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Sorry Shay, I'd have to kill you, and I'd probably marry Schwartz Isn't it gross, he needs to cut back on forehead shaving, guyliner and spend some time cleaning. B I love watching your therapy sessions Are you attracted to your therapist now? What are your opinions of the housewives you've met or waiting on working at Sur? I'm sure you have some interesting perspective on them. It's given me the opportunity to start a clothing line - Xcalibur shoes and sweaters. It's given me a fancies, a platform, to start a company. It gives me a fanbase so I can do what I love.

Why would you pay to go to a therapist when you were knowingly lying to her, isn't that a pretty decent waste of money?

GG Drops a Bombshell: I Hooked Up With Jax

Being as I am a fan, if I recall correctly, you lied to her at first about not cheating in Vegas? Then in a later episode, you admitted the truth. That first session, as in any first session of therapy, you're just getting to know someone, I wasn't ready to tell the whole story.

I wasn't "lying" just not ready to dive in headfirst for a first therapy session. Well the way your confessional and time with your Therapist was edited Again, you're seeing a very small portion of my life. You're seeing a very small portion of incidents I'm involved in. If you want the full stories, please read our blogs.

Have you spoken to Kristen about your scandal since the finale of Season 2? Has she apologized for lying about you telling the truth? Is there a part of you that feels vindicated since Stassi gave you such a hard time about it? If anything, I think about Stassi every single day. Someone telling you you can't do something and then you can do it and it's successful - doesn't get any better than that. I would and will never talk bad about her. She was a huge part of my life.

Like I said, she put a fire under my butt. She said I couldn't do something, so I went out and did it. I think she meant it in a meaner way, but I meant it in a "i'm gonna go out and do this" kind of way. I'm a huge fan of the show and I've got a few questions for you. When fans of Vanderpump Rules come into Sur, do they ever give you shit for how you come across on TV?


I'm sure everyone assumes they know ALL about you from that hour they see. Also, what shows are YOU watching? OK last questions, Apparently you were the cover model for Assassins Creed? I just read you lost your virginity at age 19 on hollywood life bio. Whats the weirdest thing you have read about yourself online?

How much "direction" do you guys get from the producers? I mean, you've got a petri dish dick, right? Assuming you have children and dear God don't rush it - you've got a lot of growing up to do , will you ever tell them about the show? We're such loose cannons, they give us free reign. The only thing they interfere with on the WHOLE show is if I was fighting with Tom - it's a friday night, I'm punching him, they're gonna make me speak with him the next morning right away, which normal people wouldn't want to speak for a few weeks, they're going to keep me speaking with him.

But they don't tell us what to say, or what to do. That's what makes the show so cool, is because you can't write this kind of shit. I wish to god it was scripted. Because it would be easy. I could check in at 9, nobody would hate each other, i wouldn't have such anxiety, it would be a lot easier. We'd all be friends at the end of the day.

We all know what that means Me and my girlfriend really love the show I HAD a deviated septum.

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That is the honest to god truth. They took it out! They showed it on TV! Give me an embarrassing C-Tates living together scenario. He doesn't clean the dishes does he? Also do girls still PP when they see you? There's always retaliations, always backflare. Everybody's always trying to one-up somebody.

Shahs of Sunset’s Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi’s Ex Wants Spousal Support after 2 Months of Marriage!

How is your fitness app going? Also, would you get any other plastic surgery on anything? Keep doing your thing love! Fitness app right now is doing okay, it's kind of at a steady thing right now, but we are going to start up again soon. And more plastic surgery? What would be your advice to someone hoping to work at Sur or one of Lisa's other restaurants? Have a bigger hope in life than to work at a restaurant! Get a real job!

Don't hope to go to SUR, haha! My question to you is What am I lying to myself and my friends about? Is it weird watching a TV show and judging someone solely on 45 minutes of TV? YOU put yourself out there TO be watched and judged So is Katie really a hoe? Or did You and Schena see something that really wasn't what it was. What months does the show tape? How do you expect anyone to believe what you say on reddit when you are a pathological liar?

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Ok I have a few more questions, who is the most famous person you have found out to be a fan I know Lady gaga is a huge houswives fan, not sure if she watches you guys too? Were you there when Jennifer Laurence came into Sur? Which is the hottest housewife in real life? And Brandi, does she look better or worse in real life, her face is pretty messed up.

GG Drops a Bombshell: I Hooked Up With Jax | The Daily Dish

We have a lot of fans. The biggest fan would have to be Lady Gaga. I know she's a big fan.