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Or does she act as if what she did was perfectly normal, and wait for you to ask her out again?

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Either way, if you DO end up rescheduling, keep the fact that she cancelled on you in the back of your head, and keep your eyes open for any other possible red flags. Am I going too fast for you guys? When it comes to dating, if I make plans with a woman to be somewhere at a certain time, I show up. If I get another offer for plans that night, I decline.

To do otherwise is completely disrespectful. And I am happy to say that the great majority of women I have met have also kept their word about plans. With so many quality women out there, why waste your time on someone that is, at best, unreliable? In short Craig, unless she somehow manages to blow you over with how bad she feels about cancelling on you last minute, I would get rid of her.

From my experience, this is just a sign of what's to come. I once had a situation where a woman cancelled on me the afternoon of our first meeting because she was 'working late'. She didn't strike me as the flaky type, so I agreed to reschedule.

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After all, things DO come up, right? We ended up going out and had a great time. I called her a few days later and made plans to meet again. Needless to say, I dropped her immediately. As Carlos Xuma says, "You teach people how to treat you with your behavior. I have no idea what Doc Love recommends, but if we had no contact for nine days after a first date, I'd assume you were exercising your options with other women, which wouldn't sit well. Personally, I tended to confirm the second date with a man before the first was finished.

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If I want to see you again, I don't find any value in counting a certain number of days before making that clear. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Wilde Send a private message.

I agree with Sarah. If someone waited days to contact me after a first date, I'd be figuring he wasn't interested, so there's also a good possibility that I'd start accepting dates from other men. Kinda of that's what i figured.

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Doc love also says to never talk about a second date while on the first. Do guys that obviously like you usually ask you out for a second date? But may not be ready to date. We did have fun and laugh a lot. When I was dating, if I wanted to see a man again, I'd let him pick up the check on the first date, and as he was paying say something like, "Thank you. I hope you'll let me pick up the next one. Understand, though, that calling on the day a woman prefers will not create attraction where none exists.

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Doc Love's "system" appears to target certain women by exploiting their insecurities, which isn't likely to result in a healthy relationship because their attraction to you is not genuine. One of the most important premises that Doc Love discusses when he writes about relationships with women is the idea of being a challenge.

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That makes a lot of sense, especially since a lot of guys who have trouble with dating spend way too much time being pathetic and fawning over the object of their desires. This post mostly addresses instant messaging, and the thinking behind it probably also applies to texting. They want their home phone back. This makes sense, but I think it might be a little bit too strict.

I asked her out via text, she answered via text, and we went out in person and had a great time. We saw each other multiple times, too. His game plan for meeting women this way is to focus on your goal of getting a 45 minute coffee date with her. In your second paragraph, keep on keeping it light.