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These accusations of not being to help a lady when she falls are ridiculous. That is simply not true. The male students may know the rule about not touching, and THINK it applies in those situations but that is not true. Also, you have to have a code of conduct. About the degrees being worthless? The purpose is to train workers for the ministry. I was training for the ministry. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills; He will provide! About the racist issue, oh I could go on forever. The issue is not racist. Some hold the belief that God commanded not to marry those of other races.

Others, like me, believe that God commanded to not marry into other religions. Can you argue with that? Many teenagers in the world ruin themselves everyday. At least somewhere we know that someone is trying to prevent that from happening.

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I believe these rules help to contain them while they mature. By the time they reach their senior year, most will have matured enough to marry.

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Will I force them? But I will encourage it like my dad did for me. If all are preachers and missionaries, etc. If God be for us, who can be against us? If you are 18 years of age, you are considered enough of an adult to vote and go fight for your country and give your life on a battlefield somewhere, but yet you proclaim people of this age are unable to make their own decisions about who they will date , the music to which they listen, and what they choose to wear.

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Do you see any contradictions there? Peacemaker or not, the Bible does not condemn interracial marriage, regardless of what some ignorant hillbilly thinks. This is the very definition of legalism. The sin nature with which you were born already ruined you from the beginning. You made a decision to remain sexually pure or not, and the college does not have a role in maintaining your chastity.

God did not establish Bible colleges. He established His church. That is even in the KJV only Bible you proclaim to follow. All people should be trained in some sort of marketable trade. Bible colleges hinder this by having no regional accredidation and by being run by faculty and administration with little to know valid education for themselves. Even Paul had a trade. On a side note, a lack of any sort of academic integrity is where incorrect doctrines like KJV onlyism, have come from.

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Those positions are certainly not in your Bible. Finally, you say you were trained to be a teacher. I want to be careful how I say this because I wish not to be insulting, but I notice your post seems to be, at times, a long run on sentence, with no proper breaks for paragraphs. I recognize this could be because you were in a rush or do not know how to indent and space your comments, but the impression you leave by your post does not make a good argument for any training you may have received to be a teacher through any of your unaccredited Bible degrees-undergraduate or graduate.

I empathize with this person to a degree because I was indoctrinated from birth as apparently she was. The difference is I never disengaged critical thinking. Hamilton I implore you to as questions. Question why you believe what you do and trace back where your reason ends. You may find that you are in fact a part of a cult.

Well in spite of Mrs. These colleges are for the most part only places for IFB Kids to meet and marry. I met my wife at the one under scrutiny. I broke the rules and do did the Dr. Only one who got campused was me.

Dating Rules: Crown College Edition

I agree culture can cause serious issues — even as small as different ways to deal with money, children, etc… If culture is the potential problem, the college should make sure parents are aware if their child is dating anyone not from their hometown or state. We should be concerned about the relationship of culture and race because race is a cultural invention. These students are adults.

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It is up to these adult students to let their parents know about their dating partner…when they choose to do so. There is no biblical or moral reason to support racism. These schools are a waste of time and money. Earning a degree should make your job finding easier — not install blockades to opportunity. Standards are absolutely useless in producing godliness in the hearts of people. This is also what Col 2: Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances,.

The extra-biblical standards of these institutions are more akin to Sharia law than to Christian love and liberty. But, then again, rules are more comfortable and easier to enforce so it boils down to performance and power rather than focusing on Christ and the Gospel. I looked through the pdf of the whole handbook. The Apostle Paul calls this kind of legalism worldliness and useless. Apparently some worldliness is irresistible even to fundamentalists. Bless their hearts, they mean well. But once they have lived a little longer, spent time at a career, had a few heart aches, get married, have a couple kids, deal with the loss of family members, have grandchildren….

God has a way of being faithful to us as we age and He quietly and lovingly draws us to Himself. Totally opposite from the forced, raging ways of the Fundamental preachers. And it was deep Fundamentalism…If I mentioned the two places we associated under, most would recognize the names. God brought me through all those years and has made His true self so real to me now. He is merciful and forgiving. I never knew God like this under the Fundamental lifestyle.

I was very afraid of God and just knew if I put on a pair of pants as a woman or listened to heavy rock music that I was unsaved and condemned to Hell…. I just thought if I wore the right thing and stayed away from Rock Music, then I was a good Christian. God has been soooo faithful to me.

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He is there, through everything and He loves me unconditionally. I so wish, if a Fundamental preacher happens to read this post, that he will understand that teens and college students need to know a God of love…not a God of man-made rules. Love MY Crown College! Gracie, that was very refreshing to read your post on this otherwise non-edifying website. Stump, I believe I was speaking to Gracie, not you. And the reason why I come to this site is to see just how many spiritual and loving things you all have to say, and to try to understand how you can be so full of hate.

Have a pleasant tomorrow. Now if you are spelling-challenged, I apologize.

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If you deliberately did that, you are mean, nasty, and cruel. In other words, deliberately calling people names is not loving or Christ-like and you need to confess your appalling behavior. Why not just have God direct your life instead of a bunch of man-made rules? I was asking a question. Semp, the whole website and almost all the persons on it make fun of others, and if not directly making fun of but being self-righteous in their loathing of fundamentalism. As I asked another one earlier who happened to call me a name I have yet to see any answers on this website.

All you are so quick to condemn but I have yet to see what if anything you all stand for. What is it about fundamental Christianity that you hate? I do not hate fundamentalists. If I am judgmental of them, it is by direct experience over years and years. They claim to have the right faith, but it does not stop them from being as ungodly as those they condemn.

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Pastors who preach against sexual sin commit adultery, and it is epidemic among fundamentalists. Pastors protect sexual predators and excoriate their victims. Fundamentalists are content with social injustice, and often defend it vigorously. Oh fundamentalism is full of lies. Creationism is founded on lies and exists by lies.

And whenever a philosophy or idea has to be defended by lies, it is worthless. Fundamentalism creates its ever-growing list of doctrines by ripping Scripture parts out of context. They regularly lie about other denominations.