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Naturally, we'll draw the correct conclusion from this and go ahead and change Their goal is to get rid of pref mm. You definitely wont get to keep the old tank with pref. You either switch to the updated version without pref or switch it for another tank.

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I am just afraid that their buffs will be miniscule and insufficient. If you give the T like pen, it still can't fight tier X tanks. Same for tanks like the IS Also, their armor doesn't work in tier X either. It's already shaky in tier 8 with the penetrationcreep we've been seeing. Let's see what they will do. Should be rebalanced only tier 8 PMM tanks. So, no plans for E25 and similar.

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The first to be rebalanced will be the mighty KV5, possibly with a buff to penetration and buff to the R2-D2 cupola or remove it. Than will be offered a refund or keep or change for other tier 8 in this case I think with those on tech tree, so NO Defender option. It breaks consumer law in my country, and there are even stronger laws in place such as in the EU.

They cant change the tank, nor force you to take another tank. They can give a full cash refund however. They better compensate gold and premium time if they do this, or they are going to lose a shit ton of players. The only reason for all this re-balance of lights and premiums is because they have already lost players so making all tanks have the same MM is the only way to fix this shit temporarily!

They won't, but it's very shortsighted. I'm not a huge fan of it, but look at pubg. Let players select their own region except China because those WOT servers are run by a different company. Boost credits for lower tier tanks so you can actually sustain new players. Get the mini tournaments going again. Create a tank battle royale mode. Parachute 50 tanks into a small map. Every man for himself. Removing pref mm tanks is going to hit a lot of the most popular tanks in the game. I'm not really sure any of these decisions are being made with NA or SA in mind at this point.

All of this because of the OP premium tanks introduced in to the game and overuse of gold spam which caused a lot of players to abandon the game. So those of us that bought the IS-6 or KV-5 for a Soviet trainer can't trade it in for something that is actually good. I think the driving force behind this is losing players which is causing a real problem with MM. They then change core aspects of how the tank is played and won't refund you properly.

E25 is broken

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an E25 question - German Vehicles - Official Forum - World of Tanks Console

Want to add to the discussion? I guess things would be much easier if the tank went 20kph instead of 14kph. The PC version was renowned for its almost ridiculous camouflage. In blitz, I have been spotted at ridiculous distances even with camo net equipped and active. I understand that this tank was considered OP on PC, and it would've been rebalanced anyway for blitz.

But in its current state, it is hard to play and is not enjoyable. However, no one likes to be at the mercy of their younger brother or platoon mates I've stopped playing it solo altogether now , and this tank could be fixed if it were rebalanced just slightly. My suggestion would be to increase the ROF to rpm and implement pref MM only t7 and t8 or to alternatively increase the ROF to 20 rpm and to buff the camouflage significantly whilst keeping the t7 to t9 matchmaking.

The ATA beats this tank in nearly every aspect better pen with both AP and APCR, impenetrable armour, very fast aim time other than mobility, which is irrelevant when your E25's driver is getting killed by every shot that hits your frontal armour. Edited by KommanderPanzer, 28 June - ImiMilo 3 Posted 28 June - I wanted to see it in action, actually - I played 7 games against e25 and in all of them the tank did max damage - and it was destroyed in 10 seconds of fight.

In small blitz maps it's just spotted and destroyed quickly, has to be hard to play it and people rush it like crazy because it's fast, but it should be used as TD in blitz my opinion. ImiMilo 4 Posted 28 June - Sign In Email address: Cookiebile 14 Jan