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Finally, they get their placement — almost always, the exact same place they ended the last season at. That's because matchmaking, and to a further extent, placement, aren't based on Skill Rating; they're more closely associated with MMR , a hidden algorithm Blizzard uses to determine who it is fair to match players up with while their SR still fluctuates based on their more recent win-loss record. It's a complicated system, but basically, matchmaking has little to do with SR and a lot more with MMR.

Next time you're nervous about placement matches or about SR affecting your opportunities to play, remember that Blizzard's matchmaking is mostly invisible to you. The best solution is probably to relax and just play your best, regardless of whether or not you're getting steamrolled by a team that feels like they're twice the SR rating you are.

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The payload is one of the most iconic elements in all of Overwatch , a slow, lumbering vehicle that can either bring great joy or terrible sadness depending on whether or not you have a team that has any interest in fighting around it. The payload needs to have attackers present to begin moving it forward. Naturally, it seems safe to assume that defenders need to be present near the payload for it to push back in the opposite direction, too.

The (Broken) Matchmaking Cycle - Overwatch

The only thing is, that isn't the case. A Reddit user ran some tests and came away with proof that the payload doesn't actually need a defender present to begin its slow move away from its destination.

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The cart actually just waits for ten seconds, and if there aren't any attackers present and regardless if there are defenders nearby it will simply begin to move back of its own accord. It's a neat mechanical feature, but it's unlikely to come up too often in-game. It's rare a payload that is completely uncontested by either side, and that kind of scenario usually means there are some other serious issues with team communication.

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Genji's Deflect skill is one of the coolest, most flashy plays in Overwatch when it works. Deflecting a projectile back at an enemy with precision and speed makes you feel like, well, a ninja, which we guess is kind of the point when you're playing a character like Genji.

Deflect explicitly says it works on projectiles , so it makes sense that people think that's the only way it works. In truth, however, Deflect also functions on melee attacks in a useful way: Another small thing people might assume about Deflect at first glance is that it always ricochets the projectile back towards an enemy.

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What Deflect does in practice, however, is return the projectile in the direction that Genji's crosshair is facing when Deflect triggers. That's a lot of nuance to an ability that many people just think is a cool, flashy play, and the knowledge of how to best deploy Deflect is what separates the experienced, tactical Genji players from the newer ones just learning the hero's ins and outs.

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  • For those unfamiliar — and congratulations, you've lived a blessed life — Pharah's ultimate can be absolutely game-breaking when executed to perfection. Sometimes, having a barrage of rockets rained down upon you from formerly clear skies just kind of demoralizes a team. One of the detriments of Pharah's ultimate is that she is immobile while doing it.

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    • The ultimate would be absurd if she could also fly around while it was being executed, so that's not necessarily a bad thing. What most people assume is that Pharah's ultimate can therefore never be done while on the move, however, which is actually false. Pulling off a Pharah moving ultimate is tricky — and probably more than a little impractical, most of the time — but it is doable. On a map like Volskaya Industries, Pharah can activate her ultimate on a moving platform and continue to move with that platform while the ultimate is occurring.

      It's not likely to win you many games, but it might win you a few bets with friends who are convinced you can't get Pharah mobile while her ultimate is going off. Sombra's EMP is pretty cool: Players are matched based on several factors, including but not limited to: This article is a stub. You can help Overwatch Wiki by expanding it.

      Overwatch Update Improves Matchmaking, Makes Competitive Games Fairer – Game Rant

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