Will sam and rachel dating on glee

Glee Spoiler: Will Rachel and Sam Start Dating?

At the end of the performance, they kiss. The following day, in the hallway, Sam talks to his football students and Rachel walks up to him. She straightway says she needs to ask him something about their kiss. Sue later on hypnotize Sam again making him steal Will's mail making him saying Rachel told him to do it. The Hurt Locker, Part One. In the auditorium, Sam asks Rachel where Kurt is. Sam dances along to it but Rachel looks annoyed and worried of their performance. He stares the locker watch once again, being hypnotized again. In the choir room, Rachel sees Sam walk in, with the setlist.

He states how, as her future husband, she needs him to do that, and tries to kiss her. She snaps her fingers, which wakes Sam up. He apologizes to her. He goes through them, looking confused. The Hurt Locker, Part Two. Sam catches up to Rachel , in the hallway, with an impression. He tells her its a conversation starter, when she asks if he always does that. He questions her if their date is still, to which they both reply to each other hastily, and decide to move it to that afternoon. When she passes Sam, he also begins to sing with her, walking the opposite away. In the courtyard that afternoon , in different places, they walk to each other, passing couples dancing, as walk to each other.

They reach other and then look at each other uncomfortably. At the end of the song, they walk away, cancelling their date. The next day, Sam and Rachel both walk up to each other, both apologizing about blowing their date off. Sam states how he does a little feeling for her, but still likes Mercedes.

Rachel states that she also likes him, but tells him she has to look after her kids. Sam, remembering, states he has to go, to teach his health class, rushing away, saying he loves her. She says it too, without thinking. In the staff room, Mercedes talks to Rachel about what's going on with her and Sam.

Rachel, surprised that she knows, asks who told her. Mercedes informs her that Kurt did. Mercedes states that she does love Sam, but their just friends, reminding her of the conversation they had saying she needs to get back into the game but Rachel replies saying she will think about it.

Glee - Sam and Rachel have dinner and talk about what they do in their spare time 6x04

Later on Mercedes tells Sam that she is seeing a guy name Tank and he needs to move on and go out with Rachel telling him she needs him to heal her heart. She thanks him ands calls him very sweet. In the end of the episode, their was a celebration in Will 's house, Sam and Rachel seems to be cozy up with each other flirting and talking about stuff.

What the World Needs Now. At the beginning of this episode Rachel finds out her childhood home is being sold. Later at the school she tells Sam , he tries to comfort her but it didn't work. Artie brings out a wheel and Sam whispers, 'not me because I told you I wanna do my duet with Rachel, I can't take any chances'. During Mercedes and Roderick 's performance Sam and Rachel were seen talking about something then seen walking upstairs. Rachel says how all her best memories are on that wall. She states how she dreamt, as a child, of having photos with all her favorite stars, but says how that meeting them her friends , filled up the wall with reality.

Sam states how they need to get a bigger wall, as an impression. She laugh and touch his hair and then they started kissing, they stopped and went back kissing again ferociously. They miss Kurt and Blaine 's performance and then they sing Time After Time and Kitty takes a picture of them that goes in Rachel's scrapbooks where her wall of photos go in. Rachel and Sam hold hands when they were trying to put his picture in her scrapbook. During the end of the performance they hug one another while everyone applauded.

Later Sam and Rachel go on a double date with Kurt and Walter. While Mercedes , Rachel , Santana and Brittany were trying to plan the seating arangements for Brittany and Santana wedding, Mercedes comments on why Rachel is not next to Sam. In the staff room, Sheldon eats with a big appetite, as Rachel , Sam and Will are engrossed by this.

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Then Sue later comes in complaining about Myron Muskovitz and tells them that she needs all of them to be the new back up dancers for Myron. Some where hesitant about it especially Sheldon since he said hes not a good dancer but she demands all of them to do it, them Sam was the first to say that he is in. Later on in the dance room, Will choreographs Rachel, Sam, Sheldon and Sue, he tells Sheldon that hes is doing a good job but tells Sam he is doing it the wrong way. He responds by saying he is doing it the wrong way then Rachel tells Will that she will help him.

Later everyone starting singing Break Free on stage, Rachel and Sam shared a glance at each other when they were singing their parts together. In the staff room; Blaine , Sam , Mercedes and Rachel sit, discussing about how Carmen Tibideaux told her to get out of the office. Sam tells them that they should support her. Rachel comes back in, and tells them that the audition she did for the show Mercedes recommended for her, was the caller. She states that she got the part, and want her to start in a few weeks.

Rachel-Sam Relationship

Mercedes goes to hug her. The next day in the choir room, Rachel goes through outfits that has still to be decided for the competition, asking Sam for help when he walks in, making him wear a Warbler jacket. Rachel states that its just a jacket, and they should be sympathetic to the Warblers, after their school burnt down. Rachel states that Mercedes was right, about being desperate and pathetic to go back.

Her phone rings, and she goes to answer, as Sam states that its not pathetic. She listens to the person on the phone.

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She states that everyone but him is happy for her. She walks out, saying that going back is not a mistake. Will and Sam walk in. Once seeing Sue, Sam goes out, saying its serious. The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester. Sam meets with Rachel in the auditorium.

He gives her a list of performers who finished their college degrees before they started their careers. He wants to convince Rachel not to give up on her education. However, she has a list of people who dropped out or never went to college, but made it big anyway. Sam was later seen in the audience at Sectionals and then in the choir room, where The New Directions are celebrating their victory.

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Contents [ show ]. Rumours Rachel, Sam, and Mercedes all go to prom together their "prom on a budget". Prom Queen They sit next to each other in a Glee Club meeting, as well as at Jean's funeral when they're singing. Hold on to Sixteen Sam smiles at Rachel while she sings River in the auditorium. New New York Mercedes mentions Rachel when she lists the girls who Sam has been romantically involved with.

Bash While talking to Mercedes about relationships Rachel says there was a time when she thought she might like him, but feels it was just because she was missing home and he was close to Finn. Opening Night They both, along with Mercedes and Artie come to the shelter. Loser Like Me Near the beginning of the episode, Will invited Rachel, Sam, Blaine and Kurt to have dinner with him in his apartment to talk about rules that they have to set on one another which they all happily agree.

Homecoming In the boys locker room, Sue walks up to Sam, and starts questioning him and then starts to hypnotize him, to which Sam stars at the clock, as it moves side to side. What the World Needs Now At the beginning of this episode Rachel finds out her childhood home is being sold. Transitioning While Mercedes , Rachel , Santana and Brittany were trying to plan the seating arangements for Brittany and Santana wedding, Mercedes comments on why Rachel is not next to Sam. Time After Time Transitioning.