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Another music video she makes is called "Sandcastles in the Sand. Is it Ted or Barney? Robin has interesting dynamics in her relationships with both Ted and Barney. When she is with Ted, he wants to get married and have children while she wants to keep things casual.

They have very different images when they visualize their futures. With Barney, they joke around a lot and are both stubborn. When their relationship is over, they refuse to admit it, even to themselves.

One of these dynamics is similar to one of their parents, but whose was it? Ted is an architect who wants to start his own firm. Although he does work at a company for a long time, he also works himself for a bit. When he tries to start a good business, he hires an assistant. Robin comes home one day to see this cute boy and starts sleeping with him. It makes either Ted or Barney feel very jealous. Marshall gets the boy hired somewhere else to absolve the situation.

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Who gets jealous of Ted's assistant? Everyone accumulates new things when they are in a relationship. Sometimes, they keep the things after their breakup. In one of the men's case, he does not get rid of any of those things. Robin feels very uncomfortable when she finds out and makes him get rid of all of it. They fight when she finds out that he doesn't really do it.

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After, he makes her get rid of her dogs since she got them from ex boyfriends. Was it Ted or Barney? Robin has trouble committing to a serious relationship.

HIMYM // Barney & Robin - waiting for each other [7x24]

She likes taking things slow and does not envision a future with children or getting married anytime soon. Therefore, she has trouble putting labels on her relationships. When she dates Ted, she shows that side of her when she wants to take it slower than he does. When she dates Barney, they share this problem similarly. Lily is a woman who does like labels and she does not like when Robin avoids it. Who does she lock Robin in a room with? Robin discovers some horrible news one day that she is infertile. She does not share it with her friends right away and instead takes time to process and grieve.

The fact that she can't have children devastates her, despite the fact that she does not want any. Her boyfriend at the time even breaks up with her after hearing the sad news. Funnily enough, she only found out because she had cheated on him with one of her exes and thought she was pregnant. Robin dates both Ted and Barney for a long time. Neither relationships are flings and they take it seriously.

They celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and anything else with excitement and enthusiasm. One anniversary is not so fun, though. Robin and one of the guys have been dating for a year and decide to call it quits. It is a difficult and emotional time for both of them, especially because it is an anniversary. Was it her relationship with Ted or Barney? Robin is an amazing woman who makes the men she dates feel like they are not worthy of her.

Ted feels like he has to be extra romantic with her and Barney worries that he does not know enough about her. They work hard to make the relationship work because they know how special of a girl Robin is. One of them is so worried that he takes a class called "Robin Robin is Canadian and is made fun for it by the rest of the gang. At one point, she plans to get dual citizenship.

In order to do this, she has to be taught a lot of details about America so that she can pass a test. One man in particular is so proud of her for trying to do this and decides to help her with her studies. He makes up questions and quizzes her on her knowledge. Robin isn't exactly the best with emotions. With both Ted and Barney she gets cold feet when things start to get serious which eventually leads to some crazy behavior on her part.

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With one of the guys though, the crazy comes in the form of never actually talking or fighting about anything important. She initiates sex and he just leaves whenever things start to get heated or uncomfortable, until they find themselves stuck on a ski lift. After that, it's a no holds barred free-for-all.

Robin is a person whose emotions are not on the surface. She was raised by a father who wanted a boy and was thus raised like a boy with male stereotypes. She does not cry easily, and when she does, she is not open about it. She is a very private person. After one of her break ups, she travels to Argentina to avoid the aftermath and comes back with a new boyfriend.

After which relationship did she do this?

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Lily Aldrin is a meddler. If she sees something wrong in someone else's life, she sneaks her way into it and fixes it. She does this either with their knowledge or without. Lily is not afraid to work without consent. During either Ted or Barney's relationship with Robin, Lily senses that it is time for it to end and skillfully, yet silently, makes them break up. They only find out about it a long time after the fact. Did she break Robin up with Ted or Barney?

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Robin made an agreement with one of her ex boyfriends that she would marry them if they reached a certain age and had yet to be wed. Ted has always wanted to be married and is sometimes scared that he won't find the one and gives up on fate. Barney likes to sleep around and sometimes thinks that he will not find someone to settle down with that he loves as much as Robin. Who agreed to be her back up husband? In season six episode four, the gang heads out on a race. They race from the bar to a restaurant that they have decided that they want to eat at. However, since they can't choose what mode of transportation is the fastest, they each pick the one they believe in and race.

When they finally reach the restaurant, they all get there at the same time and decide to race back to the bar. Either Ted or Barney lets Robin win.