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I prefer to be shown affection physically — touches, back rubs, laying down playing with her hair or rubbing her back, her hand lightly scratching my chest If physical touch isn't her love language then we just won't do well.

This makes a lot of sense, but then again it can be pretty weird when a guy asks you whether you like all of the things he listed. This can be pretty intimate and personal information to ask about, especially on a first date. So how would you react to this line of questioning from a guy you barely know? Would you let him in on your secret desires, or would you end the date right then and there?

I needed that time to figure myself out, but I'm ready to meet some people now. I'm really afraid of what a girl will think of me when I tell them that I've only been intimate twice, both times with a girl that had about as much enthusiasm and emotion as a meatloaf I love communication and I feel like I'd be a good lover, but I can't say that since I'm so inexperienced.

I'm scared that a girl might think less of me or think I'm weird. It's been really hard to get over this feeling. Still, it's a line of questioning that could be potentially awkward. He claims that women always ask him about his income, his career and so on, but when he turns those same questions on them, he doesn't really get the answers he's looking for.

Women straight up ask my net worth, yearly income, my job, career goals, but I am not allowed to ask women the same. I know, because I've tried it on several females before, even if just in response to their financial questions, it gets guarded answers at best. How would you react if a guy started asking you about your yearly income, your career, and the general state of your finances? Would you be open about it, or would you think those questions are inappropriate when getting to know someone?

People probably have very different opinions about this, but what's clear is that this guy, in particular, would love to be able to ask these questions and get honest answers from the women he dates. Wow, now this is a conversations starter. We're sure that a lot of girls out there have some secrets in their past, and talking about them as long as they're relatively innocent and funny might be a great way to get to know someone. You can get a sense of how much of a risk taker they are if they're ashamed or proud of something they've done, etc. Or, as he mentions, perhaps he just wants to hear a good story.

He also states that he wants to know how much of a risk-taker the girl is, so maybe that's something he looks for in a woman too. But this is definitely not the kind of question you hear on every first date Which makes it pretty unique and interesting, in a way If a guy can find out what makes a girl happy, they can find out all they need to really know about her personality, and who she really is as a person. Sort of like an Ask Reddit Question. Maybe ask about past vacations, biggest fears, what is something that can always make you happy no matter what?

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The question itself isn't really the kind of thing you ask during "small talk" though, so we're not sure how girls would react to it in a first-date scenario. On the other hand, just coming out and asking what makes girls happy could be a brave, bold move that girls would really appreciate. Most girls know what makes them happy, and would feel good about sharing their thoughts on the subject with a guy who's trying to get to know them. It's really an innocent, harmless question, but it definitely shows that he's trying to get to know the real you. This question is a lot vaguer.

It's so vague, in fact, that we think some women might actually be a little confused and maybe even annoyed by the question. It seems a little gimmicky and something that would make the date go downhill pretty fast. Then again, it's not like they're asking an inappropriate question or something too personal, so some women might be okay with it.

It's just a question that seems like a little hard to answer. They usually end up giving an answer that really hits at the core of their life philosophy, and who they are as a person. It's always tough when you put the spotlight on someone like that. We're guessing that this is a question that most women wouldn't be too happy with on a first date. But hey, we might be wrong. But there are tons more benefits for asking questions like these on a first date.

In my personal experience, some lighthearted and, depending on the person, slightly risque 'would you rather' questions are a great icebreaker. You get to know your date, and it offers an immediate opportunity to ask follow-up questions. As he admits, he sometimes asks somewhat risque questions, depending on the girl, and we're sure there were a few times where he overstepped his bounds.

The thing about "would you rather" questions is that they're so wide open that you can use them to ask pretty much anything And we're sure there were a lot of things he wished he could ask using this line of questioning but decided against it. If there's one thing that can really help a relationship work, it's optimism.

But more than that, feeling optimistic can really make life, in general, a lot easier to bear. I want to know if A they are the kind of person who gets excited about things if not, I'm not interested , and B if their life has some sort of excitement going on outside of our potential relationship. I've learned the hard way that dating someone who has nothing interesting or exciting means they won't have anything interesting or exciting to talk about.

If they have something interesting to talk about, he knows that they're an optimistic person who always looks on the bright side of life. But if they have nothing to say Well, then he knows that they don't have the best outlook on life. We always hear that men either don't want to commit or it's something that freaks them out. It turns out that guys wonder if women want to commit as well and there are definitely men who want to be in a serious, long-term relationship. This guy posted this on Reddit , which proves that there are guys who really want a serious girlfriend:.

I don't care for casual dating so when I go out with someone I am trying to find a girlfriend but that's a little awkward to come out and say. We've probably all had the experience of hanging out with our boyfriend or a guy that we just started dating and trying to figure out where to go for dinner.

18 Guys From Reddit Reveal What They Overthink About In Relationships

We're not picky, but he keeps asking where we want to go, and after half an hour, we're still starving. That's what this guy who posted on Reddit was talking about, and it makes perfect sense. We can see how this would be annoying, right? Next time we're in this situation, we'll just pick a place.

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Another guy on Reddit is wondering if the woman that he's interested in dating is actually interested in dating someone else:. This is a legit question and it might not be something that we think about, but in this age of online dating, it's worth asking. Some people like to date a whole bunch of people at once.

It can be tricky to discuss being exclusive early on, but after a few dates, it's nice to know where we stand and that we're not wasting our time on someone who is into someone else. In response to what questions are good to ask on a first date, this guy posted on Reddit that "What do you love?

It is a VERY open[-]ended question, that while personal, is also insightful. Most people are a bit taken back with trying to find a good answer for it if they put real thought into it.

We all have hobbies, whether we love to cook or run a side business on top of our full-time job or whatever it is, and it's nice to have the opportunity to share that with the person that we're on a first date with. We all get upset when we go on a date and the guy asks us zero questions and just blabs on about himself.

Not only does it allow them to talk about themselves for a little while which most people enjoy, it also gives the distinct impression that you're interested in them as a personality. Now we know that if we're on a date with someone who keeps asking about us, that's a pretty good sign. Everyone has a way of fighting that makes sense to them, but their partner might not love that or agree with it. We probably hope that we're not passive aggressive but it's possible that we can be with our boyfriends without meaning to be.

That's a question that another guy has on Reddit:. We might not realize that some guys go on dates wondering about whether the girl sitting across from them gets passive aggressive, but it seems like some do think about this. No one wants to feel confused, but sometimes it's inevitable and hard to avoid According to this guy's Reddit post , guys wonder about girls being confusing just as much as we worry about them confusing us:. Please don't be upset! I really like spending time with you! In fact, let's hang out tomorrow. Yup, that definitely sounds tough to deal with and, hopefully, none of us act that way when we've just started dating someone.

It's kind of weird to think about getting cheated on at the beginning of a relationship.

It's an issue for some people, though. If they've been in that situation before, they want to make sure that the person that they're with is going to be loyal and faithful to them. This guy posted on Reddit that it's a question that he wants to ask a girl on a date:. It sucks to hear that since it's always sad when someone has gone through something like that. It makes sense that he would want to ask that question. It seems like, based on this Reddit post , some guys wonder why girls aren't always super honest about wanting to go out with them:.

But she would stop replying to texts after texts, and tried to set me up with one of her friends. It's comforting to hear that guys and girls can agree on the negative parts of online dating.

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We're not alone here. Sometimes we know that we want a guy to be our boyfriend on the first date, but if we were asked how we knew, we would shrug and say it was just a gut feeling. Or he was just so cute and sweet and funny that we couldn't imagine ever wanting to be with anyone else. Or maybe it took us a few more weeks or just over a month and by then we were super sure that this was a good guy for us. When it goes from just two people interested in the broad versions of each other to two people who would start discussing less pleasant things When I realize I want to help a girl vent for the day, when I want to listen to menial problems that do add up; and when she seems to want to do the same.