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Monsey, New York Occupation: Just go with it. I usually go for a wholewheat everything bagel, scooped out and lightly toasted with white fish salad. I bought an adult pair of Lee jeans overalls.

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Willing to Convert Alma Mater: University of Oklahoma Favorite first date spot: Cinnamon Raisin and toasted. UC Berkeley Favorite first date spot: The Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins. York University One thing that makes him swipe right: University at Buffalo One thing that makes him swipe right: Fresh out the oven sesame seed bagel. Sesame seeds, pesto and smoked salmon, with a drop of lemon and ginger juice.

Why JSwipe is Not ‘Jewish Tinder’

The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig. Washington University in St. Louis One thing that makes him swipe right: Great smile and sense of humor! A cozy wine or whiskey bar. Livingston, New Jersey Hometown: Short Hills, New Jersey Occupation: Big smile, sexy, funny, bit of an edge. Scooped salt with cream cheese and tomato.

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Louis Favorite first date spot: Sunset near the beach. Gratitude by Oliver Sacks.

University of Florida One thing that makes him swipe right: A pretty face…but those yoga poses get me too. Everything bagel, half a block of cream cheese, tomato it is vital that the tomato go directly after the cream cheese , onion, and lots and lots of lox.

Bowdoin College Favorite first date spot: Year supply of beef jerky. Real Estate Broker Denomination: There is no such thing as a failed relationship. Every relationship has value, regardless of how long it lasts. Take each one as a learning experience. The Mastery of Love. Just Jewish Favorite first date spot: A warm out of the oven Sesame bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon, tomato, vary thinly sliced red onion— but no bagel is complete without coffee.

Greenwood Village, Colorado Occupation: Babson College One thing that makes him swipe right: A feeling you could be the one. Something close to where my date lives. Big fan of hotel bars — bar seating or couches preferred. A one way ticket to NYC.

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University of Washington B. One thing that makes him swipe right: Any place with small shareable plates and a good bottle of wine. I went on a date with this boy who seemed good and normal. He took me to dinner, took me to a concert—then he wanted to walk me to the train station but we were in Brooklyn so it was half a mile away!

And it was raining! And then obviously, he was taking a train from the same station as me, so he walked me to the platform. And then we were just waiting, waiting, waiting for the train! There was no sign saying when it would come. Then it came with no warning and we did an awkward hug and that was that. The man I went out on a date with [from Jswipe] was named Bruce. This is probably the most important thing for our collective Jewish future.

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Get over yourself Jewish men! The same guys advertising their Judaism on JSwipe are hiding it on other apps. A boy on Jswipe said to me—if you could be a household appliance what would you be? Ultimately my feelings about JSwipe are similar to my feelings about Israel: Should Jews be held to a higher standard than other peoples?

But do I hold Jews to higher standards since they are my people and purportedly are living according to a book of laws about ethical living? If there is going to be a Jewish state, it should be excellent.

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And if there is going to be an app that exists to link me to eligible Jewish men in my area, it should not be either attracting or creating an environment that promotes a specifically Jewish brand of douchiness. Like another patient lady, I stand tall on the shores of the aquamarine JSwipe app layout, crying:.

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Based on their marketing, it seems that JSwipe focuses on bringing together individuals looking to date Jews. It empowers people to take control of their dating lives, instead of seeing the same people at shul every week. It took off immediately, and played a crucial role in popularizing dating apps. Rather than focusing exclusively on finding serious relationships, though, Tinder became known as the hookup app.