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You cannot hope to be right on your other doctrine if your Bible is flawed. The whole tenor of the article is dangerous. He and others like him sadly have turned to pragmatism and results to determine much of what he does rather than taking a hard stand and urging others to do so too. Then it must be OK.

Since when are the actions of others our litmus test for determining what matters most to God? Set aside the personalities involved and deal with the truth. I am blown away that the KJV-only thing is still an issue. The authors were inspired, not compilers, and not translators. It is interesting that issues like this, and specific ministry methods like door-to-door visitation and altar calls also somehow develop sacred status as well.

At the church where I pastor, we put it this way: The one thing I know about legalism from living it myself is that it is driven by fear, and fear is a great conflict motivator.

Baptist dating rules

It sounds like a small thing—the difference between a couple of churches with different approaches, but it can be huge. I disagree on the motivation for legalism. I believe that it is tradition, rather than fear, that keeps it in place. I have an extremely legalistic background—although I am not legalistic myself. Baptists believe that the church should be markedly different than the world in almost all ways.

They feel that simply walking through the doors of the building should be like entering a different dimension. The music, fashion, and speech that we encounter in our daily lives have no place within a church. I love the way you write. You weave humor, research, and level-headed conviction. The blog picture seemed to illustrate the difference between other denominations and those who identify as Independent Baptist. That may not be the case, but it looked like the boyfriend in reference was the hipster on the left and the Independent Baptist was the old guy in the suit on the right.

If so, that may be an unfair an inaccurate depiction of the differences young verses old. Of course, the lady in the story could have always been dating the older man who attended the liberal United Methodist Church in the area for all we know. Even Independent Baptists have those differences within themselves.

Paul spent time in the synagogues and places of discourse but he also went house-to-house Acts The girl in question clearly held on to the KJV for tradition and only recently began to see something about the original text.

As first generation Christians, they wanted the Bible that had all the words. He also drinks alcohol and drank whisky for a Jimmy Fallon skit, so while we can agree and support in some areas we can also have clear disagreements. I suppose I see those three issues in the light of looking at hiring a staff member.

I suppose I chose to reply because I became an Independent Fundamental Baptist rather than simply being raised in it. It was a few years of study and research when I came to positions of scripture that closely represent the Independent Baptist Movement. My positions especially on the Bible were becoming an issue as he and to an extent my girlfriend would try to debate and change my convictions.

Even after two years of dating I knew it was best to break off the relationship and wait for someone who closer held my beliefs. The men I counseled with never told me that this young lady was less spiritual or godly. While it was difficult, I knew it was right. It may seem strange and some may think it legalistic but I even asked her dad in our first conversation what his beliefs were about certain issues. I just wanted to honestly answer and give a different perspective.

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I read through what I wrote again and noticed several typos and grammar issues. Well said Pastor Joe. This article breaks my heart. Then to publish it to sound like he knows more than the pastor that God placed her under. Seems sad to me. It is getting harder and harder to counsel people and help them make biblical decisions in this age of blogs, Facebook, podcasts, etc. Sometimes the person giving advice has the best of intentions but is unwittingly playing the role of an enabler.

Of course, it is possible that your advice perfectly aligned with the advice her pastor and parents gave her. Stephen, there is wisdom in a multitude of counselors.

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What a territorial view of ministry!. Josh handled this one right. Love how you handled this question. Yes, of course this marriage will work. That would of been my other point. My opinion is that EVERY family needs to do this rather they grew up in the same church or two different churches. To me it is serve the Lord in the best way as a family. I finally go to church in peace and see God is truely after my heart for him instead of condemnation if I do not fit a box.

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I finally feel God and do not feel burdened to be in that box. I just needed to let go and let God use me as is. It has made a complete difference in my walk with God. Love my Lord more than ever. On the note of arrogance from the pulpit….. They would actually call out local other Baptist churches and reference to them as a backslidden church if they were not as legalistic as they are and point out their so called flaws. That sounds like arrogance to me. Looking back, I feel saddened at that part of my life. Just some thoughts out there.

After reading many of the replies here, I wonder if a bad habit is developing—that of using undefined terms like legalism that are being used as a blanket to throw on a wide variety of issues that need not be viewed in totality. Furthermore, what is legalism? Is it adherence to tradition rather than Biblical laws? Is it the fear of change? Is it a personal preference that can differ from church to church—or person to person? If you sit in a church with a legalistic pastor, does that make you legalistic as well?

How to Date the Baptist Way

If you are personally legalistic in a non-legalistic church, what are you really? Josh Teis needs a blog defining commonly used—and often wrongly used—terms. Inform us of your operational definitions of some of these concepts, pastor. I think you were absolutely right on most of your reply to her, except one area. I have many friends who use different Bible versions, and I am not one to beat someone with a KJV and demean them.

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That is not the Spirit of Christ, and it never helped anyone. However, in a marriage, between two people who are passionate about pursuing God, the source Bible will be a big player. When they come upon a verse that could change their lives, they will have to decide whether the NIV got it right, or the KJV.

Are you comfortable counseling her to move away from the truth and towards error?