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Also you can make a suggestion to uservoice for features needed, if you get enough votes and our team will see an actual necessity of such plugin we'll consider the development in the future. Oxwall Software Please sign in. Get best community software here Start a social network, a fan-site, an education project with oxwall - free opensource community software.

Oxwall and Skadate lisence considerations questions[Answered] Forum Topic location: Filter by username optional Advanced search. UrbAn Mar 3 ' Hello, As you advice on you page , the "powered oxwall" logo has not to be removed. The Forum post is edited by ross Mar 5 ' UrbAn, I don't know where you get the idea, that Skadate has no reference to Oxwall.

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It's clearly stated on their website, here: As to the branding removal service. Oxwall Foundation and Skalfa team concluded a commercial agreement, based on which, Skadate can sell the product as their own, including branding removal service. John Mar 3 ' Elsewhere on the site there is a more recent blog post which states the link can be removed under very strict conditions.

It seems that Oxwall doesn't want to make a big deal of it, but it can be done: To create a legal way for removal but to still keep the license policy meaningful and working , we decided to allow it as an optional perk for donating funds to the project. I understand and fully agree with Oxwall's argument. It's a free script and they're entitled to have a link back to the Oxwall site. UrbAn Mar 4 ' The Forum post is edited by UrbAn Mar 4 ' Let's hope this momentum and support keeps up!

Be patient and use the resources they offer. Just wanted to say, anyone that needs a good dating script, Skadate is your script, comes with great support, great extras, but not just for dating, if you have something else you like to do with the script you can, especially with the video messenger plug-in, from erotic phone calls with video to astrology dating site. The Skadate support staff are excellent in helping you with unique customizations in your website code to make your Skadate dating website more competitive.

The support staff follow through the next day and provide you with complete information on the steps they made to complete the improvements. If you want a great dating site that is backed up by excellent support staff , then go with Skadate. Comes with the neutral and light layout for inner front end pages and mobile browsers. Therefor is exately what you need if you are using a very fancy custom one page scroll landing page powered by another script.

Free customer support includes:

Install skadate into subfolder and place links to it on your landing. Lost several days trying to figure what turnd out to be a 1 min fix from their team. Was granted a bonus gateway as a gift on pre-sales stage. Will not be using CCBill, but 3 other gateways are working well. Twilio based sms verificaitons. Im using Complete pack from Skadate. You get what you paid for. Apart from script itself which is working as expected , their team set AWS server for me with all that stuff I had no idea about before and probably would have screwed up if I attempted to do this myself.

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Lost couple of users due to invalid email addresses, but other then that import went seamlessly. Defenitly recommend SK for those who already have a site and feel like moving to a new scripe. Couple of words about my site first. I am using Skadate script for a rather specific niche where "dating" per say is actually more of an interest matchmaking process. I have clubs who would like to find members and members looking for a club to join. Well, Skadate script so far works great for me.

Some features do not come out of box. Well I did expect this, thus got an Advanced solution with some free development hours to cover major modification of mine - connecting events to clubs.

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Events feature was there by default another awesome thing is ability to use third party plugins. Just needed some adjustments to get a more flowless process for my niche. Pleased with the modification performed. A word of advice - talk to Natalie and confirm all modifications details beforehand. She is very helpful in determining what extra stuff you might need but dont know about. Loved working with her! In other scripts I had to dig into core files to get things removed and then had to pray that this did not break something else of the site. Simple "deactivate" to remove feature completely does the trick in Skadate.

Removed forum, groups, slideshow and around 10 more plugins and guess what? That is being User Search and Matchmaking.

Creating and Configuring Groups in SkaDate Dating Software (Prior to SkaDate X)

I left those active on my site BUT did a bunch of modifications. And here comes what I loved the most: After contacting their support I got general guidilens on what to do and where and what NOT to do. So I "imported" several additional components from Bookmarks and some other plugins into search page. By the way, setting a new landing page turned out to be a thing you can do via admin panel. I even created a plugin based on standard plugin structure the guys at Skadate gave me.

Contact me in private if you want to see the code. Sorry for rambling, but Im seriously impressed with this script. You can do anything you want with it and they help you a lot too. My project has been ongoing for almost a year now. Originally I had used a different Software Program but there were too many glitches once I tried to launch. I had lost time and money and wasn't sure where to go thereafter until I found SkaDate. I came across SkaDate in an online review and decided to give them a try. I am just learning the ropes to computer programming and every step of the way SkaDate has been there for me.

You might read some bad reviews about this company but I would suggest you think about what's important; in order for any company to succeed it needs to make money. Does anyone wish to work for free? It costs time and money for SkaDate to operate and they need to cover their overhead costs. For all of the time that they've invested in me and have helped me in my opinion they haven't made anything at all.

In fact they have been operating at a loss working constantly to help bring my ideas to life and get my website off of the ground. There are some key elements when selecting any company; customer service, product and then price. Customer service and Product Quality go hand in hand.

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Both of these elements are key to running any successful business. When deciding on creating a dating site you want to work with a great software program that offers amazing customer service. They constantly update their program and offer their customers more and more options to help make their website better.

Isn't that important in the growth of your own company? I know it is for mine! You receive above and beyond the price you pay for their software and considering the potential income you can make once your site is up and running, its a small price to pay considering the potential ROI. I really hope you consider using their software.