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The front knob and adjustment wheel are all steel. The sides of the plane lack the handy holds. It was a real rust bucket when I received it. I will send pictures when I have them. I have one that has the c on the base of the plane and under the lever cap. I believe mine is from the war years. It does not have the handy hokds and it also has no brass on it at all.

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The front knob and adjuster wheel are both steel. This plane was in very bad shape when I received it. I will be getting pictures soon and will forward them on. Has anyone seen a thinner rear knurled adjustment screw without the Stanley logo stamped on the screw of a no. I have three no.

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Appears to be an earlier vintage, possibly just as the thicker screw was introduced in Other unusual characteristic is smaller diameter lever cap screw into the body. I have a Stanley 18 sweetheart style 2.

  • How to Identify Stanley Hand Plane Age and Type (Type Study Tool).
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  • Stanley hand plane dating spreadsheet?
  • Stanley hand plane dating spreadsheet.
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  • What year would that put it? On the chart the S and B foundry mark seem to end in Your plane predates , when Made in USA was added. If it has Stanley on the toe, it was made after If not, it was made sometime before Impossible to narrow further without more information. I was just thrown with the S and B markings confusing those as foundry marks. Thanks for a great write up! I have a plane that is identical to my knuckle joint no 18 stanley, with exception of not having the eccentric throat adjustment lever. It has no marking on the cap, except a B on the underside.

    The lat adj lever has, crossways, PAT 3 97 on it… not sure about the three.. What was their relationship with Rev o noc, and how long did it seem to last? HSB was a department store of sorts, and sold all sorts of things using their Rev-O-Noc brand, including tools, rifles, and shotguns. Supposedly, HSB hired Conover to contract out their tools. Note Revonoc is Conover spelled backwards. To your question, Stanley and others made at least some of the Rev-O-Noc branded planes.

    Uh…gee…another question, if I may? Did Stanley ever use a knob with a ferrule on their block planes?

    Received a for Christmas: Made in Canada, Stanley and No, in raised letters on the toe, Patent around lever, S foundry mark. Any ideas on the age? Like Liked by 1 person. Stanley 65 type 1 restoration — TimeTestedTools. I bought a box of old tools today and have a block plane. Hooded with top lever patent Behind the frog is another patent Then on the front I think it is called eccentric adjustment.

    There is a date stamp of Feb 20, Just be aware that the price he quotes is for five pairs And also that they are 'sex bolts', i. I didn't put it on my watch list. Still, I have 6 days to change my mind.: You really have to watch what you type, don'tcha?

    Pawn Shop Hand Plane RECLAIMED! Part 1-Stanley-Bailey #4.

    Normally I'm not too keen on "that sort of thing", I think the industrial look has had its day This one on Gumtree: I'm really proud of myself. Like other collectors I always struggle with these bulk lots and go through AGONY in trying to estimate what's in the parcel, what I'm willing to pay and what it will go for. The big problem is "not enough info" from images to identify the gems with any real certainty, but, the biggie is the dross and how to dispose of it.

    The sort of calculations needed for the "what ifs" almost requires a spreadsheet but the assumptions are the real killer. Its amazing how you can convince yourself that something is a gem on the scantiest of information and then build castles in the air to the point where you end up paying more than you intended for something that the better part of ends up in a dumpster. You would probably have to be dealer to go for it or a user with a market stall. Mind you, nothing wrong with any of that either. Doggie My thoughts exactly.

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    My real complaint in addition to your points are that the most important aspect is not shown: The back of the chisel. The front doesn't really matter as it is cosmetic and the bevel grinds away imperfections in the sharpening process. Too many assumptions I'm afraid: Too little useable information despite a plethora of pix: It's an interesting collection - there are quite a few handles made by the same person scattered throughout - they all look to be well-used and could be in very good condition on their backs.

    There are several potentially decent tools in the mix, a few obvious beaters, and a lot of 'maybes'! I wonder if any one is ever going to turn up with a plane with the owners stamp of J. SLY or even better , his tool chest. A major find that would be!! Almost worth for the chisels Agree on the rustic but the good things don't stop there.

    You also get a touch of dry rotstic and a few splotches of paintstic as a bonus. And that's JUST the chisels. I can't criticise this eBay listing. No, I'm not the seller. I'd buy it myself but I bought a copy at a much higher price recently: D I would have dived on that one. I suppose a few of us may have which would have pushed it up.

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    Not woodwork per se, but I know of the odd woodworker who does like a tipple and who collects these things anyway Ukranian Beer Bottles http: Ufrom the listing "Item location: I received them in a parcel from Ukraine as giant bubble wrap. I kid you not - these were the protective packaging. A colleague suggested that bottle collectors might be interested. I had to go retrieve them from the re-cycle bin.

    Book was indeed a discarded library book why delete a current reference book? The seller for some reason downgraded the condition, as in: Fair, some bumping, page edges soiled through handling. Will match my copy of 1st ed I bought a few years ago from a local 2nd hand bookshop. That's one of the great mysteries of life I'm afraid. Thanks for the tip homesy. Glad it was in good nic. Not ebay but South Africa's equivalent: Tools - norris plane for sale in Cape Town ID: That sounds about right for a 50G.

    Someone wanted mine http: So I sold it, and made a very plain presentation box for it with an engraved plaque. I regretted it the minute I put it in the post, and have been looking for a nice one ever since.

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    That one is a bit over-cleaned for my taste. Not sure what this saw http: I thought it was just unfinished: They were made and sold especially for toothless woodworkers, similar to bristleless brushes for bald painters. TT TT It looks to me rather like a floorboard saw because of the rounded end, which also would have had teeth with all the teeth filed or ground off so I think you are correct with "unfinished.

    Unless the brand and or steel is highly coveted I would think it is way overpriced. TT It looks to me rather like a floorboard saw because of the rounded end, which also would have had teeth with all the teeth filed or ground off so I think you are correct with "unfinished. D Teeth or not, you have handle, split nuts and saw dating to vaguely ish Cost of a modern version?! The saw has been made by Groves the USE logo Not a bad back story! Vickers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia http: I didn't realise it would be so obvious.

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    I did cut it out altogether for a couple of weeks, but I was difficult to live with and could no longer tell the difference between my LN and HNT jointers: Thanks for the links. I presume you will be bidding on this one: As it happens I have cut down on coffee to only one cup per day.

    We have been starting four new people I used to have one iced-coffee a day at midnight starting work I've been on 3 or 4 for some time now. C Fortunately I was already difficult to live with Paul I didn't know about this saw, you guys pointed it out. Now I look at the handle and it is quite nice.

    There's not that many nice examples that pop up on Oz ebay I have a mortiser but always need to fine tune the joints.