Dating animal crossing city folk

I've tried many times but i think u can only be friends.

Animal Crossing City Folk Codes/Hacks

You can flirt and in the week before vanintines day you can send an animal of the oppersit soz bout spellin gender "will you be my vanintine. I've done it on DS You cant really technechly "go out" with a villager, but if you talk to them like all the time and send them stuff in the mail, then they start talking about weddings and sometimes they flirt with you. They send you stuff in the mail back and give you their picture. I did that with Alfonso. You friends may be lying to you to look cool.

You can't do that on wii OR dis You might want to ask your friends why they said that, they are lying, User Info: I heard that is you send one villager 10 letters 1 each day for 10 days on Valentine Paper with a Red Rose enclosed as a present they have to be letters the animals like , and then write on the town message board, "Will you marry me? Of course, I've never been able to find Valentine Paper, and I understand that being married doesn't change anything about the game, except that that one villager is less likely to move away.

This question has been successfully answered and closed. Question Status Do they animals In your town visit other animals houses? Unresolved Can the animals do this? Answered Can the animals understand? Answered Do animals appear in stores? Easy money at winter: As I hate time travelers I wish to give a fish tip about what fish are good at what times of the year. Go to nooks and buy a shovel, then go to your house and bury it Wait for 1 or 2 days then dig it up.

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There you have it, A golden shovel Money cheats on easter Added 29 Jan , ID Fish and Bug details! Added 8 Jul , ID When youi are looking at your fish or bugs point at them and press A and it will show whenyou can catch them and your longest one caught. And easy ways to get bells. Added 14 Apr , ID There are lots of ways to get bells. But I get at least 50, bells a week because of my schedule.

Check Able Sisters If I want to make a new pattern. Digging up treasures in ground. I get to play Hide and Seek alot. Selling anything I don't need and Bell Rock. Shopping at the City. Any Special weather at night.

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Check to see if Ressetti's Interventions Bureau is open I don't have silver shovel. I stick to my schedule and I make bells while having fun. Saving your bells what to buy and what not to buy Added 30 Dec , ID Okay here is how this hint is going to work there are some rare items at tom Nooks place that you can get if you buy abunch of items. And there is other stuff that you can do by spending your bells like you can make the lifehouse and the bridge and the fountain but here is alittle hint to help you out.

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First put 25, bells inside you savings cause it will double up if you put more in. Then we you get up to , then make you house bigger and with the bells you still have use it to buy items from tom Nook. Second keep doing the first step for 3 weeks. Then if you keep doing that you should have , then make another expansion to your house and then with the rest of your bells then buy a new bridge for your town. If you did the first step right you should have enough bells. Third keep doing the first one for 2 months. You might want to skip around in time You should have around ,, bells.

Buy your last expansions to your house and with the bells you still have then buy the fountain. Then keep repeating the first step to get the lifehoue then you can buy abunch of items to get the rare items. I hope it helps you all.

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If you speak to Sable in the able sisters shop seven days in a row. Any time after that she will speak to you about random stuff depending on the day of the week. This is pointless apart from if you want someone to speak to. It doesn't give you a discount but just someone to speak to. To get a golden shovel you must bury one for 1 day. To get a Silver shovel go to the city at exactly 8: It's Ressetti's home in the tunnel! Talk to him to get a Silver Shovel!

So, for those of you who are wondering why the gate isn't working anymore, here is an answer. So Game Stop was the company who was hosting the thing where you can visit other people's town, but they decided to stop doing that for what reason I don't know. Because of that you can no longer play with other people in real life.

Dating animal crossing city folk

These two cuties run a quaint fabric shop in town. Drop by sable and mabel's shop whenever you feel like updating your wardrobe. They'll even help you design your own clothing patterns, which you may then place on shirts, umbrellas, flags, and even the walls and floor of your home! Get the fishing rod and go fishing each fish is worth alot!!!!!

Animal Crossing: City Folk Hints, Wii

Alot of people wanna know how to make lots of bells right? Well, I found a way thats easy and kinda fast. Its an unscheduled order but heres what I do: Pick all the fruit i only have one kind and this works Fish until making at least 20, bells for the day Money Rock if i feel like it On days when the trees have no fruit, here's what I do: Shoveling do not donate to museum, just have fossils identified Money Rock Fishing until having made at least 20, for the day This is very fast and takes me maybe an hour or two. If you have more time though, you can always add to it if you feel like it.

Some days though i end up with less than that cause I spend it Every day one of the rocks in your town contains some bells. This could take a while because there are plenty of rocks in your town. Get a spade and dig holes like this: Hole Hole Hole Yourself Yourself Hole Rock Hole Yourself Yourself Hole Hole Hole If you place your self in the spaces "yourself" and hit the rock from there you will not be knocked back and can carry on hitting the rock until it stops emitting bells.

If used with the silver shovel you have a chance to double the amount of bells that comes out of the rock. Bury the fruit from your trees and more fruit trees will grow! Added 23 Nov , ID Pick up shells by the beach. Shake off oranges and pick up items. Find items buried or lost in found. When the turnip lady comes buy a bunch of turnips and one day tom nook will buy them for alot of bells. I hope this works and help you all. Get lots of money in animal crossing lets go city Added 28 Oct , ID Go to the town hall you will see a bunny talk to the bunny.

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