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Dibzahab View Profile View Posts. As far as I can tell, Wei isn't interested in long-term relationships. Once he gets a girl's upgrade, he stops talking with her.

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  • Tisovcik View Profile View Posts. Nothing to worry about, you haven't "killed" any other missions.

    Steam Community :: Guide :: Girlfriends and Rewards

    There are really only a few dating missions one for each girl. I really liked them just like you so I was a little bit disappointed when I found out. Rabite View Profile View Posts. You can read the Report on her.

    Tiffany Kim

    Seems like she cheated on you with other Chinese men. Well it seems odd because Tiffany had actually 3 missions I never thought they would pay Emma Stone for a character who only shows up twice in the game: You saw it all right. They could only afford her for a few lines. Just like John Goodman is only in Rage for the first 3 missions. I love how it ended with her though.

    You cannot mess up other mission options in this game.

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    Fairlight View Profile View Posts. If you read the police report on your phone about Amanda, it says she hangs out with dozens of Chinese guys all the time and the chances of a relationship with her are incredibly low. Presumably, Wei isn't interested anymore once he reads that. It can be very easy to skip over these dates which is why I'm making this guide. Theres already a girlfriend guide on steam but its not in English Now, you may be asking "Who are the girls I can date?

    And when do I meet them? And whats the reward? I won't talk that much about the date missions since they are pretty easy to finish, I'll just go over what you do and I'll link a video if you need a visual guide for one of them. You meet Amanda during the mission, er, "Amanda".

    Sleeping Dogs - a romantic night of glitching with Tiffany

    Calling her will start the mission "Photograph Amanda" You meet up with Amanda at Victoria Peek but you find out the park closed so you "convince" the guard to let you two in. And then you do what the name of the mission says, photograph Amanda. When you finish dating Amanda, Health Shrines will appear on your map. When you finish dating Tiffany, Jade Statues will appear on your map.

    Over at the park, you distract a police officer and then you hack a camera. When you finish dating Not Ping, Cameras will appear on your map.

    When you finish dating Ilyana, Lockboxes will appear on your map. You meet Sandra during the mission, Fast Girls Calling her starts the mission, Fast and Hot Sandra You meet up with Sandra standing next to the car she wants you to drive. She then wants you to drive at high speed for 60 seconds. Don't slow down, you gotta go fast After dating Sandra, new races will show up in Victoria's Peek.

    How does dating the girlfriends work?

    Calvin will be outside of your safehouse in North Point, if you talk to him he will tell you that Tiffany might be seeing someone else. You then go over to the payphone Tiffany uses and bug it. You then listen in to Tiffany's conversation and find out that she is meeting with someone else.

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    Thats about it for this guide. I suggest doing these missions as soon as you can to make finding collectibles easy. Big thanks to the Sleeping Dogs wiki for all the info I put in here: Pablo S4-Bar 13 Nov, 6: Is it possible to miss any of these? I didnt think extra mission was non cannon because I killed Tiffany.