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Since old times Belarus has been famous for the beauty of its women. However, Belarusian girls are not only physically attractive: What is the function of the marriage agency? We help to get acquainted with the ladies personally , in the real life. Our office is situated in the center of Minsk and the first meeting with a lady takes place in our agency. You can start your tour at the Lenin monument, of which, for some reason, you are not allowed to take pictures. The monument faces the main building of the Belarusian State University with its back to the Government House, on the steps of which all the key events of December 19, took place.

Government House was built back in the s by Iosif Langbard, whose style still defines the appearance of present-day Minsk. This is the rhombicuboctahedron that has become one of the most controversial symbols of present-day Minsk. It was built quickly in the early s; the entire country pitched in, sometimes on a willy-nilly basis. It has a view point and Book Museum tours as tourist attractions. This is Minsk historic center where you can try to feel the spirit of the early 19th century city.

This is where the Holy Spirit Cathedral is located. It is the most important Russian Orthodox church in the city built in It was built in in honor of Minsk receiving the Magdeburg Rights and was restored in according to the old drafts and drawings. In summer, some streets of the Upper Town become pedestrian, in winter a Christmas fair appears here, in the evening on weekends you can catch a music performance.

Across the street from the Town Hall, squeezed in between Stalin-era houses is the Catholic Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary built in in the Vilna sacred baroque style. Note that the building of the cathedral is actually facing the street sideways — you can well imagine the scale of re-building that went on in this area of Minsk in the s.

If you are interested in religious buildings and their legends, we've got a special article about the temples of Minsk. Next to this district is the Isle of Tears Monument — a memorial dedicated to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan.

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You can view it as a monument of sorts to the epoch lacking common sense. This is a memorial of the Soviet-era constructivism. Initially, the building was supposed to have four floors, however, in the course of construction the money abruptly ran out. Nevertheless, the building is still majestically impressive thanks to the ideal symmetry of the park, the statues on the pediment, and the abundance of marble and crystal inside.

Although you should take care of the tickets in advance — they are gone pretty quickly for all classical productions. Right now the poor guy has to look at the back of the Chizh House.

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Learn more about the history and legends of the theater in our podcast. There is a large green belt around the Opera Theatre. We advise that you take a ride or two on the Ferris Wheel; just make sure you pick the closed cabins — they are better for viewing the city.

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The central part of the park has been well repaired; it now features straight trails, cozy pavilions, and the Lyubanskiy estate. If you go further into the park, you can find apple orchards and the remains of a mill where, according to legend, a young pani hung herself for love. This is the most prominent collection of art in Belarus. There is a large collection of classical Russian paintings, old Belarus icons, and Sarmatian portraits of the Radziwily family. The Socialist Realism collection here warrants a special mention.

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This is also the location of the yoga studio and fitness center Moby Dick. The most important things happen here at night in the warm time of the year — in the street, of course. Fridays and Saturdays are a time for fun and chaotic parties when several thousands of people might be hanging out on a little patch of ground. Download the printable map of the street here.

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Look for more points of alternative culture in Minsk in a separate guide. Educational programs, workshops, exhibitions, concerts, parties — you can enjoy all this in the old industrial building that has been transformed into the cool cultural center by BoPromo team. The collection is small but pretty cool: By the way, the gallery has wi-fi and comfortable chairs to relax and post an Instagram story with Eva by Soutine.

You will definitely enjoy the Azgur Museum. War heroes, communist idols, national writers — here you can get a feel for the entire 20th century through the prism of works of the key Belarus sculptor of that era. We can bet that nowhere in the world is there such high concentration of Lenins and Stalins per square foot.

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The church itself is also noteworthy: You should also visit the Military Cemetery 11 vulica Kazlova. Alexander Nevsky, built in the late 19th century is also located here. Minsk Botanical Garden is right next to it. The territory near water basin Drazdy is the best way to spend some time outside the city without actually leaving it. The easiest way to get there is to follow the bike path or turn to the water behind the Minsk Arena. Minsk is not just about soviet Empire style of the central streets and concrete of bedroom suburbs. It was supposed to be built for the workers of the Minsk Tractor Plant.

It was a huge project with its own architecture and service systems. The district of the tractor plant is local Valetta with the most beautiful balconies in the city, Empire-style pilasters, arcading, and columns.

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After a day of roaming the city, it is best to relax at the waterpark. It boasts of seven slides inside and five more outside, a Jacuzzi, a salt room, and saunas with various temperatures and scents.

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We particularly recommend the surfing exerciser where you can learn to conquer the waves and feel your every muscle. The important thing is not to go there on the week-end — it is very popular. If you are lucky to come here in summer, you can find a place to swim and relax even in the city center. We especially like the pool with mineral water and the opportunity to play volleyball.

They were one of the first who showed Minsk residents and guests alternative ways of making coffee. They have now grown to two locations, close to each other. This coffee shop with just four tables is opened by Seadog Coffee Roasters team. Besides excellent coffee, try their desserts. Surf Coffee 19, Kirava vulica. Absolutely unique atmosphere, semi-basement floor, cute backyard, red brick, wood, the table made of surfboards and even a real halfpipe.

You can get a free bonus cookie. A cute small coffeehouse opened by photographer Alexey Shinkarenko. Coffee, cacao, vegan pies.

Come to have a breakfast here or get a sandwich with home-made pesto sauce and mozarella. A calm and cozy coffeehouse near the railway station, a good place to work or just to relax located in a neo-classical Stalin-era building. One of the main coffee guys in town Eugene Pinchukov took park in its creation. Another new place which has become popular fast. We love it for fresh croissants.

You can buy fresh bread at the shop, and really cheap delicious pastries at the coffee house. Coffee-to-go by Moby Dick music and sports crew. There a nice tiny summer terrace. They offer probably the best coffee on the street. They also cook their desserts and pastries here. By the way, we have a special guide to Minsk coffee shops , check it out!

After midnight a motley crowd gathers here — from glamorous young ladies on centimeter heels to brutal bikers.

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The best falafel of the district is made in the spot, which locals know as "U Zizu" ask for directions. My dear kebab 3, vulica Kamsamolskaja. If you can tell the difference between regular shawarma and durum, drop by this kebab shop. Turkish cooks also make great falafel, sandwiches, and crepes. Perfect for hangover morning. It is a simple and heart-warming place. They offer soups and salads at lunch time. Fresh and delicious soups, pasta, pies. Even latte is with the soy milk! There are just six chairs and a bar inside.