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Angel/Devil Shipping

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Share this image Share link Copy link. Crowley notes in the novels that Ferid has the kind of beauty that corrupts people and tells the group in the manga that he feels bad for them because Ferid wants to be their friend as he's exhausting with all his antics and mind games. The Joker is Ax-Crazy and unpredictable to the extreme and as such it's difficult to pin down his motivation, past, and the like in canon.

What is more clear cut is his demented love and obsession with Batman. It seems his greatest desire is to break Batsy's ideals down and make him just like him. Batman isn't the type to let Joker victimize him but in certain fanworks Batman is made vulnerable and at the Jokers mercy. Aurora and Maleficent was popular even before the live action retool softened it up.

Shipping Elsa and Hans comes down to this, usually with Hans being given a redemption arc in fanworks. Elsa is a kind, if troubled, queen while Hans is the secret villain of the film who always planned to murder her. When that failed, he went after her naive sister Anna with goals of marrying her then killing Elsa in an "accident". Film - Live Action. It helps that their actors play the two male leads on Sherlock , who are commonly shipped together. Angel and Nightcrawler from X-Men: Apocalypse sure look the part and they have something of a following.

Though whether Kylo Ren and Rey are canonically love interests or not is mostly left ambiguous, they're one of the most popular pairings in the Star Wars fandom to date, partly for this reason.

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It helps the latter is an Anti Anti Christ. Good Omens has Aziraphale and Crowley, a pair of literally an angel and a demon and probably the most popular ship in the fandom. Although, admittedly at the time of the book, both of them have spent too much time with each other and with humans to be quite so purely good or evil.

Ralph and Jack from Lord of the Flies , which is obvious in both their looks and personalities, Ralph representing the calm, rational, civil part of the human mind also, blonde-haired , while Jack represents the basic, primal instincts, the savage part of the human mind red-haired. House is like this to everyone, though Wilson isn't really content to sit back and let House mind screw him and does plenty of mind screwing himself. In Slash Fic though Wilson angel and House devil play it straight, probably helped by all the Ho Yay they have together in canon. Often ends with Kal corrupting Chloe and Coitus Ensues.

Chloe has also been paired with Davis Bloome may count. He is usually a nice guy though. When he is not busy being Doomsday. In the show, they only have a few seconds of screentime together when Castiel pops up at the last minute to restrain Demon Dean so Sam can restore his humanity. Also counts as yet another literal example of this trope. Unfortunately, they're paired off with the Winchester brothers instead, and they never do appear together again after the episode "Heaven and Hell". Whether she had known what Anna was from the start and been trying to manipulate her for information the way other demons had been, is never addressed.

Some of the fandom like to pair Cosmos with Chaos from Dissidia: They're actually not too far off — Cosmos was created as a copy of Chaos's adoptive mother. Sora is the loving sweet messiah hero who wants to help and save everyone. Naturally, he's often paired with Riku partly when he's a Rival Turned Evil and many villains. Never mind that Reaper believes Mercy is the cause of his incredibly painful zombie-wrath state, and hates her as a result. The heroic, innocent protagonist with the dark and criminal antagonist really gets to some fans. The Legend of Zelda: Ganondorf is bound by reincarnation to always be out to get them, while Zelda is literally the reincarnation of a goddess.

Link and Dark Link.

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Link is a noble hero on the side of the goddesses while Dark Link is an embodiment of evil that literally is just there to take him down. He doesn't even have any sentience in canon. This is also a selfcest ship. Helped by Ghirahim's tormenting him two of the three times they met before he got serious and exhibiting lack of personal space. Bowser and Peach, with Bowser being the villain of the series while Peach is the near-always sweet and innocent woman he constantly kidnaps.

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It became especially popular after Paper Mario , where it was first known that Bowser has an unrequited Villainous Crush for her. Bendy and the Ink Machine , in a much more literal version of this trope, Bendy A cartoony devil and Alice Angel Take a guess are easily the most popular couple in the fandom. Flaky and Flippy, especially when fan flanderization comes into play.

Flippy is normally a nice fellow, but he is more well-known for his extremely violent Split Personality that gets triggered very easily. Flaky in contrast is a cute Shrinking Violet and his closest friend. Villains who are considered the devils and are frequently paired in this manner with Ruby are Mercury, Cinder, Emerald, Salem, Tyrian, Neo, and Roman, who at the very least have a personal vendetta against her and want to break her spirit and end her, or just want her out of the way.

Jaune is a sweet nice guy who is more suited to healing his friends than fighting. Naturally, he also gets this with the villains. Finn and Marceline, even if Marceline isn't really evil only dark. And to a lesser degree, Zuko and Katara. Ty Lee isn't malicious while Azula is deeply troubled. Ed, Edd n Eddy: Edd Angel and Marie Devil. Double D is an Adorkable Nice Guy and Shrinking Violet with not a single malicious bone in his body along with being ambitious in school.

His Kanker counterpart Marie however, loves bad boys , comes on to him against his will , is a slacker in school and at the same time being The Bully along with her sisters to everyone on the cast. Oh, and she also has a crush on him.

Devils, Angels & Dating

Actually, any of the Eds with the Kankers could apply the Eds being angels and the Kankers devils , but Edd and Marie stands out the most since Edd has higher morals and timidity than the other Eds. Flaky and Flippy from Happy Tree Friends. Even more so with their anime versions, where Flaky is portrayed as a sweet, naive, fearful, kind girl, while Flippy is an evil, obsessive, sadistic murderer sometimes rapist.

There's one fanfic Sleeper Agent where Zim is forcibly made the angel to Keef in several disturbing scenes. Amon is a creepy mind rapist who's able to reduce the normally badass Korra to tears through psychological torture. Pinkie is an over-energetic party pony who lives to spread happiness and laughter, Fluttershy is bashful, gentle, and kind, and Twilight takes after her mentor Celestia and likes to keep things orderly, especially with her schedules and checklists.

The Powerpuff Girls has Him and Bubbles. Him is a Camp Gay demon who enjoys psychological torture and may or may not be Satan himself and Bubbles is a cheerful and naive girl who can communicate with animals. Bubbles is often the victim of Him's mind games and they are of course Arch Enemies. Bloom gets shipped with one of the villains, either one of the Trix Icy mostly , or Valtor. There's an awful lot of shipping fan-art between Unikitty and Master Frown. On the show, Unikitty has kissed and shown affection for Frown multiple times in spite of how often Frown abuses and bullies her.

Angel/Devil Shipping - TV Tropes

Doesn't exactly mean they're in a relationship, it just means Unikitty can be overly amiable. Jerrica, however, does have darker and snarkier elements that pop up while Pizzazz herself has a lot of issues herself behind her bombastic personality. A lot of people have been fascinated by applying this trope to Joan of Arc and her comrade Gilles de Rais, who after the war became one of history's most infamous pedophile Serial Killers and an inspiration for the character of Bluebeard.

Not helped by the fact some reports do mention that the two of them got along well though no solid proof of a romance exists and it's likely that Gilles de Rais went mad long after the war. Aoshima makes unwanted advances on the innocent Bellydandy and Skuld when she aged up in Ah! Both times, he got shocked for his attempts. The existence of Urd flat out states that God and the Devil specifically the Almighty One Tyr and Daimakaichou Hild not only had a relationship but one that produced children. During the Eclipse in Berserk Casca is made into the angel for Griffith as Femto as he renders her helpless and brutally rapes her.

Sebastian is a seductive demon who is the devil to anyone really in both canon and fanfics. Bubblegum Crisis includes a song called "Devil and Angel's Kiss". Often taken to extremes in fanfiction. The UST between these two just jumps right off the page. Zagato and Emeraude from Magic Knight Rayearth appear to be this but Ryo is confirmed to be canonically in love with Akira, while Akira may-or-may-not return the feelings.

And this couple is a bit zig-zagged when it comes to their position: Appearance-wise, Akira is obviously the Devil with him being the Devilman, while Ryo is the Angel for his white and gold color scheme as well as having bright white angel wings. However, personality-wise, Akira is the Angel for him becoming a demon to protect humanity, while Ryo is the Devil for trying to destroy the world. Mavis Vermilion and Zeref used to be a common fanon example. Then chapter revealed that they had known each other before, and Fairy Tail Zero showed how they first met. Chapter finally made them canon, though with tragic results.

Yukiteru angel and Yuno devil and epic Yandere.