Pellet stove pipe hook up

The vent holes appear to be 6 or 8" and where it comes out the roof it looks like its a rectangle, so maybe 6" wide and 8 or 10" long.

The way my basement is setup its not easy to direct vent the stove outside. I would have to bust through a masonary wall and would have to put the stove in a location that isn't optimal. It depends on your local building codes and what the pellet stove maker recomends. My local building codes required I take the pipe up to the top of the roof and terminate it with a vent cap. No venting into an existing masonry.

Pellet Stove Venting

So when you get your permit to install the pellet stove check with the building inspector at that time. This would be better for draft in event of a power failure and IMHO much easier to clean out. This flue you want to use is a third currently not use flue? I would get a pellet liner kit and just drop that down, basically what MrWinkey has done it sounds like.

This would contain all the exhaust so you would not have to worry about it leaking into the house anywhere. Also with the flue sized correctly it is going to work better. Hi mrbotto, we need to establish how many separate flues clay pipes you have in that chimney. You have mentioned two appliances are currently hooked up, an oil furnace and a wood stove.

If you are going to keep those appliances in place you need a third flue for the new pellet stove. Can you get on your roof and look at the top of the chimney? You cannot simply add the pellet stove to that thimble you see in the basement until you confirm that it belongs to a third flue. For safety reasons, you can have only one appliance per flue.

If you do have an open flue, you will want to re-line it with the appropriate size pellet liner, probably 4" diameter. If i were going to put a pellet stove in my basement, I would be looking for a window to vent the double walled stainless 3 inch insulated vent pipes though but if you have the third chimney liner day pipe? If you vent through a basement window with double wall stainless, you have a cheaper to pay for instalation and a place for your cold outside air intake. South Puget Sound, WA.

As Sean noted- make sure you have 3 flues and can dedicate one exclusively to the pellet stove. Also, what is the height of this chimney? If the run is over 30' from the basement, it may be better to vent it directly to outside. It looks like there are only 2 flue pipes. I'd assume they had both wood stoves tied into the one flue at some point. I can't find a location to vent it out the wall and still have it in a location I want.

My basement is strange and doesn't have windows only two large sliding glass windows.

Pellet kit install demonstration

I'm leaning towards moving the wood stove downstairs to push the air upstairs. Position the provided inside collar at the face of the wall, and center the hole for the pipe at this mark.

Scribe tool

Mark an outline of the hole on the wall, and set the collar aside. Cut any insulation in the wall with a utility knife, and move it away from the hole. Mark a point on the inside face of the exterior wall at the center of the cutout. Set up a cordless drill with a 6-inch long wood drill bit for wood siding. Use a 6-inch long masonry drill bit for stucco. Drill through the outside wall at the center mark, and go to the outside of the wall.

Venting your Pellet Stove

Work from the ladder, and position the provided outside collar at the face of the wall. Center the hole for the pipe at the drilled hole. Mark the outline of the hole on the wall, and set the collar aside. Alternatively, cut the outline on stucco and wire lath with a grinder and a diamond blade disk. Work from inside, and fit the shorter, horizontal section of pipe through the wall until the inner end is about two inches from the face of the wall.

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Apply construction adhesive on the flat portion of the inside collar that fits at the wall, and slide the collar onto the pipe and against the wall. Fit the lower end of the vertical section onto the flange at the top of the stove, and attach the open end of the elbow to the inner end of the horizontal pipe by snapping the connection together.

Install a screw-tip attachment in the drill. Attach the lower end of the vertical pipe to the flange with three of the provided self-tapping screws.

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Drive one at the front edge of the pipe and another at each side. Move the the outside wall. Apply construction adhesive on the flat portion of the collar that fits at the face of the wall. Slide the collar onto the end of the horizontal pipe, and fit it firmly at the wall. Attach the horizontal round cap onto the end of the pipe by snapping the connection together.

How to Vent a Pellet Stove Through a Masonry Chimney

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