes, the two of you had just had a very pubic argument, but whose side would they choose? They loved Liam, or at least the ones there that were fans were.