17 year old daughter dating 21 year old

Others like me it is the opposite I changed dramatically from 17 to We dated for 3 and a half years before we got married, and we've been married for almost 6 years now. He was always being teased about "robbing the cradle" but it didn't matter.

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I would say if she's still in High School, avoid the sexy times, even if it's legal. I just don't think it's tasteful. But talking to her and dating her in general isn't such a big deal. Do you know how her parents feel about it? That might make a difference in how the relationship eventually pans out.

Legalities can be thrown to the wind and if she likes you, she can become overly emotional and attached, which may cause her to act out in ways that could land you in a fuck ton of trouble. My advice would be to end it now and walk away, but it's your choice. Neither of you may think the age difference is a big deal, but she might have friends who do think it is and won't hesitate to put your ass in a hospital or jail if she so much as breaths a hint that you're being abusive, even if you're not. Divide your age by two and then add 7. That's the minimum age you can date.

And she is allright if you are rounding down to If she were someone you've known for a long time and were close with I'd say go for it.

But you just met her, so yeah it's a bit dodgy. I really don't see a problem with it. People are too quick to judge. OH god 4 years?!?!! LOL My parents are 10 years apart. Now ask a 51 and 55 year old if they think 4 years is too young. The thing about age is that they aren't mature about the world yet usually and your experience levels could be too wide apart. That isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is going to be one of those communication things where you actually have to talk to each other about your thoughts and feelings on the matter.

My 17 year old daughter is dating a 21 year old?

Just go for it man. The age gap might be weird at first, but after a year, you'll get over it. Take a chance at love. You are going to have very different concepts of what's important in life.

Dear Mariella

Be ready for lots of disagreements and arguments. You have to find that common ground and decide if its worth building a relationship on that. For me it is. All I have to say is, it would be a lot easier if you were in the same stage of life, my boyfriend still lives with his parents, he decided not to finish college, just wasn't for him.

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I'm in college, independent from my parents, employed, ect. Basically, what I have to say is that if you're questioning it, it probably isn't worth it.

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If she's in high school she might be doing it for the "status," as in, "ohmygerd guys my bf is 21, so hardcore". In the end though, who gives a fuck what others think. Just go for it if you think it'd work. Eh, that's up for debate. I dated a 20 year old last month I'm 22 who was nowhere near mature enough for me. I think at 17 and 21 it's case by case. Am I the only one that doesn't think think this is a big deal?

I was 19 goin on 20 and he was 30 going on Still think that sounds weird Just because you're a certain age doesn't mean you have a maximum maturity level.

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It's on an individual basis. It does sound a bit weird in a vacuum, but if it works for you than it obviously doesn't matter. But with reference to the OP, I think it's the kind of thing where whether you think it will be a problem or it won't be a problem, you're probably right.

Maturity is more important than the number. My partner is younger than me but more mature than I am, I thought she was my age for quite awhile when I first met her. So long as you're both aware that it probably won't last long term and that it's not alright to break her heart, these things can work and be positive for you both. That's weird as fuck, she is nearly young enough to be his daughter. If I ever become a dad and have a girl, when she gets to that age and sone guy 14 years older than her talks to her regularly I think I'd become slightly concerned.

It can work and it might not work. As others said, be careful. There is a four year difference between my boyfriend and I, although a I was graduated before we started dating and b I'm a lot more mature for my age, so in the end no one cared about the age difference between us. So just take it slow and make sure she is genuine too, a lot of girls will date men that are older for priviledges such alcohol and rides. So make sure you aren't going to be used, and be open about your relationship.

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  6. Hiding it would make it seem suspicious and questionable. Age is just whatever, but think about if she and you are mature enough to have a relationship with someone at this age gap. I would say the maturity level is a key point for a 17 yr old, yet I have a few friends that are 21 and they're just as immature as 17 yr olds, but with more "real world" knowledge. I'd say nbd, especially of shes a senior. Once she leaves high school I'd say its the worlds smallest deal.

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    Since you have stated this isn't a legal issue, then I would advise you to consider what point you are at in your life. A younger person is going to be less mature, and their life is going to be more tumultuous. On top of that, you need to consider that some young girls like dating older men because that older man has more financial stability and can provide things for them that men their own age cannot. This is not necessarily a conscious thing, they may just enjoy doing activities that just happen to cost money and have associated older guys with doing those activities.

    As a 17 year old female who enjoys talking to older men period I utterly lack the ability to get along with most females, and males my age tend to auto focus on my boobs rather than hear what I'm saying I'd probably go with the answer no; as long as sexual conversations are a no go for one more year. I talk to old men, who know and accept my age, and know to wait one more year if interested. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I know I know, ask men Yes, I am still in high school. You should seriously check the laws where you live. In the US there are some states where consent is 16, but there are serious laws about sexual communication with a minor.

    This means it's legal to have all kinds of crazy sex the girl, but if you then discuss what you just did over text, chat, email, etc. Just thought you should know. It's a 4-year difference, that's pretty normal. Just please make sure that you are honest with her and don't break her heart or anything. Not a good first experience. The moment she turns 18 it instantly changes. I'm no expert on women but I too felt weird thinking any girl younger than me as a potential date but when they hit 18 and then 19 it sort becomes like oh she's mature, not a dumb high school girl, things are fine I suggest keep talking to her but wait until she's out of high school at least and You're 21, so your minimum by this measure would be 17ish.

    I think you're fine, but proceed with caution. Are you trying to talk yourself out of it? Tap that ass and tell yourself every day that 18 is just around the corner, if you must I started fucking my stepsister when she was 17 and I'm about years older than her. Had known her since she was Never even questioned it. Are you kidding me? I'm 28 and would not feel like a creep. He seems like a respectful guy from what you have mentioned, and age is just a number. When she is that young, it might seem like a bigger difference.

    It is understandable that you have concerns. Maybe you could have the guy come around the house more so you get to know him better and become more comfortable with your daughter dating him. I feel that if you do not support them, it is just going to cause problems. Your daughter is not going to stop dating him just because you do not support them and tell the guy to go away.

    If he has serious problems, druggie or gets into a lot of trouble, thats one thing, but if you do not like him because off his age thats another. She will just go behind your back and still see him and cause tension and fights between you and your daughter. Your daughter will prob date many guys before she finds the one, if this is not the guy for her, she needs to learn that on her own, not by having people push him away. But from what you said, it does not seem like you have anything to worry about Hello in my experience support is the best answer.

    Being she is so close to 18 and he seems to be listening to your concerns is a good thing. Having a talk and asking him to go away will only cause problems in the short and ling term with your daughter. Supporting her will show you trust her in making her own right decisions and expressing your concern should be as far as it goes unless given a reason to get more involved.

    16 year olds dating 21 year olds *RANT*

    It's scary but growing up means trust.. Here is her chance to prove to you she can be a big girl and make appropriate decisions in certain situations.. This has been my experience and now I have a daughter that I s very open with me and very trustworthy. Its kinda just one of those things, Let it slide mom lol. But im sure if she was in college at 16 she must be pretty freaken smart.

    Your little girl isn't so little anymore: She will be fine as long as you back her up.