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By sticking to such judgments, they are really acting tyrannically and disrespectfully. In such instances, they are not really relating to their partner, but judging and demeaning them. Unfortunately, many TPs fail to realize that what they are doing is really not nice at all. Rather, they are being passive-aggressive, controlling, and cowardly. It can also be easy for TPs to consider their hidden thoughts benign, perhaps reasoning that some degree of secrecy and dissatisfaction is inevitable in any relationship.

What they may not realize, however, is the degree to which their undisclosed thoughts serve as raw material for further relational breakdown. Such thoughts can lay the foundation for the construction of an alternate reality to which their partner has no access.

As this alternate reality grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for TPs to truly love their partners or to perceive them fairly and accurately. Rather, they become increasingly dishonest, passive-aggressive, disinterested, and detached from the relationship. They become more cynical toward love and perhaps even toward life.

Reasons TPs Fail to Communicate in Relationships

If Fe represents open, honest, and effective interpersonal communication, it is unfortunate that TPs, who can be seen as striving to realize Fe in their lives, often undercut themselves by failing to be open and honest in their relationships. In short, they often idealize Fe while at the same time failing to exercise Fe principles in their actions. Like most folks, they are controlled by their fears, concerned that fully unveiling themselves is a sure road to rejection.

But it is only through complete vulnerability that TPs will find the depth of love and acceptance they desire. Only an uncensored relationship will hold their interest and keep them from constantly retreating into their own minds. As discussed in my recent post, Mature vs. Childish Relationships , real love, mature love, is built on reality rather than on illusions or ideals.

Love must be founded on truth, even when it hurts. When partners are completely open and honest with each other, the roots of the relationship can extend ever deeper as problems, fears, and frustrations are successfully expressed, analyzed, and integrated. Can you write about how to overcome this fear? I would really appreciate it! Internalizing, understanding, and responding appropriately takes time. Another factor for me is if the emotional venting is from a dominant NTJ male it can be intimidating…bordering on scary.

It bothers me to think this reaction could be interpreted as passive-aggressive! I had the drug and petty crime development in my life as I had a very abusive childhood in my life. Sorry to hear that Shaz. Sometimes I just have to force myself to get outside and interact with people. I relate the same way. I am a INTP and as and my feelings are often concealed from most people.

ESTP-ENTP Relationship

When it comes to the thought of expressing strong emotions I also feel it may be overgeneralizing or misinterpreting INTP reactions. When someone acts overly emotional of do not think of them as irrational or stupid. I know that they probably have very valid reasons for their behavior and tough family life, etc.

What I think it is about it is that we are uncomfortable with strong emotions since we fail to exhibit those emotions ourselves. We may be too scared or not brave enough to exhibit these emotions and do not want to get ourselves overly emotional because we may lose focus on everything else in life that is a fear of mine. We are never bored, every moment is exciting. I love being with someone that can debate ideas with me, and his feelings aren't ever hurt just because we disagree.

Great ideas come out of our discussions. We used to run a business together and that went very well. His constant need for social interaction can be awesome, though-- he enjoys dealing with service people and talking on the phone, both of which I find annoying even though I'm in the service industry myself.. He talks more than I do, though, so I've learned to just be patient which was really hard at first.

And he's doing better at not interrupting me. Hope this thread's not dead since my best friend is an ESTP. I once read a reddit thread that perfectly described the relationship as partner's in crime, and it truly is this.

ENTP Relationships, Love, & Compatibility

But only if both are mature and open minded as the relationship, if not completely balanced, can be pretty heated. In my experience thouh it's always been the easy going rational approach and shady morals that brung us together. If I could describe myself in two things they would be intelectual when sober and insane when fucked up. Same can be said with him. We do really stupid shit and he handles the physicalities and hardcore bits while I handle the tactics, moral and keep his shennanigans in line.

He keeps my stupid ideas in line though. It really is almost a textbook best friend estpxentp combo: I remember we were talking once and I said that I always look at the bigger picture, try to catch the essence behind it all. He said, without any knowledge of mbti, that he likes that concept but he's more about capturing the moment, bringing you into the scene. In a nutshell that is the estpxentp friendship. Oh well, all that I said still stands except you get to fuck.

Uh, we went on one date and I recently told him off for being a jerk. It didn't go well. I finally let my guard down, he was the shitty person I thought he was in the beginning, and then I burned that bridge. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

What are TPs Thinking? The Danger of Concealed Thoughts

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