Dating a southern girl

While she might expect you to hold the door, make the first move, or offer to pay for dinner, she really pays attention to honesty, integrity, and self-awareness.

10 Things to Know Before Dating a Southern Girl

She's an old-school girl at heart. Chances are, she wouldn't mind brunch at Cracker Barrel. She likes when you make plans. Sounds too good to be true.

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It can mean spending an hour curling her hair. Or it means throwing on a pair of cowboy boots, getting to the tailgate as early as possible, and opening up a cold beer before noon.

21. She has an unmatched charm.

With Southern women, the only time that really matters is suppertime. When you date a Southern girl, you date all of her friends, sorority sisters, and roommates.

22 Reasons Dating A Southern Girl Will Be The Best Decision Of Your Life

YouTube it to refresh how trump was thrilled to announce on worldwide TV he will own it. Not to leave out that trump said he would show his tax returns. Mexico will pay for the wall.. This is not a leader with honesty or honor or leadership skills. Why is the Enabling GOP not protecting us? Trending Now Shop Reese Witherspoon's Vogue cover earrings — for much less Her lotus earrings are the definition of low-key chic, and are perfect for right now. Is it just bad to be a brunette down there? I don't get it.

What has been your experience with Southern Girls? (USA)

Basically anyone who's like them and is into the same things they are. I find the South very homogenous as a whole. And yeah, they seem to be into either white or black guys only.

I never had much luck when I was in NC, I just hung out with other people who weren't born and raised there. SideShowMel , Dec 7, Dec 7, 5. GMSFootballa54 , Dec 7, Dec 7, 6. I live in Arkansas. My experience with them has been: Most of them want to get pregnant by 18 and then do nothing with their lives. The religious ones are the ones you want to have sex with. BornToLose1 , Dec 7, Dec 7, 7. Dec 7, 8. Dec 7, 9.

Dec 7, I actually heard Florida is like an outlier, the girls there aren't as racist towards people that look foreign as long as you are a cool guy. Heard girls in Georgia and Tennessee are actually much worse with their racism.

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CokeMachineGlow , Dec 7, This is that same fucking guy who always makes this same autistic thread. BlackKid , Dec 7, I will never ever go back to any southern state, except for florida ever again. The whole south is a 3rd world country and needs to be obliterated. The us would be alot better off if the south was its own country. DirkShrpanel , Dec 7, Well I live in the south do most of my girlfriends have been southern. The only one who wasn't she was from Seattle was easily the best relationship I was ever in before I entered my current relationship. ViolentChemistry , Dec 7, Oh you guys are talking about dating.

Yakuza-Dragon , Dec 7, Quentin , Dec 7, I've noticed that southern girls want a guy to have a certain income in order for them to be interested in the guy.