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Oh, and if you ever think about playing us or playing games like some young men do, forget it.

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We like to be chased and it makes us feel desired. It is the most wonderful and flattering feeling to be wanted by a younger man who finds us attractive. However, we will not play games in an older woman younger man relationship.

From A Woman Who Would Know

We appreciate men who can tolerate time with our friends too. While our friends are in different age groups, we still want to be able to take each other around our peers. Be open minded about any situation and show respect to the friends in our age group and we will show respect to your friends too.

This goes along with the tip about respect. An older woman younger man relationship is all about being flexible and willing to get along with friends. Sure, we will show you our softer or sexier side but when we are with our friends, or you are with yours, we may feel a little bit more in our element. We have already raised them. Remember that when in an older woman younger man relationship, it is more than just lust and attraction.

We love to carry on conversations all the way into the night. We just know what we want, while a younger man, depending on which age group he is in, may still be testing the waters to see what fulfills him. Remember, some older women have never dated a younger man before. One thing is that a lot of us older women are really secure with ourselves but while we are self-reliant, independent, and strong women, we acknowledge the fact that sometimes our age difference can bring a little bit of insecurity at times.

We are all different. Instead, pay us compliments.

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Show us that you are interested and that you find us attractive. Some of us in older woman younger man relationships may not need any reassurance at all. If you like us, then you will show us. Keep in mind though that we are through playing games. We will be straightforward with you if we are looking for something without strings but the great thing is that if we really like you and are interested in keeping things rolling into an actual strong relationship with longevity, we will also let you know.

In an older woman younger man relationship we rarely leave any stones unturned and are pretty likely to let you know how we feel.

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You will know if we lose interest but the goal here is for you to keep us interested. And there are certain age ranges you are more comfortable with dating in an older woman younger man relationship. That goes the same for us. We might be more interested in about a 10 to 15 year age gap. If the attraction is there, the chemistry is flowing, conversation is great, the physical relationship is electric, and we just love being together, why not make it happen?

Relationships are always a chance. For men who are looking for a long lasting and meaningful older woman younger man relationship, it is not necessarily all about looking for her. There may be men who are just naturally more attracted to women who are more mature. So how do you keep us older women interested? Show us a good time.

Sleeping With Cougars

Help us find our youth again. Show others that you are proud to have us by your side. There is nothing more appealing than a younger man who is completely confident with an older woman on his arm. Kristin Wang is a regular contributing author to BeyondAges.

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After spending many years dating both younger and older men Kristin loves helping couples find dating success. Kristin has found a lot of success meeting younger men online and sharing her insights with others is something she loves.

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Thank you so much for this article Kristin. Uncertain maybe about what people think. Unsure of what I think! You have helped heaps in making me feel much more comfortable talking about this with him. Thanks for the advice, Kristen. Five weeks ago, we took a big step when I introduced her to my parents.

I had her meet my parents because I moved in with her right before introduction. Any mention of the age difference tends to be a turn off, so just let go of that. She wants to feel special, young, and beautiful. She also wants to think that you are only interested in exploring all these sexual fantasies with her, not just with any girl you can take home for the night.

If you really want your cougar of a girlfriend to open her passions to you, you must come across as her intellectual equal. Older women may find dumb jocular young men vaguely attractive but they really go gaga over a guy who can talk to them about the greater things in life; literature, cinema, outdoors, philosophy, mysteries of the universe, and of course meaningful life experiences. One common mistake jocks make is to try so hard to make her laugh, or tell her how sexy she is, and forget to actually pique her mind — stimulate her curiosity and tickle her emotions.

She wants to feel as if she can have a great conversation with you in bed, after all that racket. Read about history, about thrill sports, culture, a hobby…or think seriously about your own ambitions in life and get ready to wow her. Talk about your ambitions, your dreams of accomplishment, and the rush you get from doing what it is you love. The thing is, you can fool a silly little girl with a BS story. An older woman, however, has been listening to men for years on end, and knows a lie when she hears it.

Even if your intent is just a one night stand you have nothing to gain by lying. Older women respect honesty, but abhor dishonesty because it is the act of a coward.

They like lions, son! She may mention the age difference as a test, to see how interested you really are. You do have the right to be persistent, but you do NOT have the right to be annoying, bullying or intimidating. Think of it this way: So if she refuses once, use your imagination to approach her again and ask her out in a more creative way or with good humor.