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How Bedpage works As a site similar to Backpage , Bedpage works just like its predecessor. What is the Difference?

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Bedpage - a perfect solution The hard times faced by businesses was addressed and solved by Bedpage - a site similar to Backpage. Why Bedpage is Thriving as Backpage Replacement There are many other sites like Backpage but Bedpage emerged as a clear winner due to its offerings. Category This Backpage Replacement offers classified listings under various categories including jobs, automobiles, real estate and retail like Backpage.

Location Unlike sites like Backpage , Bedpage allows you to target specific locations through its detailed location options. Client Support Bedpage offers you a support system that allows you to resolve problems as soon as they occur. I believe a smile is infectious and can change a person's day! We don't know what battles someone else is fighting and it's so easy to be nice.

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Professionally my background is in the healthcare field and working with the developmentally disabled. My recent life experiences along with my work experiences have made me even more patient and empathetic. It makes me feel good to make others feel good. I'm a first-time snuggler: I'm extremely friendly my nickname is Ms. Pleasant and enjoy trying new things. I love reading, hiking, meditating and cooking. Im a photographer on my spare time and shoot urban street fashion on the streets of NYC. Im considered an old soul to all that know me.

One part about me is that I strongly believe in positive energy and vibe, genuinely connecting with someone is electric. I'm a gentle soul who absolutely adores hugs, reading, writing, and isn't all that clever with arithmetic! I would love to meet, talk, and snuggle with all sorts of interesting people. I'm 27 living alone with my cat working on my bachelors in psychology to be a therapist.

First off, I'm a great cuddler. I'm very out going and generally just a fun person to be around. I enjoy Netflix and having a good time. You will never be bored hanging with me. I am from Jamaica I am 26 years old. Iam very out going and love to dance and have fun. This experience will be all about you and only you…unless you want to talk about little ole me!

I am a 26 year old law student and as well as a legal assistant. When I'm not study hard I love film. Traveling , literature and art. Love exploring this city and learning new things everyday. Hi, I'm a born and bred New Yorker with a big heart and great listening skills. I know the importance of touch and how it improves our quality of life.

I'd love to be able to provide a safe and warm snuggle to all who need it. I'm super friendly and bubbly.

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I love meeting new people and I love to cuddle, which is a good thing to try and be a cuddler. I love bright sunshine days and try my best to be the sunshine in people's lives. Which is good because that is a nickname that lots of people call me. I enjoy all outdoor activities from rock climbing and camping to skiing and snowboarding. And when nothing else will do I love to swim laps.

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  5. I'm a fabulous giver. I am a mother of three children. I love hiking, movies, concerts, festivals, reading, thrifting, travel and spending time with family and friends. I love the healing power of touch. And not to bore you with my awesomeness…I am a pretty mean baker! I am a compassionate person by nature and I hate seeing others in distress. I firmly believe in the healing properties of human touch. I firmly believe that everyone needs a hug or a cuddle at some point in their lives to drive the stress and negativity away. In my spare time you can catch me video gaming or doing something family oriented with my son and my parents: I'm currently a part-time massage therapy student.

    My studies have emphasized the importance of touch in our lives and I fully believe that we all could do with more platonic cuddling. I love dinosaurs, horror movies, video games, and kicking back with a cup of tea and a good book.

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    My name is Christine, I am a 35 years old 5'7 and fluffy. I enjoy cuddling, am a great listener and very caring. I am honest, like to laugh and comfort anyone that is in need. I like reading books to myself and out loud great at setting the scene I'm a big fan of hiking I have a big family so we do alot together I'm a caring sweet person much much nice then my siblings lol I am wonderful at keeps organized I'm not a fan of people who judge or bully people I was bullied as a child so I truly believe in "say something if you see something ".

    I am a women that loves to snuggle. I'm a musician and currently enrolled in school for chemical engineering. I love adventure, meeting new people, and exchanging stories-everyone has a story worth telling. Add cuddling to the mix, and I'm in there like swimwear! My name is Julie and I am a free spirited woman that enjoys to laugh. If you are interested in laughing and socializing, feel free to contact me.

    I enjoy nature and outdoors The water is such a calm place to be enjoying the breeze. Art great movies or a great read. I am an optimistic single mom. Down to earth and love to meet new people. I work as a Nurse's aid and study Alternative Medicine. I believe the power of touch and cuddling is like food for your soul. I have a very caring personality and love to make people feel comfortable around me. I'm 24, an aries, creative, and filipino. I love music, cooking, baking, and singing. I want to go to college to become an addiction counselor.

    I love helping people, it makes me happy to put a smile on other people's faces. I'm 22, a freelancer, and a great listener who loves giving helpful and needed advice. I love to cuddle and make people around me happy and comfortable. Some of my interests include DIYs, graphic design, cooking and watching tv.

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    Hope to share good vibes with you soon! I am a Latina in the Bergen county area.

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    5. I am a college student who is kind, sincere, compassionate, easy going. I'm 25 years old and I was born in Liberia but raised in America. I am a warm and caring, as well as an easy going that like to have fun and laugh a lot. Feel free to be comfortable around me because I'm super friendly. I know about the power of a hug , touch sharing emotions and being there for those in need. This is a tough world to get thru at times.

      We are all here for a reason, if not to help one another, I truly believe our lives become more enriched. I want to share a hug and our journey. Most of my favorite jobs have included companionship in some capacity.