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And although Finding Prince Charming is primarily a reality dating series, it also sets out to shed some light on LGBT issues and misconceptions. One of the contestants on the show will reveal that he is HIV positive during its run, and the trailer shows that the men on the show will be giving back to the LGBT community at certain events.

Because even as a gay guy, I was so warped in what dating was really like because I started at such a late age. I missed that whole coming into my own as a teenager and having crushes and going on first dates, so a lot of us that grew up in small towns and thought you were the only gay in town have a really warped sense of what dating really is.

US network making first all-gay dating show

Check out the full Facebook Live interview below, and you can get to know Robert and the 13 guys vying for his affections here. Finding Prince Charming premieres on Thursday, Sept. We gays are even harder to win over. Casting a few bears, the odd twink and a few femme dudes is perhaps counter-intuitive to the particular bufftings aesthetic of the Love Island series but also crucial: As much as my hirsute, charming ass would have leapt at a diverse gay dating show when I was single, I can understand the choice: Why Love Island is the perfect escapism.

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Being a gym bunny, or just generally stunning, does not make you a bad person. Having a six pack does not make you masculine or straight-acting either.

I am happy for there to be people on the show who display the misogyny, racism and internalised homophobia that blights our community every day, just as long as there are an equal or greater number with the eloquence and compassion to take them down a peg. Past reality shows that have tried to cast a selection of conventionally beautiful men, however, always fall into this same trap: A recent episode of First Dates, in which two perfectly nice and attractive men spent much of their date talking about how much they love straight-acting men which, they have since said, was down to editing more than anything else also earned the ire of the LGBT community: If we cannot get two of these three requirements down, then the show it not worth doing.

Although RuPaul and the show itself have both shown very little desire to cultivate or protect these contestants, trans women have also been frequent participants. Drag Race alum Courtney Act , who won the last Celebrity Big Brother, has also proved that there is great merit in featuring queer figures who will challenge the status quo: As Love Island is a show about sexuality, even in its current straight form, it might be easiest for this first foray into queer British reality TV to focus on the sexualities of the LGBT community.

Maybe a bisexual Love Island would be more interesting?

Lance Bass: Gay dating show will be more realistic than The Bachelor

A lesbian Love Island would give a community that is always given short-thrift by everyone, including gay men, a chance to shine. All this is to say: You might as well ask if the gays love Kylie. Do I love watching overly attractive, often problematic, men do the horizontal monster mash? More than I can even possibly say.

Finding Prince Charming: first all gay dating show in the works

Do I much prefer queer representation due to the very few opportunities we have to be seen with compassion? Is there a way of bringing together these three things without disappointing a community with huge cultural cachet and little in the way of visibility?

That is on ITV to figure out, and if they want to pay me to be a consultant I will happily volunteer as tribute. Give me sexy, give me thoughtful, or give me nothing at all.