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Communicating online can foster intimacy and affection between strangers, but it can also lead to unrealistic expectations and disappointment when potential partners meet in real life. As online dating matures, however, it is likely that more and more people will avail themselves of these services, and if development — and use — of these sites is guided by rigorous psychological science, they may become a more promising way for people to meet their perfect partners. Hear author Eli J. I agree wholeheartedly that so-called scientific dating sites are totally off-base. They make worse matches than just using a random site.

They also have a very small pool of educated, older men, and lots more women. Therefore they often come up with no matches at all, despite the fact that women with many different personality types in that age group have joined. They are an expensive rip-off for many women over My mother and father had very few hobbies and interests in common, but because they shared the same core values, their love endured a lifetime.

I met a few potential love interests online and I never paid for any matching service! I did my own research on people and chatted online within a site to see if we had things in common. If that went well, we would have another date. I am currently with a man I met online and we have been together for two years!

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We have plans to marry in the future. I myself would probably start looking right away since looking for love online is a lengthy process!

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I knew this man 40 years ago as we worked in the same agency for two years but never dated. Last November I saw his profile on a dating site.

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Trust and self-disclosure effects on online information sharing. The authors were specifically interested to learn how personality and profile attractiveness influenced the quantity and type of information individuals would be willing to share about themselves with a potential dating partner who they have never met before. The results of the online survey with female participants revealed that the propensity to trust and extroversion were significant positive predictors of self-reported tendency to self-disclose potentially sensitive and identifying information, while greater profile attractiveness further increased the amount of information they were willing to share.

These findings suggest that information disclosure is in part driven by personality and context, which has potential implications for how careful individuals are about revealing potentially sensitive information to strangers. Abstract The present study examines the stigma associated with online relationship initiation and its relation to women's self-protective behavior. Self-protective behaviors are those an individual engages in to avoid becoming a victim of dating violence. In one scenario, the prospective date was only previously known through an online social networking site, while in the other scenario, the date was previously known through brief face-to-face interaction.

After reading the scenario, participants rated the importance of engaging in self-protection behaviors if they were in the date situation being described. As we predicted, participants assigned greater importance to self-protective behavior after reading the online meeting scenario than the face-to-face scenario.

This tendency was especially strong among participants who had never been on a date with someone they had met online.


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Online Dating: A Critical Analysis From the Perspective of Psychological Science.

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