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Already, though, criticism has arisen about the obstacles that the system creates for aspiring professional players. Dota 2 players are hoping for the same results. Some are concerned that the phone system isolates players in much poorer regions.

Dota 2’s Reborn client lets team coaches see enemy’s movement

Since the Dota 2 authentication system only requires a basic telephone, most players will likely avoid this issue. Even age may not be an issue.

Usual team matchmaking game (by StHouston) DOTA 2

In America, at least, the average age of initial smartphone ownership was estimated at about 10 years old , which may not be too far off for other countries as parents rush to keep their kids caught up with their peers. In that case, no issues should arise—unless there are multiple Dota 2 players in the house.

For most players, the new system has no real consequences besides a temporary inconvenience. It should be a lot of fun and its for a good cause!

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Feedback Forums For general feedback about the game. Steam Support Visit the support site for any issues you may be having with your account. Contact the Team To contact us directly about specific matters. How do I see my dota 2 MMR?

Dota 2’s Reborn client lets team coaches see enemy’s movement | PCGamesN

Is there a way to see my MMR? The simpler, the better. William Jockusch William Jockusch 1 1 5. This means that you won't see your rating in your profile or at the Find Match tab anymore. Chris Chris 2 2. Yes, you can edit your profile, so that it is always shown, when you look at your profile.

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When you click on "Edit Profile", there are two dropdown list, right next to the edit button. Bexo Bexo 1 4 Open the new Reborn game client. Click your name, top right.