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Chemistry is pretty random for me. I had a stretch of 5 meets where I felt drawn to three guys and a stretch of 11 meets where I felt drawn to zero guys. Just a limitation of OLD in that you can't really predict chemistry until meeting in person. And then there's a difference for me between compatibility for FWB vs. Maybe 1 in 5 I've been interested in a FWB thing but way fewer maybe 1 in 20 for a more traditional dating relationship. I did once switch focus from a casual to relationship mindset. I was around your age.

5 Ways to Create Chemistry on a First Date to See if He Is a Match - Dating with Confidence

Took me a year to find what I was seeking. Much longer than just seeking a hookup or FWB because I was looking for attraction and long-term compatibility. Just curious, but how many dates have you gone on with your respective dates? I have found that the more I date someone, the more the chemistry has potential to develop.

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For example, a few months ago I went on a first date with someone and though the first date was just alright, we managed to go on a second, third, etc. Even though we're not together anymore, the relationship did develop and the chemistry formed. Basically, what I'm saying is to give it some time.

Should you keep dating him? (NO SPARK & NO CHEMISTRY)

Like another poster said, most interesting girl is the one who's clearly unstable. As human beings we're attracted to danger. Beyond this, I don't agree with most of the sentiments here. I think people have this natural instinct to turn stuff on themselves since we're such a products-make-me-better oriented culture assuming you live in a Western culture.

You can definitely be comfortable with yourself, rejection, and whether or not chemistry happens. I'm not a matchmaker but my gut tells me you can be yourself AND seek out the relationships you want in a way that's respectful. Sometimes chemistry takes a bit more than online dating. We're human beings, not robots. Meeting in a dating app might just be an instant deflation of my cock crazy chick I met in-person. It's losing the pre-judgment, the anticipation over expectation, the mystery, the feeling of crossing boundaries.

Those things are the stuff of chemistry for me. I'm totally OK with online dates too! Hahaha, to each their own. Like you said, online dating is hard because of its robotic nature. If I went to each date without expectations, my dating life would be so much better. Usually, unstable people present themselves like that up-front end up being more unstable upon getting to know them better.

Maybe your psyche and libido is jaded from all the hook ups and needs a rest to rejuvenate itself? Sometimes I wonder about this "chemistry" concept- I do get the idea of random sparking of sexual attraction but I think it may be possible to get in an attitude that enhances the possibility of "chemistry" and specific conversation topics or kinds of dates that do the same.

There's almost a religious quality to seeking the unicorn of "chemistry" that I don't like and sort of think there might be something to putting everything in your favor mindset-wise towards chemistry once you know that you connect with someone on another level goals, interests, "on paper" physical attraction. I've been thinking about that a lot as well. If two people are attracted to each other, have similar interests, can have good conversations, want the same thing in terms of a relationship, etc but there is no fire But logically we all know that the fire is temporary at best.

Everyone's situation is unique but whatever the reason, that chemistry alone was not sufficient to maintain the relationship so why is it essential to find that level of chemistry at the start with another person? I think you're right with your final point; I think chemistry should develop the more you get to know a person.

What to do when there's no chemistry on a first date

And honestly I think it's better to NOT start off on an emotional high. When you have the right ingredients, chemistry should be like a crock pot All my relationships began with my feeling delighted with someone's personality but there being no sexual spark on my end. I really liked them, and I wasn't turned off so because they were interested in taking the next step I went ahead and slept with them Not necessarily immediately even then, but within a couple of weeks of becoming intimate I was CRAZY about each of them.

Just head over heels in lust, with love following not far behind. So, to me anyway I see a lot of potential in giving someone that might not make you tingle a chance.

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If it doesn't ramp up after the sex starts, then there genuinely is no chemistry. I've also had the experience that, within a couple of weeks of becoming intimate, we were having mechanical robotic sex where I don't orgasm and they don't do what I ask them to do to make it happen.

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I've had good sex get great over time but I've never had "meh" sex get good over time. Do you have that experience as well or does it always improve over time for you? Make eye contact and ask him open-ended questions that make him feel that you are interested in him rather than interviewing him.

Talk to him about what he enjoys doing and what he likes. And when it comes to what he does, ask him about his passions and where he wants to go. If you really want to learn about him And that should be the purpose of your date! Your honesty and communication with be appreciated. A lot of times we think that in order to have a strong foundation in a relationship, we both need to share common activities.

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I love opera and my life partner loves technology and virtual reality — stuff I can barely wrap my head around — but what we both connect with each other on is the idea that we are both so passionate about something in our lives, and we love that about each other. He is heard and he is understood. It seems like this would be helpful, but giving someone so much information all at once is overwhelming and may leave him feeling uneasy about you. Instead, let him earn knowing about you over time. It can be easy to hear something he says and to immediately chime in with your version of doing that same thing.

But this can make him feel like your primary interest is to one-up him in everything he does. Sometimes the instant you click, you click on all levels. But think about it. You like this person. You had a good time. Chemistry is a sneaky little thing that can appear immediately or sneak up on you. Maybe if you already had fun, it might be worth spending a little more time together just to confirm whether or not you want to take things further.

Then there are the times you might be adamant in your stance.