Dating a bipolar chick

This is obviously unacceptable for reasonable people seeking same. I don't have any problem with the ones who stick to their meds in a strict way. Yea she was having me research med options online with her.


Said she had been thru a few doctors, and a few therapists, but not happy overall with the results she was getting. So I thought okay no problem, we will work thru this together. Turns out she had turnover of doctors, cause she personally wouldn't stick with treatment plans, though she never said that in the start of course. She flipped out on me a few times, a big one was last March when she just broke up with me one day totally out of the blue, later to find though another guy was involved.

We patched things up in May, things went well May and June, but then she kept acting like we were a couple during the days, ans hanging out with other guy at night.

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When I found out, I broke it off with her, saying I'm not going to be a boyfriend of convenience, or part of love triangle. I did it very politely, saying hey if you want him that's fine, but I have my own life to pursue. Her response was epic! All because I refused to play a role in her drama called life. She's acting like one of her crazy moods she has, only worse than ever, and just totally unfounded.

Any girl who can blast you for not being one of her two boyfriends she wants to keep around, yea that's a delusional one. My Lord, you weren't going out with a former friend of mine, were you? She was like sunshine when you first met her - happy, cheerful, easy going, no reason you wouldn't like her on the surface.

Then after she won you over she started to show you the other side, and you just didn't realize what an unstable person she was. There was Happy, then there was Angry screaming, lashing out at you and others, destructive, etc. That was the worst of them, like when she started going to AA and looked down on others saying "Oh look at all these people who have to drink to have a good time".

And a few weeks later she would be drunk out of her mind and Obnoxious. At some point she asked me about going to see a psychiatrist, because I was going through some issues myself.

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But she absolutely refused to take any prescriptions Prozac and the like , but she seemed to have no problem whatsoever about drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, and screwing hundreds of guys who she admitted she didn't even like. She said she could not say no. She wanted people to like her. But, we all have our problems, don't we? Minus the illegal drug use, that's her. Even the AA bit, she's been in and out of that.

And she would bitch how other people in the group were just wasting eveyones time, they didn't need to be there. She was a sweetie when we met, part of how I bought into this whole "we'll work thru the bipolar thing together" approach. In our two months apart where there was another guy, turns out there were like 10 guys, when she was fighting with the new guy she was dating.

And that is what she wanted from me basically, to F me when she wanted, then go hang out with other guy and F him at night. When I told her no way i'm not going to be an FWB she told me to grow up, amongst many other foul things. Being grown up is sleeping with numerous men at the same time?

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Sad part is, her other boyfriend does the same to her, and he's a successful business man in town. We aren't talking "white trash" here, we are talking people who should be adults, who aren't. So she wants me to F her since he F's around on her, to even the score I guess?

All I know is when I told her I am done with this whole ridiculous situation after learning what was going on, she went mental. On the bipolar note, when we first got back to talking after she hooked up with this other guy, she dropped him, dropped all other guys, dropped drinking, hung out with only me, etc.

When Your Girlfriend Has Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar

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Things not working out the way you had hoped?

We do have periods of feeling ‘normal’

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Apr 6, 8. Is that girl you? Because I think you know the answer. E , Apr 6, Apr 6, 9. Logic- , Apr 6, Apr 6, I've dated a bipolar woman before. She had to take medication and all this mess. BornToLose1 , Apr 6, Done it before, they've cheated on me with guys that pander those depressing feelings more than I do.