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Please try again later. The flames of marriage often flicker.

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From the bright burning of a relationship's beginning to the steady shine of a stable relationship, the candle of commitment gives off fluctuating levels of light. One common complaint present in these varying patterns of life centers on contentment.

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While one's wife might feel special and significant during the early stage of dating, later seasons of a wedded routine and forming of a family might leave her sensing isolation and distance. If one is not careful, communication can break down and barriers erected. Without a plan of action, it is possible for two soul mates to drift a dangerous distance apart.

Pursuing Your Wife: Developing a “Date Your Wife” Mindset

Within his book, Date Your Wife, author and pastor Justin Buzzard addresses this marital problem directly. With the simple command found in the title, readers are shown how to keep their marriages fresh by taking a page from their past. The process of getting to know one's spouse and showing sacrificial acts of love is never to end. Such a work is impossible to carry out with human effort, but the transforming power of the gospel of grace changes everything.

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In the freeing work of Jesus Christ, husbands can embrace their God-given role while relying on the power of the Holy Spirit to make a good marriage possible. At the end of the book, a practical game-plan is given for both special events and day to day actions. The book reaches the apex of its message in a great explanation of the gospel work of Jesus Christ.

The concept of justification is covered with great detail and theological precision. Unfortunately, the resulting process of sanctification is not explained well and comes across as deficient. Fearing a label of legalism, the book simply asks husbands to live in the grace God has granted.

Therefore the chapters simply ask husbands to create a big dream for their marriage and pursue it. The Biblical pattern for growth and sanctification is ignored.

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The Bible is very clear in its expectations of God's role for the husband. It reveals to us what actions and behaviors are proper and fitting for a growing believer. These verses are omitted and the result is a pragmatic list of things that secular books could provide. Spend time with your wife. Take her out for a weekend away. Give her time away from the kids. These are all good suggestions, but lack the great impetus found in the passages of scripture that lead to spiritual oneness. The deficient view of sanctification leads to some problematic passages, but does not detract from the book having some value.

Better resources exist, but some gleanings can be made from the content provided in this particular literary work. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This book is worth the few hours it takes to read and ALL husbands should invest the time. I consider my marriage with my bride to be solid. But as we both admit, it is so easy to get complacent and comfortable in the normal routines of a busy life, with 3 kids, etc. So reading this book has rocked my world and just made me realize how much more I can romance and date my wife every day as the husband.

To recklessly pursue her always. But the best part of this book is that it is NOT a self-help, list-based book on how to have or get a better marriage. It is gospel-centered, Jesus focused and relays this message as the absolute and only starting point to breathing life into any and every marriage.

As husbands, we are called to initiate, love, pursue, reconcile, protect, serve, etc. I love my wife!!! At some point you have to wonder--do we really need more marriage books? With all the books that are out there, is there more that can be added to the discussion? In this short book, Buzzard confronts husbands' complacency, challenges them to woo their wives to the glory of God while sharing his own experiences as a husband seeking to date his wife.

As Buzzard looks at dating your wife through the lens of the Bible's big story of creation, fall, redemption and reconciliation, he paints a big vision for the work of marriage.

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This is an important reminder that so many of us need--our dating relationship sets the tone for our marriages, for better or worse. Our pursuit of our wives is a calling entrusted to us by God, a call first entrusted to our first parent, Adam: God called Adam to date his wife.

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God didn't present Adam to Eve. He presented Eve to Adam. God put the woman in the man's hands, having already told the man to handle with care the gift he would be given. It's a pretty weighty statement, isn't it? This effort also witnesses to the world as you date your wife. The watching world sees how you provide, pursue, protect, and prize your wife. All of this points back to God and might very well be the catalyst for a gospel conversation you may have with others on your date. I consulted my wife before writing this. She reminded me that men know how to date their wives. They just need to get into the mindset.

Men want a to-do-list or a formula. She needs a mindset shift. You know the formula, which is how you got to where you are. Reflect on your approach.

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Valentines Day is when many men dust off their chivalry and again awaken to romance their bride. Try a restaurant that with a new cuisine or take a swing dance class just for laughs. In most relationships, sex is important to one or both partners. It is an expression of love, keeps you feeling connected and is just enjoyable. Complaints about lack of sex life can usually be directly related to lack of intimacy outside of the bedroom.

Physical intimacy is only one type of intimacy and they are all directed.