Scorpio woman and gemini man dating

In a couple relationship, a Gemini man is very attracted to the strong and courageous nature of his Scorpio woman as he himself is very indecisive. Anyone can easily get attracted to the sensuous and sexual Scorpio woman and Gemini is just one among the many zodiac signs who gets attracted to her. A Scorpio woman looks for a man who does not interfere with her leadership and can adapt to her mood swings easily. Both the signs are mysterious in their own ways and highly intelligent.

Initially, they might take some time to adjust to each other and once they set up certain boundaries or split responsibilities in their relationship, they both can soar high in a blissful and fulfilling relationship. But to get to that point of mutual understanding between these two signs can be really tough and sometimes very long. They both need to compromise on their social scenarios.

The Water and the Air combination

A Gemini man should learn to give his Scorpio woman individual attention and time. She needs alone time with her husband to build a strong trust in him as she is not a very social creature and he needs to understand her need. Socializing can be done later in life. The Scorpio woman needs to put an end to her possessiveness and jealousy. She needs to let go of her suspicious nature and understand his need to socialize.

She needs to understand that everytime her husband laughs with somebody, it may not be necessary that he is cheating on her. This way, she will never get a trusting relationship with her Gemini man. As mates and as a couple, they both need to strengthen and fortify each other's weaknesses instead of pointing them out. Is it the weekend yet? A post shared by TheCoupleGoals couplegoals on Oct 19, at 9: The Scorpio woman takes great pleasure in sexual intimacy. For them, while in bed, sex is more emotional than plain lust and they need to connect to their partners on an emotional level while making love.

While in bed, they expect the same display of emotions from their partners and in the absence of such an emotion, they feel immensely hurt. The Gemini man does not do an emotionally charged sex while in bed. They take sex more as fun rather than an emotional connection but the best part is that a Gemini man is like clay.

Basic compatibility in the relationship

He can easily mold himself according to the likes and fancies of his partner. He is capable of pleasing his partner sexually and the way she wants but he has to be guided. Although kinky sex is not his forte, he will definitely provide a satisfying sexual pleasure to his partner. A Scorpio woman will be more than pleased sexually with her Gemini man but she might have to let go of her wild fantasies while in bed with him. A post shared by TheCoupleGoals couplegoals on Oct 17, at 4: A Gemini man is capable of showing excellent performance while at work whether working independently or in a team.

Gemini Man and Scorpio Woman

He loves challenges and change and so last minute change in plans do not disturb him. He is also the most sought-after person in an office for delivering the best ideas and verbal contributions during a presentation or meeting. A Scorpio woman at workplace makes good leaders only when they are in a good mood. A Bad mood results in poor leadership from her side. But they are hardworking and flexible in any position. A Scorpio woman is also very independent in her work and will hardly ever need help from anyone else.

While working together with a Gemini man, they result in smooth partnership in work. The pairing between the Scorpio woman and the Gemini man is very risky and may end in a break up if both are very conflicting in their views. They as a pair, eventually find their relationship rewarding but that is only if they are ready to give it some time else they can end up in a bitter break up.

They have stark differences between them and to keep their ship afloat, they need to mutually decide on setting boundaries and having lots of clear communication. Their relationship can be everlasting and passionate but only if they both give some hard work to it.

Scorpio Woman Gemini Man – A Hard But Enjoyable Match

If they do not think of a break up midway, they will discover a sea of surprises within themselves. Both of them are capable of giving each other a lot in the relationship and make each other's life very satisfying. Their relationship is essentially that of all or nothing, none of them are ready to compromise a lot in the relationship. I didn't deserve this, Neither the hurt, nor the pain, You were my mistake, All I want is to forget you and your name. Nobody stays in our life forever, You made sure that I learnt this lesson, Yet you promised, And gave me hope to stay for a thousand years, you aren't a person.

Sweet love doesn't exist, All I faced was sorrow, My smile wasn't mine anymore, Yet I woke up each day for a greater tomorrow. I lost you, But more than that I can't find myself, You believed the physical reality, Stare in the darkness of my eyes, look for yourself. I hope you never have to face what I faced, You won't be able to tackle the same, I was just another trial for you, I hope you aren't treated like that by anyone, your gain.

Couldn't you see it killing me? Gradually, I started staying aloof, Making it difficult for me to wake up everyday, With no tears left, I thought while I sat on the roof. Missing you was the usual, But now I just miss myself, What a gem I was, with great value, Beautiful with those perfect imperfections. Baby, what have you done? You proudly ruined it all, All I want now, is for you to go away, I guess this is moving on, I promise I'm gonna work it out.

The Water and the Air combination. Basic compatibility in the relationship. Mutual trust between a Gemini man and Scorpio woman. Gemini man and Scorpio woman love compatibility. Are they sexually compatible?

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While together in work. To save your bond, you must try. Give each other some space, and again this union will be embraced. We are talking about the union of the two people who have an absolutely opposite way of living life. Opposites do attract, even when it comes to these two individuals.

While the guy respects her confidence, clarity towards life, and her poise, that she carries off with great strength and dignity, this beauty is enchanted by his intelligence and ability to be youthfully charming despite all odds. They both tend to get attracted towards each other merely by the need to understand each other so that the curiosity aroused is somehow brought to rest. The things that did seem amazingly attractive initially, tend to become the very things that create some serious ripples between these two.

You can't say that the problems in this union will arise due to "somebody's fault", it's just the incompatibility of these two, it's just how they are!

The following section will take you through the key points that make this a somewhat odd match. Not that they can't overcome their issues and make a great bond, all they need to do is try. Who says love is easy! Our male protagonist is a mutable air sign and has many sides to his personality. This is the reason why Geminis are also called double-faced beings.

He falls under a zodiac sign that bears the symbol of the twins. He is a careless, outgoing, socializing, and highly unpredictable being who loves to explore.

Love Compatibility Between a Gemini Man and a Scorpio Woman

On the other hand, our female protagonist is a fixed water sign. She is who she is, whether or not accepted by the others. She is mysterious, enigmatic, extremely possessive, and has a knack of stinging those who hurt her. Yes, this female is a passionate lover, and an even more passionate revenge seeker. So, if you, as a guy, are looking for something not-so serious, then we warn you to stay off this damsel, because she can put you in a lot of distress!

What Brings Them Together? The fact that how can someone be so different from them, in a pleasing way of course! The wandering soul of a Gemini man, who is constantly looking for stimulation, excitement, and fun, meets a woman that has a sense of charm in her demeanor.

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How can she be so poised, so sure about her life, while he is so clueless? She is who she is, while he sometimes struggles to understand what he is and what he seeks. She, on the other hand, gets attracted towards his intelligence, his creative approach, and his multifaceted realms. She thinks of him like an interesting puzzle that she is curious to solve. She wonders what his truth is, what his real-self is, and this is what gets her into this relationship.

Although, he is not as sexual as her, she still manages to captivate him through her sexuality and passion, using these as the means to solve his puzzle-like conduct. They both are intelligent beings, and initially, it interests them to get engrossed in some great conversations through which they can view life from each other's perspective. What Makes Them Apart? Their way of seeing life. A Gemini man doesn't understand privacy or responsibility, or the need of getting jealous and possessive, and a Scorpio woman is all of these things and more.

She needs her privacy and the Gemini man's constant questioning and taunting regarding the aspects he doesn't get, may lead to some friction between them. This guy loves to roam around, and you can't expect him to be glued to one particular place like his woman expects him to be.