Stop dating wrong guys

In search of a rebound, they end up dating the wrong people all over again, causing further damage, harm and suffering to their already-battered existence. Even though they yearn to feel again, they end up suffering from emotional blockages. The best thing to do at this point is to stop trying and to figure out what went wrong.

It hurt to breathe sometimes and my insecurities got the best of me. One day, my life was a fairytale and the next day, I would be on the floor, crying, curled up in the corner of my room too dumbfounded to figure out what went wrong. It felt like someone had picked me up from the heights of heaven and thrown me into a dark under-city sewage, and I had no way out.

I felt like an animal most of the time, tired of tricks and tired of letting my guard down over and over again. I was manipulated and my own words were twisted against me.


I was forced to believe that I was the weak link in our relationship. While in reality, I was the one trying with all my heart to hold things in place. I felt ashamed of myself for letting him breach my walls over and over again. With time, I should have transitioned into hating him, into realizing he would never do good to be but instead, I fell weaker, more vulnerable and was becoming easier to be manipulated. You feel like you have been cut over and over again in the same place, but only deeper each time.

Your time together throws you in a fit of anxiety.

5 Ways To Finally Stop Dating The Wrong Men - James Michael Sama

Depression slowly starts to gauge the little pieces of your soul. The worse part is, they always come back; as soon as you start to heal yourself, as soon as you start to break through, they come back and so do all your insecurities. You feel like an abused child with no control over life. They beg to come back, they play games with you all over again but you have to find courage within yourself to resist.

These coherent men draw you in easily, with their charm and good looks. Even though you want to have nothing to do with them, you grasp onto the hope that they might change for good. After all, you gave all you had to a relationship that fell apart like biscuit crumbs.

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Even though you want to see change, you want nothing to do with them. Pushing them away is a whole new war. Even while you decline, you wish you would get the answer to every question your heart holds. Want to avoid getting your heart broken once again and actually f ind the perfect love match for you? Follow our relationship advice and learn how to avoid dating the wrong guys for you. Love can at times be blind and going for looks over personality and real compatibility will only end in tears.

Ending up with the wrong people doesn't have to be an eternal curse when you follow our relationship tips.

4 Ways to Stop Dating the Wrong Guy!

We've all been there, head over heels for someone's good looks before finding out they were totally wrong for us a few months and 10 pints of ice cream later! Taking on board our relationship advice will get you one step closer to your happy love ending!

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  4. We all dream of dating the drop-dead gorgeous guy , who rides a really fast motorbike and likes to live life on the edge. Although in reality, be interested in someone for their good looks rarely ever works out for the best. Sometimes the guy with the Sedan is the better option. Before getting into another relationship, look back at your past relationships and reflect on what went wrong and why.

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    My work from now on is to be available in relationships. To open my heart. To really go for it. I'm committed to doing so, so I know I'm on my way. We can't look outside ourselves to understand why patterns are happening; we need to search within. When I recognized that my own limiting beliefs were holding me back, I had the power to change them. These changes in my beliefs, and subsequent actions, make me more available for love. This is the only way for me to get what I really want, which is a relationship with someone who is completely available to me.

    So now it's your turn. Do you have a pattern in relationships that you're ready to change? If so, answer the following questions to begin your process of transformation:. Any dilemma that reoccurs in relationships is a dilemma that is reoccurring within you. When you face that dilemma and change your beliefs, you will see changes in your reality. Change yourself, and your world will change, too. Please leave a comment below telling us one belief that is keeping you stuck in relationships, and how you're going to shift it.

    Food has the power to create a happier and healthier world.

    Relationship Advice: 12 Surefire Ways To Stop Dating The Wrong Guys

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    Relationship advice: Find your happiness

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