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Creative people are more capable of coming up with solutions to problems in life. Writers wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sure this depends on the writer but most writers are pretty good at articulating what is going on with them.

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Writers will teach you cool new words. It can be irritating when they use ten dollar words in normal conversations but it can also be kind of fun to stretch your mind and build your vocabulary. Expect to play lots of Scrabble when dating a writer. Writers may be able to adjust their schedules for you. Writers who can set their own schedules might be willing to rearrange things to spend time with you. They might be happy to meet you for a long lunch or to spend a luxurious morning in bed with you. Writers can find ways to tell you why they like you.

Writers are wordy and they like to express themselves. Of course, some writers will also be all too happy to tell you your faults so make sure you date a kind writer! Most writers are pretty flexible in how they communicate. Writers can work from anywhere.

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This is nice because it means that writers can happily travel with you. They may have to take a laptop and spend some time at the hotel when you go to the beach but you can enjoy much easier vacation planning with a writer than with someone who works a job. Writers are surrounded by interesting people. Writers have a lot of characters in their lives. If you like meeting interesting people, just plan on being the date that goes along to parties and other gatherings with a writer. Writers are easy to buy gifts for.

Writers are happy with little things. Most writers like getting books as gifts.

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There is a reason that people have fantasies about the school librarian. Male or female, those bookish types are hot hot hot. Apr 30, 2. Can I date myself? Apr 30, 3. Jan 16, 4. People just like me. Log In or Join.

Dating a writer means having to quell the jealousies and irrational fears that arise when they disappear for hours on end. Resist the urge to send out a search team. All writers possess the rare ability to vanish for hours in a coffee shop or bookstore. Forgive them for not answering your text messages, BBM pings, phone calls and carrier pigeons. They were just in the middle of unloading an epiphany into their Moleskin.

7 Reasons Why Writers Should Date Other Writers

It means that no relationship issue, whether it be your sexual shortcomings or your attachment to your mother, is off limits for their next piece. There is no one better to watch a sunset with.

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You will remember this sunset forever. Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays are intricately plotted in their minds months in advance. Every detail is attended to, the setting is always carefully chosen, each moment painstakingly constructed to bring you pleasure and happiness. There will be an arc to every instant, a thought behind every gesture and a climax for every circumstance.

And though you may not fully comprehend the effort put forth, you will remember how special it all felt, how it somehow meant so much.

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  • Ex-lovers may have complimented you on your eyes or your strong shoulders or your breasts, but a writer who loves you will see an allure in you that you never knew existed. They will notice your perfectly formed clavicle, describe a splotchy birthmark as heart-shaped, tell you your freckles are like constellations they want to make wishes on, and admit to wishing they could burrow into the small of your back.

    They will unearth a world of charms you never knew you had and you will feel flawless in their eyes. Dating a writer means every gesture is steeped in nuance. The mundanity of everyday life regularly becomes illuminated and infused with with substance and unexpected passion.

    What It’s Like To Date A Writer

    Dating a writer can mean all of these things, or none of these things, but it will certainly mean this: Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Indeed, I enjoyed it! Especially that last paragraph, balances the whole piece out quite nicely. The rest is just branding. I just had to point that one out when I read this: As of now, I pity the unfortunate few as well. I have a really, really big crush on a writer, and these fears and doubts that were in my head were just written onto TC.

    I meant it as a little of both.