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Some people leave the gray tank valve open outside of the RV and let it drain continuously. This is a mistake. Flushing the gray tank after the black tank helps flush any solids stuck in your sewer hose. If you keep this valve open, you will not have that extra water to flush out the sewer hose after the black tank. For easy clean up, go slowly when detaching the sewer hose. Many RVers use a bucket or tub to contain the hose when not in use. Once you get the hang of emptying the tanks on your recreational vehicle, the process can go quickly and smoothly.

In general, regularly flushing along with cleaning and sanitizing your tanks will keep the system up and running fairly free of problems. The least scary of the three tanks, the fresh water tank still needs maintenance from time to time. When hooked up to water or filling the tank, use only a potable water hose. These are easy to spot because of their white color. Insulate your hose during freezing weather and drain your fresh water in extreme heat to prevent water stagnation.

Again, this is where runoff water from your sink or RV shower is held. In large travel trailers and fifth wheels, there may be two gray tanks. Take every precaution to ensure food particles do not go down the drain. Even something as small as a pea may cause a clog. Your vanlife fantasies may not involve draining sewage, but this is a very real and essential part of RVing. When done properly, it should be a quick and painless process. Totally grossed out by the idea of emptying your own RV tanks?

Many RV owners on Campanda offer to dump your tanks on return for an extra fee. Looking to share the joys of RVing — black water tank included — with other RV enthusiasts?

What does an RV septic system look like?

Rent your RV on Campanda and turn your rig into a second stream on income! By Liz Wilcox RVing can take you to some beautiful locations and help you create wonderful memories. This handy guide will help you get started: What does an RV septic system look like? When not maintained properly, any one of these tanks can cause problems. How often should I empty my RV tanks? How do I empty my RV tanks?

rv waste water connect to septic

If you are connected to a RV Park sewer line you can use any brand that is comfortable to you. If you are holding your waste in the tank, such as traveling or dry camping, use the expensive stuff. I've stayed at RV Parks that say don't connect with the tank valves open as they are on a limited septic system. This is a common question and we answer it this way. Would you stay there? What do I do if my black water tank is stopped up and will not drain. The problem you have is the toilet tissue in the tank has surrounded and plugged up the tanks drain hole.

Remember toilet tissue will sink to the bottom of the tank and is made from wood and when it dries out it gets very stiff. To clear out the drain hole: You should also have a Gate Valve installed just behind the Termination Cap.

Step 1: Protect Yourself

These items can be purchased at the top of this page or at most RV parts stores. You place this cap on the RV drain outlet and attach a hose to the hose threaded connection. After connecting open the black tank drain valve. Turning on the hose causes water to fill the drain tube and applies pressure to the underside of the black tank drain hole pushing upward into the tank. This should remove the stoppage.

Close the tank valve and attach your sewer hose to drain the tank. Put a bucket under the outlet prior to removing the cap to capture any waste that is in the drain tube. Do I need to put chemicals in my black water tank? If you are traveling or dry camping with the tank valve closed, yes use one that will dissolve the solids and help with the odors. If you are correctly hooked up to a RV Park sewer system you will not need any chemicals. I've hooked up my RV sewer system as per the instructions above and I'm still getting a sewer odor.

Check that your sewer hose is on a downward slope toward the RV Park sewer outlet and that you have placed a dip in the hose just before the Park's sewer outlet. There must always be liquid in this dip to prevent fumes from traveling up the sewer hose. If you are still getting fumes after this it is probably coming from your neighbors.

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You may want to instruct them on the correct hook-up procedure. My wife uses tissue on every visit to the toilet.

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What should we do? Unless the toilet visit involves solid waste we would suggest that the used tissue be disposed of in a separate receptacle. You will also only need to flush the toilet and not fill it twice as with solid waste. Men, always remember to put the seat down after use.

How to Hook up and Use an RV Sewer Hose

It appears that your sewer hook-up procedures waste a lot of water. First off water is never wasted, it is used. If you dig away from the tank twords the house from the cover you will run into the main from your house to the tank. Mine is just pointed straight up at the tank with a 45 elbow in the wye to get it straight and then a cap on top.

This also works as a nice cleanout outside if the tank ever get clogged. Dec 22, 6.

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  • Ideally this shouold not exceede '. Bury a water line 5' deep next to it ending in a bury type hydrant. Run conduit and a 30 amp breaker next to the water. A hose will freeze in Colorado run atop the ground. If just for a week or two you might get by with dumping the trailer hose into an open septic tank. Any longer and it ought to be done right. Gianni , Dec 22, Dec 23, 7. Thanks for the details!

    How to Hook up and Use an RV Sewer Hose

    Just what we needed if it turns out she will be parked here for a few months. The trailer will need some work first, and all may change, but at least we'll know what to do and where to do it! Jan in CO , Dec 23,