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Simplify 3D is slicing software which goes deeper into 3D printing than other slicing software. With Simplify 3D, you can optimize many settings to increase your print quality.

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If you would like to use Simplify 3D you need to purchase a license for the software on www. Would you like to use Simplify 3D along with your Builder Premium? The FFF profile provides you with all the settings you need when printing dual objects.

If you have problem with getting the right result, the Simplify3D troubleshooting guide can help you. Would you like to keep your Builder Premium up to date?

Software - Builder 3D Printers

Download the latest software update here and follow the 9 steps to install the software correctly. When connecting the Builder 3D printer to the PC. Windows requires a driver. Download Cura software and select Cura 3. Verify the correct SSID is displayed.

Setting up OctoPi

Enter wireless network password. Press and hold the dial button.

OctoPrint: Control your 3D printer remotely with Raspberry Pi and OctoPi

The printer's LCD will display "Smart config success" when the process is complete. If the "Smart config started" message does not stay after releasing the button you can hold the button down through the whole process and the message will disappear once the Wi-Fi is connected. Wi-Fi and USB cannot access the printer simultaneously.

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Wi-Fi works with 2. If you have a 2.

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For the initial Wi-Fi setup try moving the printer closer to the Wi-Fi router. I have a long and complex Wi-Fi password that I have not been able to get my Mini to accept, even after trying multiple methods. This app finally was able to make it work!

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  • One improvement I would suggest is to have the app itself give instructions for how to get the printer into the correct mode for setup. That way it's self contained and rely on reading those instructions in the app store description. Not only does Matthew do a phenomenal job as an admin for the MP Select Mini FB page, he consistently looks for ways to improve how we can get the most from ours printers, but works tirelessly to develop solutions, workarounds and practical tools to pull every last drop of capability from this amazing little printer with an incredible following.

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