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Wood, inner dial, lower cloth grille with cut-outs,. Electrically restored, working great. Cabinet near perfect, with original finish. Nice 60's poster of the great Eagles' wide receiver. Glove Collector and other sites that might be of interest to you Bruce Rodgers' Unbelievable Glove Sale — great stuff and fun to look at! Check it out NOW. Clock parts sold to the public at wholesale prices and clock repair in Portland, Oregon too.

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Definitely worth a look-see. Also, my personal favorite remake glove is the Nokona G57 Carl Erskine. The Baseball Almanac — A great online resource for player and team stats. Gold Glove Award Winners. BattingCagesInc manufactures and sells a wide range of commercial quality baseball training equipment, including batting cages, nets, pitching machines and mounds, turf and mats, and more. Serious Juggling Supplies — Cool Stuff! The Online source for baseball and softball equipment at discount prices.

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Vintage Baseball Gloves

If you want to add your baseball related link to this group, please add my link to your homepage and I will do likewise. Vintage and newer baseball gloves and other neat stuff For Sale. Well, there is no longer a reason for despair. If you seriously want to restore your old gloves, especially Rawlings, then Kenny is the guy to do it. Up until Rawlings closed its repair shop last year, you would have dealt with Kenny at Rawlings in Missouri. Now he is doing it on his own. If you are in a real hurry, I do accept payment via Paypal. You can sign up for Paypal at www.

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I no longer accept foreign money orders or checks because our banks now charge a ridiculous fee to process them. Sad Note and Warning: Benny Ayala is a thief. I regret to have to report to all you other glove collectors to be very wary when dealing with Benny Ayala, the former major league baseball player. I hope this does not happen to you. If you happen to see any of these mitts for sale, please let me know as they might be the ones I was supposed to receive: Vintage baseball Gloves; Old, new, and used mitts, bats Nokona Henry Severeid CM40 very rare, great condition, 50's catcher's mitt MacGregor G24 Dick Drott This is one of those gloves that you have to put on your hand to appreciate.

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Marconi wood table radio. The glove itself also remains in exceptional condition with the Ratsch Peerless logo and model no. DT boldly stamped into the glove. Overall the glove grades solid EX-MT and it represents of the finest examples out there. An incredibly rare antique baseball glove in beautiful condition that will fill the void in even the most advanced vintage baseball glove collection! This exceptional vintage baseball glove is their Home Run Special model.

Vintage Babe Ruth model baseball gloves are always very desirable and difficult to find in great condition. This exceptional example features a blazing Babe Ruth signature on soft supple leather. Just a superb baseball collectible as it appeals to the collectors of Babe Ruth, the New York Yankees, vintage baseball gloves or any antique baseball memorabilia in general The perfect "holder" for your Babe Ruth single singed baseball! This is a big and heavy professional quality catcher's mitt. Top quality leather construction was used for every inch of this mitt.

There is no maker's mark evident nor was there a cloth label. This wonderful vintage baseball mitt has a unique and fantastic appearance.

The glove features very strong markings which include an image of Mantle in the pocket along with his facsimile autograph. An incredible display glove for the vintage baseball memorabilia collector or New York Yankees fan! This antique baseball glove is gorgeous and the condition is MINT!

A great opportunity to add this beauty to your collection! Hockey Vintage Hockey Memorabilia. It was a Yankee farm team.

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That satisfied us for a few more years. He was intent on making my brother a pitcher and came home one evening with a gift, a glove he claimed once belonged to a Washington Senator. Not the political kind of senator, but the woeful defunct National League team that was still playing at the time. The guy didn't need the glove any more because he had a new one. It was a beautiful glove, nut brown, broken in, and the envy of the neighborhood. That Christmas I got a catcher's mitt. My father was apparently creating a battery.

And when I went out to play Christmas day, he cut out the web and sewed the thumb to the fat finger part of the glove. He was sure it would make me a better player by making it harder to catch the ball. He made it impossible. I was left with a pillow that had a faint indentation of a baseball. When he saw how upset I was, he told me that's how Yogi Berra trained. The only time that glove got used was when we needed second base. So when he came home one night and said he had a glove just like my brother's, I was thrilled.

I ran out to the car to get it and was appalled to find this flat, old-timey thing. I ventured only once onto a diamond with that glove, but took such abuse it spent the next few years in the back of my closet. I don't know what happened to the catcher's glove or the glove that I used for my high school career. But for some reason, I kept that old mitt that my father gave me. It conjures up all those ridiculous stories he would tell. Hunting for a Duckweb Baseball Glove. Giuliani rants against Mueller investigation.

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My Vintage Baseball Mitt Collection from the early 1900's Part 1