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If they did, it would be a relationship worth pursuing, the ultimate goal of which would be marriage.

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Today, many young people do not specifically date with the thought of marriage in mind. However, it is important for those who are dating to realize that anytime you are dating, the possibility of a permanent relationship might occur. People have been known to fall in love even when it is least expected. Therefore we could say that dating is a "prelude to marriage. If we agree that it is possible for one who is dating to fall in love with the one they are courting, then we can logically assume that it is of the utmost importance for a Christian to be dating one who is of like faith.

If dating ultimately leads to marriage, what Christian would want to be linked for life to an unbeliever? This is not to say it is sinful to date one who is not a member of the Lord's body, but my question would be, "Why would you want to? Although not specifically named in the Bible as desirable characteristics for potential mates, there are a few qualities every Christian should possess: All of these are Biblical examples of a Christ-like nature.

That is what we should gravitate toward — one with a Christ-like nature. Obviously, we would want to be physically attracted to one who we were about to begin a relationship with.

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Although physical attraction is not the main criteria for a relationship, it is a very important part as we see in Genesis chapter Jacob loved Rachel; she was beautiful and well-favored, as opposed to Leah being "tender-eyed. It is very important that couples be attracted to one another. Once we have reached the point where we have found someone that we wish to date, there are a few rules that need to be followed.

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There are a few things that need to be remembered when a couple is dating. Always honor your parents wishes — no matter how ridiculous you think they are! If they tell you to be home at a certain time — be there. If they tell you not to go to a certain place — don't go. If you are a young man: If you are a young lady: Courtesy and kindness demands that you hold doors for her, pull out chairs, treat her like a lady — the same way you would want your mother or sister treated.

Boys, always remember your date is someone's daughter or sister. How would you want your mom treated? Girls, act like a lady! Don't embarrass your date by being loud-mouthed or by bossing your date around. He will not appreciate it.

Discuss ahead of time where you will be going and the appropriate attire. It is very embarrassing to show up under-dressed or over-dressed. Always wear modest apparel I Timothy 2: If you are ever in doubt as to whether you should or should not do something, a good thing to remember is: The next and probably the most important message that daters need revolves around the topic of dating behavior.

With regard to places you go: Rated R movies with sexual content, vulgar language and such are bound to be an embarrassment hopefully to both of you. A good rule of thumb: If she asks to go, tell her you wouldn't feel comfortable, and suggest another movie, or miniature golf, or something. Beaches, swimming pools, dances, and other places where the dress is skimpy and the body movements are lustful, will only be an enticement to young people. These are not acceptable types of entertainment. They only lead to problems. Things to do while dating runs right along beside places to go.

Again, there are many ways of having fun without putting yourself in a place that will compromise your Christian standards. The Bible is clear that the reason for starting a special kind of friendship with someone is for the purpose of marriage. It also says that when you are dating someone, you are to show purity and not take advantage of them. But the Bible says that there is a right way to date and a wrong way to date.

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Dating can be a good thing if done in the right way. Jesus says that the right way is with the aim of marriage and with absolute purity. Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires. There are things to do with love that need to wait until after you are married. They are not to be done before the proper time. For example, driving is a good thing.

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It gets you from A to B quicker than walking. But driving through a playground full of small children is not a good thing. A good thing at the wrong time is a wrong thing. Or say I said to Harrizon my son who is 4 , you can drive this car. If the purpose of dating is marriage, the question you need to ask yourself is this: Am I ready to get married? Am I ready for this commitment? Could I support a family?

Now this kind of thinking is different from that out in the world. Leaving aside the basics such as they need to be of the opposite sex and issues of compatibility. Something else the Bible is crystal clear on is that a Christian is only to date and marry another Christian. But if her husband dies, she is free to marry anyone she wishes, but he must belong to the Lord. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common?

Christian Dating's Top 5 Myths and Misconceptions

Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? What harmony is there between Christ and Belial? Now why is it so important that a Christian only dates and marries another Christian? So the right person to date if you are a Christian is someone of the opposite sex, who is a good match, but most importantly who loves the Lord Jesus. Dating can be a good thing.