Override_vpk matchmaking

Customization is essential to many people, and not just because "muh anime mods" or "muh tiny banana" but because of "My arachnophobia Spiders are fucking terrifying " or because of "My legitimate eyesight condition". I'm afraid of regular trees and need to replace them with easily visible pumpkins. Also, I have a deathly fear of towers that don't have a visible ring around them. Yes it exists and I am sure it is terrifying for the people who have it.

Phobias are not things to be dismissed. And in all seriousness, mods such as no-spider, Epilepsy and colour-blind fix are really needed for people to be able to enjoy or even simply play the game - They should not be impossible due to a few people abusing modding. No has said it's gone for good.

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Let them work on a fix instead of jumping to the worst possible conclusion. I have a friend who can no longer play the game because the mod that changes Zeus, razor, disruptor, and a few others no longer works. However, the alternative would require potentially a significant time investment on valve's part - mods could be integrated into the workshop, for instance, as is done with many other moddable games on steam. Absent this, valve would have to manually whitelist specific mods, a not insignificant investment of time and effort to determine the competitive fairness of each one.

During dev days they said that they're not worried about mods competing with cosmetics because being able to show off your stuff to other people is a major appeal factor. Then valve should just manually approve a handful of mods, such as the spider mod and colour blind mod keep the rest banned. They can't give free customisation if people can customise the game to their advantage.

If you can come up with a solution for it then great! Now because some assholes couldnt fucking play the game right i cant tell whose who in the minimap even if i put colorblind mode on. I literally cannot play the game because of this change. There will always be people that find a way to take advantage of stuff. Please, please revert this change valve. Actually the easiest way for valve to allow this MODs is by asking the developer to get valve approval before it can be applied to the game.

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Maybe something like workshop voting system and valve gradually implement it to the game with an option to the player to apply it or go with standard unMOD version. But I guess valve got a better idea, why dont we start picking up all this MOD and get the good one and sell it for tonnes of Money instead. Because some douches exploit the system, Valve protects us from them.

A lot of mods are involved in cheating I think it's a perfectly normal move. And now I literally cannot play because the game crashes every time a multitude of cosmetics are used in the game. I get the clothsystem error. Tried verifying local files, tried re-installing, nothing helps. Wait, there was a Rise Kujikawa announcer and I didn't know about it? It's just not fair You stated "im not being punished", I'm stating that I have been punished for something I didn't do.

These kinds if solutions are the worst, not thoroughly thought of. I hope this is temporary while they are making a real solution. What really sucks is that i've been putting my time into updating my Archer mega-kills announcer and now it's basically useless. LOTS of time wasted on these things now Are you going to update the pack now that scripts and vo are enabled? Just wondering, I use the 2. Probably, it's sitting in my WIP folder somewhere, i'll get to it sometime next weekend probably. I halfway considered doing trying it myself about four months ago but all I wound up doing was binge watching archer instead of finding usable quotes I found a lot that I liked but the only one I remember was Archer saying "Do I have to do everything myself?

I was using the custom item icons and upgraded textures and they added such a high QOL: This is the 2nd time in half of a year im feeling so sad reading change log. The 1st time was the change in market and trade system that completely made me abandon the trading scene was buying like thousands bucks monthly from store and now suck it 6 months just 1 compendium. With this change, not sure if i would play this game anymore. I click on findinf a normal mm ability draft game and suddenly all of my spell icons gone, ending up abandoned the game.

I'm so sorry for the guys with thousands of hours spent for creating mods or at least my days finding and replacing icons, sounds, particles.. Just talked to my friend about this change. It was just way too easy to cheat using them, it's much fairer now. Valve just disabled the most commonly used method to mod the game and give personalized experiences like custom sounds, graphics, icon mods, etc. There were some mods that gave advantages like the pumpkin mod or tower range mod. Also, sound mods for Euls or torrent for better being able to do combos. Some douchebags exploiting the system is punishing the entire community.

The best solution is having separate non-ranked queues for mods.

Dota 2 override_vpk matchmaking

I am not disagreeing with your point, but saying that this is a punishment to the entire community is incorrect. I for one have never modded the game, this affects me naught. I'd assume the majority is like me in this regard.

[DOTA 2 SHADY MOD] How to Download and install

I don't want that competitive means that you need to memorize all existing decorative effects available in order to not get confused. Those things should not affect the way we play, so if we can't use NoHats Mod anymore, there definately needs to be an option in the settings to not display cosmetics.

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Without an option to turn off cosmetics, playing dota becomes a permanent, never-ending advertisement for decorative items. So far I have liked Valves way of "Free to Play", setting soft incentives, never force you to buy something, never pay to win. Dont forget to mention that NoHats mod is great for those who still play dota 2 with a wooden laptop like me by removing all unnecessary particles and effects which can slow down our machines.

I am sorry to say, I do not agree with you. Players can gain unfair advantage by showing estimated things like timings and range. They just disabled this for ranked and mods can still be used for unranked. So I don't see how the entire community is being punished when there is still an outlet for it. What possible other solution can there be? If you can use custom models, you can use cheaty custom models. If Valve has to individually approve of them, that defeats the point of user mods.

Override_vpk matchmaking. I can understand disabling -override_vpk for matchmaking

They could exclude custom models and colours to a degree. You can't change the base models, but you can change the equipment. I am sure banana tiny is not an advantage. It basically makes Dota 2 use custom content that you've set up instead of the normal content. There were two examples that were posted somewhere. You could change tree models to something small, like pumpkins, which could let you see juke spots and paths very easily.

You could also change the models of towers so that it could indicate the tower's range.