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In the MBC TV reality show We Got Married present , they played the role of a married couple, which caused many people to think that they were going to marry the same as the show. However, Young-Hwa denied their romantic relationship when appearing in the variety show. We made great efforts to make us look like a real couple in the show. That might be the reason why people think we are dating. When appearing in the MBC variety show Picnic Live , Yong-Hwa talked about his ideal type of woman while going picnic with single girls in their thirties. He explained to the single girls about his dream girl.

I was a little surprised at his words, but my parents would tell me the same thing, so I agreed with the teller. He has no regrets for turning the role down even though "The Heirs" was a ratings hit and "Future's Choice" did not do so well. He admits that he did not even watch all of "The Heirs" because of his busy filming schedule.

Park Shin-hye's past dating rumors with Lee Min-ho, Jung Yong-hwa

However much he dismisses the idea of dating Park Shin Hye, many of his fans will still think they are a couple that is meant to be. Please provide a valid email address. It seem like Yoona has been dating Suju Donghae for the past 3 years.

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It an on and off relationship for them,. And who are you? You seems to know everything about her. Omg, knowing psh who is so cautious of antis, he will be protective of her.

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Although this rumor is something i would like to be true, I hope that we fans will not go gaga about it. Let's not intrude on it too much and just enjoy their friendship or whatever they have.

I'm a fan not only of their individual talent but also of their friendship. They have been both vocal of their admiration, support and respect for each other. In fact, YH was extra sweet and bold when he gave PSH flowers for the world to see during Paeksand and the more i admire their friendship. Although I'm happy of this persistent rumor esp coming from Knetizens and based on LHJ's track record, lol just hope that it will not affect their beautiful friendship.

SH is very bad at kiss scene i admit it tho i really adore her , you can check it by yourself. After her first kiss at Goong S, she always stiff at all of her kiss scenes.

And I think YH also hasn't much kisses experience, plus he is not a pure actor. Some ppls said they both look too shy at the BTS of kiss scene. As far as I know they begun their relationship after the fan meeting which is after filming. So when they made the kiss scene, they prob were not an official couple yet they can act well at their kiss scene. Once again idk for sure, only four of them know why. I believe in k-netizen PSH and JYH are so likeable individually and both are such talented, sincere down to earth and well mannered.

They are similar in many ways so I am not surprised that they are good friends too. They have many others too but they have been together in projects which really shot them to hallyu stars. Th is also deepened their friendship. All four are good friends. It is then natural that speculations will arise because everyone can see how well matched they are. Unfortunately match making does not work You can try watching KBS Secret which has been taken off air already. There was a period of time when they aired this show in the Saturday time slot with Immortal Song 2.

That show was about 'exposing' celebrity secrets, so while the scripts didn't reveal anything, some of the things Lee Hwi Jae said does shed some light on certain things Well, if they are really dating then I doubt they would admit now.. Because both of them are still young and have a long career ahead.

Shinhye's still filming her drama, and Yonghwa's still promoting. Plus, if they admit now, Shinhye will lose a lot just like Lee Minjung, losing CFs and perhaps drama opportunities Shinhye's rising as an actress and I don't think she will risk her career on this LOL. Yonghwa is damn popular too, so they definitely wouldn't admit now..

We'll have to wait for a few years later when the time is right.

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  • Park Shin-hye's past dating rumors with Lee Min-ho, Jung Yong-hwa!

Plus, I think Yonghwa would be lucky to have Shinhye as his girlfriend, and vice versa! But Yonghwa gave flowers to congratulate her! Because Shinhye won the award due to her character from "Heartstrings". I saw some posts saying YH sunk their ship? Uhm, they still have their friendSHIP! D -A friend whom you can call when you got into an accident.

Same mag interview confirms that YH alone indeed visited SH in the hospital aside from the visit with HS casts and when filming was held and SH cried in front of YH due to her pain -A friend who can give you bouquet of flowers when you win an award, for the 2nd time! Well I agree that the 1st time was kinda scripted since they have a show to promote. But the 2nd time seals their true friendSHIP! But now that she followed all of her friends again, she followed CNB the last one! This two friends are following each other again. So which SHIP again is sinking?

They still have their friendSHIP! So what if he denied that they're dating? And so what if they are? It's their private lives anyway.

Jung Yong Hwa Dismisses Dating Rumors With Park Shin Hye : Drama Stories : KDramaStars

Whatever will blossom with their friendSHIP is just for us to wait and see: Ohwell, JH said in an interview that their company doesn't mind them dating as long as it's not public and SH said she'd rather die than for her relationship to go public. YH composed that song right.

And Hongstar even said that he can't be that friend ever in which they both agreed. I want your opinion on jang keun suk tweet to park shin hye. I think the flowers were from jang keun suk. LOL I said it in the previous comment Shinhye is a super private person and not an attention lover like JGS I doubt that he'd do that if they are dating Fans just think too much The funny thing is these are the speculations from international fans when netizens think he is dating with another girl and Yonghye together LOL If I had to choose to believe in 1 side in this situation ifans vs kfans I'd take kfans 's side.

They are like the FBI tbh, not to mention it's their people culture language and What ifans get are just from them and imagine as they want Anyway, can we drop it because she doesn't need these shipping rumors in her life right now? It might provide entertainment for some to come up with statements about them but it should stop once they had both denied it publicly. They are good friends and should not have to pay a heavy duty for that.

They have earned our respect through their amazing talents and personalities and in return we should let them have peace of mind too. I felt saddened on reading PSH's latest interview on how upsetting it is for her to come across these recurring articles about this matter. Similarly, JYH has also said that people have misunderstood their close friendship. Why can't people leave this topic and talk about their performances and how much joy is given by their songs, dramas etc. There is no doubt about is that they are one of the most charismatic on screen pair who happen to be good friends too.

The drama HS has a huge following because of them an the music. It does not mean that they are romantically involved. It is just wishful thinking on part of so many because they love them sincerely and do not wish them any harm.

I was so amused to see articles about JYH and female entertainers in just this week. Just goes to show there is nothing romantic between him and PSH. Of course I'm trolling. I just want to point out that it's so easy to make up stories on the internet. And K-netizens are so savvy when it comes to this and when they want to believe something, they continue to believe it even if it's proved otherwise e. Appreciate abt their carrier They are back with their lovely projects. Yonghwa even said their relationship more than bf-gf..

My heart is almost broken about this article since i always think that it was Seohyun from SNSD who was dating with Yongwha in his real life. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home.