Dating while still living with parents

Still being in your parent's basement is an enormous red flag. There are many reasons; I think you overlooked many. A lot of the time it is not so much I cannot as it is I shouldn't. However, I'm going off on a drunken tangent so I will regress. That's got all of the downsides of dating someone with a kid but they don't even have a kid.

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Also a huge red flag! Sure you save money but who wants to date someone with no experience being independent. Live your life however the hell you want, but living with your parents is something that you really can't justify to anyone but yourself, at least as far as finding a romantic partner goes. I do work full time in an office job of the dead-end variety. But I don't expect to date anyone until I develop a real career.

It's not abnormal through college though you'd still be better off with you're own place or in your early twenties while saving up for an apartment. That being said it will not help your cause with women at all but it's not the end of the world. I remember the days of sneaking sex with my high school girlfriend in my parents house while they were watching Tv in another room.

How To Online Date When You Live With Your Parents

So it's doable but I've only just graduated college and I would never dream of bringing a girl back to my parents house again. It depends on a lot of things. If you're young and just starting out or a full time student you'll be judged less often for it but you probably won't have a chance with the world traveling trust fund girls. Another factor is location and how your parents are if they care if you have girls over, will they meddle in it, bug or pressure you, etc.

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I couldn't really meet or have people over when I lived with my parents, they aren't judgemental, quite the opposite, but I was limited to trying to meet people online and they were very poor quality, my mom would practically declare any female contacts a girlfriend or potential girlfriend even though there was usually a very good reason we weren't dating. They also lived in the extremely mormon suburbs of Utah so it was very difficult to meet people in the first place. For me it has been horrible. When I was with my last girlfriend, it was impossible to have alone time.

At my house, there was generally always someone else in the house all hours of the day and night. At my then-girlfriend's house, it was small and her mom was being super watchful.

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Had to keep her door open at all times and could not sleep in the same bed. Mind you, I'm not a very sexually-inclined person. I just wanted to cuddle up for the night with the woman I had been with for almost a year. I was also 23 and she was 18, so we were both adults who didn't need to be given that sort of treatment. It's not good regardless of your age but it does get worse the older you are. A 21 year old would be annoyed but manage and a 51 year old would just be single.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Is that true, am I doomed from dating? Want to add to the discussion? Now if you were in your 30s or 40s I think it would be more of a detriment. Another I met through my brother. Some people will be pickier than others. Fuck that aging parents, 28 and taking care of two geriatrics who can't care for themselves? Furthermore, I find it pointless to sign up to the American societal concept of moving out and away from family ASAP Also a huge red flag!

It's not like he's wanting -you- to date him. Be honest and the right person will understand. I have never been more desperate for a girlfriend than I am right now. Moving home is humbling at best, and a blow to confidence at worst. And the idea of having someone I care about that cares back and wants to hang out all the time is really, really appealing.

This has led me to run a tri-force of Tinder, OkCupid, and Bumble. I spent most of Christmas on them. I am the definition of thirsty. For anything to work, I need to chill out. If I can become comfortable being alone, torn of external identity and a little embarrassed, then maybe I can handle someone telling me ghosts are more likely than life. Online dating is weird. I like the dates. I really do think that will phase out though. What will matter is connecting with people, and even if we actually are all alone in the universe, we can still hang out with each other.

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Living with Parents - The Difference between Manhood and Adolescence

A website by Thought. Kelsey Reagan The last girl I talked to on Tinder actually called me. But ghosts totally make sense. Ease the hell up. Remember, you probably think reptiles are cool or something. Swipe left on anyone you went to high school with. Give yourself a chance to practice solitude. More From Thought Catalog.