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Nobel laureate Glenn T. Seaborg PhD collaborated with Albert Ghiorso BS to discover 12 chemical elements, such as americium , berkelium , and californium. Nobel laureate Yuan T. Lee PhD developed the crossed molecular beam technique for studying chemical reactions.

UC Berkeley Paleontologist Bill Clemens on the Challenges of Dating Fossils

Carol Greider PhD , professor of molecular biology and genetics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for discovering a key mechanism in the genetic operations of cells, an insight that has inspired new lines of research into cancer. Harvey Itano BS conducted breakthrough work on sickle cell anemia that marked the first time a disease was linked to a molecular origin.

Tryon PhD is the physicist who first said our universe originated from a quantum fluctuation of the vacuum. Berkeley alumni have developed a number of key technologies associated with the personal computer and the Internet. Alumni such as L.

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In particular, the Alto used a computer mouse , which had been invented by Doug Engelbart B. Simonyi later became the first repeat space tourist , blasting off on Russian Soyuz rockets to work at the International Space Station orbiting the earth. Joy, who went on to co-found Sun Microsystems, also developed the original version of the terminal console editor vi , while Ken Arnold BA created Curses , a terminal control library for Unix-like systems that enables the construction of text user interface TUI applications.

ViolaWWW was the first browser to have embedded scriptable objects, stylesheets, and tables. Alumni collectively have won at least eight Pulitzer Prizes. Pulitzer Prize—winning cartoonist Rube Goldberg BS invented the comically complex—yet ultimately trivial—contraptions known as Rube Goldberg machines. Alumna and professor Susan Rasky won the Polk Award for journalism in Alumni have also written novels and screenplays that have attracted Oscar-caliber talent, including The Call of the Wild author Jack London. Stone also wrote The Agony and the Ecstasy , which was later made into a film of the same name starring Oscar winner Charlton Heston as Michelangelo.

Collectively, alumni have won at least 20 Academy Awards. Ferguson BA have each [] [] won an Oscar for documentary filmmaking.

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Alumni have collectively won at least 25 Emmy Awards: Elisabeth Leamy is the recipient of 13 Emmy awards. Alumni have acted in classic television series that are still broadcast on TV today. Alumni have also participated in the world of sports. Matt Biondi BA won eight Olympic gold medals during his swimming career, in which he participated in three different Olympics.

Berkeley alumni—often generous benefactors—have long been among the billionaire ranks, giving rise to many of the campus' eponymous schools, pavilions, centers, institutes, and halls, with some of the more prominent being J. Haas , Bob Haas , Hearst, and Bechtel families. There are at least 18 living alumni billionaires: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

History of the University of California, Berkeley. University of California, Berkeley Library System. List of companies founded by UC Berkeley alumni. Campus of the University of California, Berkeley. University of California finances.

Student financial aid in the United States. Housing at the University of California, Berkeley.

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Archived from the original PDF on December 17, Archived from the original on August 4, Retrieved July 22, Retrieved September 18, Archived from the original on July 9, Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Just last year, SeekingArrangement. Single Sphere, on the other hand, is focused more on long-term relationships than finances. When students first set up their Single Sphere accounts, they have to fill out their basic profile information in addition to facts about their appearance, beliefs, values and lifestyle choices.

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Jobs Course for Disabled Students. Berkeley student helps kids get Superstar Smiles.

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