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As the experiment continues, the couple get into the bed and answer a series of probing and deeply personal questions. At the conclusion of the date, each person is given the choice to stay and get to know their counterpart better or to leave.

Seraphine said Undressed gave her more confidence about her body than she thought possible. Seraphine said that while the show was scary, it has given her more confidence about her body than she ever imagined.

Eurovision Asia looking less likely as SBS says plans are proving “too geo-politically difficult”

Log in No account? Sign up Log out news. Woman separates from wife, falls for donor. Brazil was interesting cuz it won once with a song in Spanish, as all the competitors had to send songs in Spanish that year.

PopAsia weekend for SBS 2 – TV Tonight

So Chile would kind of be like the Finland or Hungary? I think it is difficult to make so many Asian countries agree. They have another mentality than Europeans..

Other political realities as well. Asian countries hate each other.

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South Korea and Japan should be enough. Funny that the claim that organising Eurovision Asia is too hard comes at the same time that Australia is looking more and more like a regular participant at Eurovision. You need to double-check your list because some of the countries you mentioned are Muslim-majority. I excluded Tajikistan and Turkmenistan because of this. Not to mention that things have changed a lot after If you want an Arab country in the Middle East that is really moving forward, then you should invite Jordan.

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Technically, Jordan can compete in Eurovision. I mean, did they lie? The TV censorship policy of Indonesia is getting ridiculous these days. What about the Europeans that welcome head scarves in Europe? I would never wear anything on my head, not even in winter, only hair. Most of the content will be imported from Viceland although there will be an international news alternative in the nightly VICE News. There will also coverage of the weekly A-League match on Friday night.

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Regardless, SBS Viceland's launch has been widely anticipated and offers advertisers an opportunity to reach the often tricky millennial age group. Williams The Wire, The Night Of meets society's outcasts, from poachers in South Africa to carjackers in New Jersey, heroin-addicted shoplifters in London to stick-up boys in Brooklyn, in an unflinching look into the lives of the people who work in underworld economies.

Drawing on his own past living on the fringes, Williams gains unprecedented access into these worlds, treading a dangerous line to bring us a glimpse of lifestyles that many of us rarely see.

From the threat of the rising far-right in Ukraine to the deep-rooted traditions of India, Ellen and Ian gain an understanding of how queer people navigate their identities around the globe in this Emmy-nominated program. We are living in an age of radical transformation for the culture of marijuana. VICE correspondent Krishna Andavolu explores the world of weed by meeting people whose lives hang in the balance of a new pot paradigm.

Weediquette is a multi-faceted, diverse look at the plant that is sure to stimulate debate.

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Whether working his way through tagines in Morocco, paella in Barcelona, Italian in Melbourne, or Vietnamese food in Cabramatta, Action shows us that life is to be enjoyed as much as possible.