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I might be out with the guys, watching sports center for the 8th time, at the gym, at work, X, whatever.


I text her when I want to see her, see complies. She complies because that is the only way she can see me. Im 21 and only date older men…. Id be outta that bar soooo fast! I think you may be right in the stereotypical sense. Rule 1 is especially iffy:. I like prompt responses to texts. As someone with less money to blow than an older woman, I value when people text me back! I also like knowing that the other person a saw my message and b cared enough to respond like it mattered.

What changes things is if I get the feeling that there is a practiced pattern to your phone habits — anything contrived will be seen as manipulative unless it demonstrates your devotion. You want to be careful with the L word. We think Love is a big deal and say it like we mean it. I might even fling it around to feel closer to you or make you feel closer to me. I am actually busy a lot. Maybe abnormally so for someone my age.

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She thought I died! And not because of your manipulative charms. If there is a significant age gap, it would be good to know you care enough to bring it up, putting your position on the line.

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Courage and compassion beat macho attitudes any day. And do not pop your collar. I know this is an insanely long comment. But I needed a break from finals studying. Im a 20 year old girl and I agree with JK the 22 year old girl. If any guy treated me like that I would leave him, especially if its an older guy that gives me more reason to leave him. I once dated a very handsome 30 year old he was really hot but obviously I would not have dated him if he was not as nice as he was in his personality but I wasnt dating him for a long term relationshipor anything it was just for fun, and I enjoyed his unique company.

However I told four of my close freinds about him, while all of them acknowledged that he was quite goodlooking, 3 of them looked at me like I was extremely weird to like a man so old, and so I did not tell anyone else. And also I know it sounds really really horrible I did not like to be seen in public with him, the looks we got just made me uncomfortable and also I definately did not want fit young guys my age seeing me with him,although he was an absolutely lovely person.

Alot of you are saying that older men are much more wiser and generally better than younger men, however id have to disagree you do get many boys my age who in their mindset are very mature intellectual articulate charming etc. However most younger girls would go out with an older who is big in the downstairs department if you get what Im saying so consider yourself lucky, otherwise she will not neccessarily be attracted to you unles you are unbelievably good looking and is unlikely to brag about you to her friends or want to be seen with an older guy.

Any way how old are you guys im feeling a bit left out being on this blog now katie london xxx. However most younger girls would go out with an older who is big in the downstairs department. It was just that this guy worked in the area so there was more of a chance that Id bump into him, and what he thought of me mattered to me becuse he is hot. It could serve as a much needed forewarning. Are you people kidding me? I just turned 28 and I pretty much feel like I went from a naive girl to a woman in the past couple years and feel more beautiful than I ever have.

Why all the games? Are women seriously considered washed up at 30 lol …what a joke! You guys and gals are all so funny…if people, older men or anyone else feels the need to play mind games and childish pick me ups with anyone, including younger women, then they are obviously extremely insecure and hence the reason for not having a current relationship.

Treat people with respect, whatever their age, and treat yourself with respect, whatever your age.

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Maybe what you need is to learn to like yourself first and then try it on others. You will find a woman, and the age wont matter, that accepts you and loves you for who you are provided you are yourself around her at all times. No games, no corny pick up lines, no bullshit.

What a noble concept!

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Hey, I just had a question, I have a problem with attracting girls my own age, well the ones I want anyway, im 27 but I meet this 19 going on 20 yearold girl for a week and she is already telling me she loves me…anyway we are making plans to like move in and get married and stuff,…anyway is there something wrong with me should I take a look at and work on?

Is it wrong for me to want to be with her, im sick of dating a bunch of people just to get flaked out on, and the passion and affection she gives me I have not felt in long time… Is this right for me or am I making a mistake shoeld I be dating a younger girl?

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I really want to work things out, and for some reason I believe I can do it. If you can help me out.. A good friend sent me this link, and I am told I turned white as a ghost when I saw it. This is a 15 yo clone of my departed wife Heidi. Tell me, you teen devotee, what you think of her. Understand that this girl, like my late wife is 5 foot, 4 inches tall. To me it seems that jerry 68 and paperdreamer both seem to have some idea of life and relationships.

This is the first blog that I have read of yours roissy. I have to say that your advice is not as horrible as people make it sound. But you are not making women fall in love with you. What you are doing my friend is cutting at there self-esteem. And for those of you out there, women especially, age is a number damnit thats all!!! I am 29 years old. Both of these by choice.


Because of my decision to not get married young or bang so many chicks that I have three kids on child support from three different women I have been able to live my life when I am young. I have been to over 15 different countries. I vacation to a tropical hot spot twice a winter, when I want to! I have a job that brings me the utmost satisfaction, because I was able to get the education and experience I needed in life early.

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  4. Roissy, I do give you credit and respect you for putting your beliefs out there. You seem to have accomplished that. Thanks for giving guys like me a place to vent.

    On Dating An Older Man

    The two go hand in hand. This helped me out alot. Men like you do not have any intention of a monogamous relationship and take advantage of the stupid, reckless girls with low self-esteem and bad taste. Men like you use pseudoscience to promote your agenda, yet ignore the advantages children have if their fathers are not assholes or aged.

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    While age differences do not inherently bother me, people who make age a fetish and those who exploit others are disgusting and are obviously overcompensating for their small dicks or latent homosexuality. These are good rules to follow.