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Will she be dirtier, will she be better looking? I suppose the analogy would be why do women need another pair of shoes. He says all the right words, does all the right things, and you decide to sleep with him a little more quickly than normal because you feel oh-so comfortable around him. Then guess what happens? He stops calling you. At first you feel rejected. Then you feel used.

What to do if you’re being ignored because he doesn’t feel good enough or capable of dating you.

And then you let all your crazed emotional states get the better of you, and you start to talk to your friends about this whole debacle, over and over again. You review every little thing that went down with this new guy: Honestly … what a waste of time. Since everyone seems to be telling you to "keep your legs closed", I'll give a different perspective. I think it's highly cultural. I moved from scandinavia to the US and I heard a lot more guys saying things like that. Dating "rules" and views there are oddly traditional from my perspective.

God forbid a woman enjoys her own sexulaity. I guess you could argue you should abide to the culture you live in, but personally I think you shouldn't give a flying fuck. And you'll eventually run into someone who likes you for that.

The 6 Signs He's (Really) Just Not That Into You

Frankly nothing more attractive to me than a woman who is comfortable in her own sexuality. This does sound a little bit intense. I'm really slow when it comes to building up that kind of emotions for someone, and it is unsettling when someone appears to be halfway through the last chapter, when you're just on page one. The fact that you're thinking about "accidentally" stumbling into him is really not a good sign.

So, imo, have all the sex you want, but tone down on the "fate brought us together" part. Nothing wrong with sex, but especially with online dating If a girl is willing to have sex with me after just having met me, she is clearly willing to do so with anyone she finds attractive. My game simply isn't THAT good. Most guys don't want that in a woman. If I am looking for a relationship and choosing between "cute girl-next-door type girl who told the hilarious joke about blonde truckers" and "pretty good blowjob girl" Well, I haven't really haven't done any online dating.

I have gone out to a bar and had a great time wit a girl I met, went home to her place and had drunk sex. Went out for coffee a week later. Were together for over a year. Funny, sweet, intelligent and loyal girl. I guess my point is that I don't really care. I don't have a rule that says the amount of time between we meet and have sex says means she's some particular type of person.

It's possible there's some correlation, but I don't judge people using a pocket calculator. I don't think it's that hard to read people. This is really the heart of my problem with that view. Somehow giving a good blowjob on devalues her? It's not what you're saying directly, but it's what implied in your tone as far as I can tell. Also, are these things mutually exclusive? Yeah, if all we did was having sex it's not really a reason to consider a relationship, but that's clearly not what happened in OP's case.

First, no my tone doesn't imply that. Also, no they are not mutually exclusive, but being good at blowjobs doesn't make you interesting as a person and that is what that girl did to stand out the most. I am going to remember one girl for her personality, and one for her body. If I am actively interested in finding somebody to date exclusively I am going to pick the girl I remember as being fun to hang out with.

Then I'm confused about what your point is.

How Long Is Okay For A Guy To Pull Away After Sex - 4 REAL REASONS Guys Pull Away After Sex

If I go out and have a great time with a girl I'll call her regardless of whether we have sex. I don't think anyone is arguing that point of view. No one is saying you should date someone because you had sex.

So what DO you do if you know (without a doubt) he’s playing an “ignore” game with you?

My confusion is why people are saying you shouldn't date someone because you had sex. That is the entirety of my point. After a day or two passes, what you remember most about the girl is going to determine if you call her back.

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  • What To Do When You Think A Guy Is Ignoring You and If He’s Playing A Game.
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Are less likely to. Reasons previously stated, but I will try again. What stands out in your mind after a single date with somebody?

13 Guys Reveal Why They Don’t Call Back After Sex

It could be anything right? Not if you have sex, then that is the thing that stands out in your mind. If that is what stands out in your mind, then SHE doesn't stand out in your mind You're setting up a choice I'm not interested in and wasn't part of the discussion. No one ever suggested you were choosing between someone who's funny and someone who gives good blowjobs. If you want an answer, yeah, I'd go with the interesting girl over the blowjob girl. But that's not the point.

Hookup Etiquette: Don't Ignore That Guy You Hooked Up With

We are not talking about someone who is either or. If someone doesn't have the mental capacity to both remember someone who was funny and gave a good blowjob I hope they don't call any girl I know back. If that is what stands out in your mind, then SHE doesn't stand out in your mind. Again, I fundamentally disagree with you on this. I have no problem remembering the jokes, an interesting conversation and the sex.

If we didn't have sex, that's perfectly fine. But if we did it doesn't overshadow the rest. It's another thing we did during a great night.

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As a bit of a side note, you represent sex as this generic thing. Nothing could be further from the truth if it's good. You learn a lot about a person during sex. You don't just "have sex". You have sex with another person. To me it's like saying that SHE doesn't stand up in your mind, but the conversation does.

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  8. I think you know the answer- if you're interested in a relationship, don't sleep with him on the first date. If drinking and losing self control in the moment is an issue, do daytime coffee dates or something similar. Because he's a really sweet guy that would never sleep with a woman and then refuse her calls.

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    Except that he did. So he isn't who you thought he was. The sooner you learn to recognize "Jack" the sooner you'll get the relationship, because he is not going to be in a relationship.