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Norway has also provided a total of four Force Commanders. For Norwegian officers, service in the Sinai is voluntary, and assignment to the MFO is highly desirable and sought after within the Norwegian Army. Norwegians serve either one-year or six-month tours of duty with the MFO. Although small in numbers, Norwegian contingent personnel participate across the range of military, cultural and sporting activities offered by the Force. The Contingent enjoys participating in all team and individual sports programmed by the Force.

An original troop-contributing state, the United Kingdom initially served with the MFO from to providing a headquarters company and officers amounting to approximately 35 personnel.

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US contingent personnel fill many key leadership positions on the Force Commander's staff, including personnel, operations, logistics, medical, engineering, communications, force protection, safety and aviation. Many of these personnel are dual-hatted and also serve a staff function for Task Force Sinai, the US headquarters organized to provide command and control to all US soldiers assigned to the MFO.

The Support Element provides direct logistical support to all twelve contingents within the MFO at both camps and all remote sites. The specific missions and functional responsibilities of each subordinate element is listed below:. Soldiers are assigned for nine- or twelve-month tours of duty and rotate individually or in small groups each month.

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They participate in the full range of MFO activities including the many opportunities for educational, athletic, cultural, and social development. They also take advantage of the opportunities to visit the host countries of Egypt and Israel. Their mission is to occupy the southern sector of Zone C and to observe and report in accordance with the Treaty of Peace and its Protocol. Uruguay has provided a contingent to the MFO since Image Galleries Contingents Galleries.

Employment Base Annual Salaries. Galleries Image Galleries Contingents Galleries. Employment Employment Base Annual Salaries. February 21, For a fourth year in a row Japan will provide the MFO with exceptional supplemental force protection funding Japan has advised the MFO that it will again provide supplemental funding in support of urgent force protection efforts. During his term, Australia has agreed to provide two additional contingent positions: The Force Chief Clerk and subordinate staff provide administrative services to all Force personnel.

Four Security Sergeants, who are accountable to the Force Protection Officer, are responsible for perimeter security and the control of entry to FOB-N, for both military and civilian personnel, on a twenty-four hour basis. Four Sergeants operate the FOC. A Force Tours Non Commissioned Officer Sergeant is responsible for the development, management and conduct of the Force's tours program.

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This includes the physical operation of the gym and the development of training, recreation and inter-contingent sporting competitions. The other members of the Canadian Contingent are employed in the following key areas: Supervised by the FPM, the personnel of the FMPU perform routine military police duties such as traffic control, radar-controlled speed checks and patrols as well as carrying out investigations and providing general security on MFO camps.

There are a few positions that provide strictly administrative, supply, and signal support to the Canadian Contingent. In many events, the Canadians have proven to be formidable opponents and have shown good sportsmanship regardless of the outcome. Colombia has participated in the MFO since the inception of the mission.

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  • The remote sites perform their mission by permanently manning, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, their respective sites and by augmenting the remote sites with Temporary Observation Posts and Motorized Patrols ensuring wide and continuous observation in their area of responsibility. In addition to their operational mission duties, Colombian Contingent personnel participate across the range of military, cultural and sporting activities offered by the Force.

    This experience, combined with their military acumen, spirit and professionalism makes them a significant asset to the MFO.

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    They are also acknowledged as a predominant competitor with a proud history of victories in the bi-annual Force Skills Competition. In the band had the honor of being invited to Scotland to perform in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

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    Overview CPU Operations Vessel Details As additional tasks, the Unit also provides support to the local Egyptian authorities in search and rescue operations and anti-pollution patrols, which are both institutional duties for the Italian Navy. To achieve its mission, the CPU conducts the following operations: Provides maritime presence in the assigned area of operations an average of twelve hours each day using one or more of its three ships.

    Not less than thirty percent of the total patrolling time is at night.

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    • Maintains at all times one ship "on task" and one "on reserve", ready to sail in less than two hours. Satterfield who has served as Director General since 1 July By January of , it became clear that the MFO would meet its deadline. The Force would be in place by March 20, and the mission of the MFO would begin on April 25, , the day that Israel would return the Sinai to Egyptian sovereignty. This office, like its counterpart in Tel Aviv, began to lay the foundation for the procurement and diplomatic duties that would eventually take place in the two Receiving States.

      During the first part of , the selection and training of military personnel took place in the Southern Pacific, the Americas and Western Europe as the ten Participating States and Norway prepared their contingents for deployment to the Sinai. Missions such as our support to the MFO keep our Soldiers and Airmen ready, effective and operational.

      Maximal oxygen uptake and MFO during the graded exercise to exhaustion protocol.

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      Effects of different intensities of endurance exercise in morning and evening on the lipid metabolism response. The Egyptian, US, and Israeli governments are believed to have begun official discussions concerning the structure and functionality of the US contingent of the MFO in Sinai, following recent militant attacks in Sinai in recent months. For the Israelis, the MFO offers strategic reassurance, especially following Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi's toppling two years ago of an elected Islamist regime hostile to the Jewish-majority state next door.