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It wasn't long before I was back up again and now ready with a condom now on. I've read about being slow as a top and followed as such. I let him take his time for me to go inside him and after awhile he seemed comfortable enough to where I could start getting faster.

I'm not sure if it was me just not being able to find a position, but after changing positions from missionary to doggy, it just wasn't really working for me. I explained to him that I just didn't really have the experience with topping and it was going to take some time to getting used to. He was totally alright with it and didn't mind at all.

After I pulled out he then put up the idea of me bottoming. I explained to him that I wasn't ready at all for bottoming as I had no real practice in the past. He said to me that if I didn't want to bottom I didn't have to. I thought to myself and decided I'd give it a try. After he put on a condom he got lube from his bathroom and fingered me which had actually felt pretty good, but I still didn't think I was at all ready for a whole penis.

I get on top of him as he's laying down and begin to move his dick to my hole. He then warns me to go slow. I try and can't help but feel a burning sensation as if something just tore.

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I get up and tell him I didn't think I'd be able to bottom tonight. He tells me that's alright and was very kind about it. I decided after awhile I was going to give it one more try and he told me to relax and go very slow. The head of his uncut cock met my hole and I very slowly took him inside me. Still hurting a little I managed to get his cock fully inside. He asked me if I was doing alright and I let him know I was doing okay. He started things off very slowly. I could feel his throbbing cock in places I'd never imagine. The more he moved in and out of my hole the more used to it I got.

He then started to speed things up and I was enjoying it a lot more now. I never thought this would happen but I began to moan with every thrust he made into me. As he got faster it only felt better and better and now I was moaning like crazy. He stopped for a short period so I decided to use the back of his bed frame as support for me to continue this orgasmic experience.

He seemed to enjoy this a lot as well. Me continuing to moan loudly he got back into it and let me know he was getting close. He grabbed me by the waist and started thrusting into me even faster now. I at the same time start moaning even louder than before and before I know it he shoots his load into the condom while inside me. I could feel every time he shot a stream of cum into the condom which only made it hotter for me and made my muscles tense up against his spewing dick.

Young Man “Feels Sick” After “Wasting” His Virginity On “Messy” Grindr Hookup / Queerty

I lay there for awhile, head over his shoulder panting for air and having this feeling I'd never felt before. I look at him again and we make out passionately with his cock still inside me. After making out for awhile he decides to pull out and I see a massive load shot into the condom. I then ask if he's okay if I finish while still on top of him. He agrees and I begin to jerk my cock back and forth.


Thinking about his cock thrusting inside me, it didn't take me long at all to shoot out 5 or 6 shots of hot cum onto his chest. We then kiss for another 10 minutes or so before I had to say my goodbyes. We chat for around a half hour getting to know each other with what little communication we had but we make it work. I told him that I'll be in town for another couple of weeks if he wants to mess around again.

I look forward to another experience with him and I hope he does for me. I bet he would really appreciated if you returned the favor. Of course, you better tell us about that one too! Via sex, sports, whatever.


The headline seems a little deceiving. He simply stripped naked and was brought to ejaculation by another man. If this is the end of gay virginity, what is stripping naked, lubing the anus, spreading legs and getting anally penetrated called? Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of gay grindr hookingup stories and more.

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Mao Lei Better than me. Matthew Farris Welcome to the club. Dan Steele I wonder how many of us have felt dirty after hooking up? Dominique Mayfield Let the slut shaming commence!

Bob LaBlah He is crazy if he thinks it is all over because he discovered the privacy and intimacy of a bedroom dwarfs that of a public restroom where you have to constantly be on the look out for others who can walk in at anytime. Joel Quinones Guilt serves no purpose. It holds you hostage. Learn your lessons and move on I say.

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Andres Burrows-Garibay Ian Sharp. Roan My cherry was so special, I sold it on Grindr.


The Virginity title is really getting expanded out these days. Best - Went on a movie date and we made out in the cinema, and then we went off to a cricket pitch climbed the roof of the stand, and had sex under the stars. Worst - Met up with a refugee who spoke broken english, we went to a park location at 2am, it was my first time bottoming and he was oblivious to the fact that assholes need lube apparently he was straight and it fucking hurt. Luckily but unluckily, the police were called and since both of us were unsure about the laws of public sex and we also had drugs on us, I had to pull a nude runner through some forrest where I realized I left a shoe in his car, so I had to walk all the way home.

When I tried re-sneaking back into the house, the dog started barking which woke up my mum and older sister who caught me and yelled at me, and after that my parents basically become extra cautious at night time making it extremely difficult to sneak out again. I've been with a guy I met on grindr for three years, live together, probably getting married at some point Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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