Dating nambu pistols

Condition and matching numbers on the parts are extremely important: Tiny differences in condition that the average person would not notice can make a big difference in the amount a collector will pay. Also, price depends on the relative bargaining skills and motivation of the buyer and seller.

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The ones that bring more are mostly very early and very late guns, although a full discussion of this topic would take a book. Papa Nambus are mostly very beat up. Parts for these are hard to come by, so ones that are missing parts seldom bring good prices. However, Papa Nambus fit in Type 14 holsters and are often found in these later, less valuable holsters. TGE Babys bring a premium. The shoulder stock-holsters are also rare and worth a similar amount. The above are retail prices when you are selling directly to someone who wants the piece for his collection.

If you are selling the gun to a dealer or someone who intends to resell it, they will typically offer around half to two-thirds of the values shown here. How can I sell it? The worst way is to walk into a gun show and offer it to someone.

On the other hand, you do walk in with something to sell and walk out with cash. If you live in Canada and your Japanese handgun or rifle or other gun is legally registered in Canada , I will probably be interested in buying it, so contact me using the e-mail link at the end of the main page. The very high cost of getting a gun through the US export permit process makes it impractical for me to buy guns from the USA in most cases unless it is a really key item for me see my wish list for the rare exceptions: Of course, most Japanese handguns are in the USA.

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Ebay will not allow the sales of guns or ammunition, but you can sell accessories there like holsters. There are some gun auction sites like:. I personally do not like these sites as I have found they are not nearly as tightly run as eBay and undesirable behaviour by both buyers and sellers is much more common. Of course, there would also be fees to pay. For high-end items, it may be worthwhile contacting a top auction firm like:.

Rock Island Auction Company. There are other auction houses you might consider that advertise in the Shotgun News, a large newspaper of classified ads for firearms that is available on many newsstands in the USA rather hard to get elsewhere, though , or Gun Digest. I have singled out the above auctioneer because they publish large, glossy catalogues that some people buy just as a reference since so much beautiful stuff appears in them that they would never otherwise get to see.

If your gun has a family history, do think seriously before selling it; once it is gone, it is gone. Also, be sure you comply with all national, state and local laws.

Type 94 Nambu pistol

To return to the Main Page, please click here: All contents are copyright Teri unless otherwise specified and may not be copied in any form without prior permission. There are some gun auction sites like: I received this 8. I knew it was rare at the time, but subsequently discovered it may be the rarest pistol I have. For more photos of this 8. It is the early small trigger guard type and was made in the Kokubunji factory of designer Kijiro Nambu's company under Nagoya Arsenal supervision.

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This Type 14 is the first one I got. It is a Nagoya Nambu , Kokubunji factory pistol dated Showa When I got it, it was in abysmal condition with a cut-off barrel and many handmade parts. I have since replaced all those homemade parts and the barrel with original parts, but it took a lot of hand fitting to make it all go together. I finally finished the rebuild in early December, For more photos of this It is a pretty nice piece, though the metal isn't quite as good as the Kokubunji guns like this are the most common of the small trigger guard variation, but it is still hard to find them in nice condition.

The metal on it is fantastic, but the grips were incorrect. I replaced the grips with a pair that are correct, but not as nearly good as the metal. It was made in the Kokubunji factory of Chuo Kogyo. I had a second Type 14 dated Showa It is not in as good condition, but the description of this one shows some interesting markings and illustrates some details on cocking knobs that most people aren't aware of.

This pistol looks pretty good, though on close inspection it is not as good as it first appears. It is dated Showa This Type 14 was made in Showa It is a very poor specimen of a rare variation that is much better illustrated by the next gun below, the However, I got this one cheap enough that I won't lose even if I just use it for parts.

Once I have decided what to do with it, I will update this section with a progress report. It is one of 5, made at the Kokubunji factory after the introduction of the large trigger guard in I imported it from the USA in March, I got it in the spring of as part of a multi-gun deal. Needless to say, this was the gem of the lot. This was the second one I found. When I bought it, it was missing the grips and safety and a previous owner had prepared it for re-bluing by removing almost all the finish, but had not re-blued it. Eventually I found a safety and a set of grips that have the 17 grooves that were standard for Nagoya Nambu production beginning in January, Note that it has the large trigger guard sometimes referred to as the Manchurian, Kiska or winter model.

In fact all guns made after this was introduced in late had the large guard regardless of when or where they were being sent. The magazine retention spring at the bottom front of the grip, which was introduced in December, , is present but broken compare to the photos below. The next one is very close to the one above. Produced in Showa However, there are a few flaws. Another one of the pistols from that multi-gun deal was this It is not as good as the Fore more photos of this Nagoya Arsenal was the first manufacturer of Type 14s, then production shifted elsewhere.

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When they started back up at a different factory of Nagoya Arsenal in late Showa This symbol looks like an upside down y in a circle. The earliest Toriimatsu gun I have is this Showa It represents the first variant of Toriimatsu pistol in that it has rounded heads on the trigger hinge pin later ones were machine flush with the trigger guard. Here is another First Series Toriimatsu gun. This one was made in Showa I have a second The metal is pretty good, but when I got it, it had a pair of white plastic replacement grips, the wrong type of magazine and needed a minor repair.

I fitted an original pair of wooden grips and the proper mag and did the repair, so now it looks and functions OK. For more photos of this second There's very little bluing left on it, but mechanically it is excellent and all matching including the magazine.

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