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May 3rd, , Board in uniform, you will get lots of attention. May 5th, , Like a previous poster said, find a sailing that is also a singles cruise. You can book with the singles cruise company or book it yourself. Most of the singles cruises use name beads to identify their members. Show up at a bar or nightclub and look for name beads.

It couldn't be any easier. The phrase shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind.

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Even if you're not looking to hookup, a singles cruise is a great way to travel solo but still feel part of a group and not like some weird outsider like you might on a normal cruise. May 10th, , Also, crew is not allowed to fratranize with guests. Was sailing solo on Celebrity several yrs. Our waiter called up all the ladies except me, asking to come to their cabin for sex. He even put it this way.

The Beginner’s Guide to Hooking Up on a Cruise

He gave me that look and I had given him a dirty look. He also knew me from previous cruises. Girls turned him in. They had put him off ship at that days port. He had been with Celebrity 9 yrs. One of their best waiters too. Vacations to Go,com does excellent singles cruises monthly, most lines too. May 18th, , Now, assume half are over 40 years of age, that leaves approximately 20 singles onboard the ship in the arena you may be interested.

Men rent a black tux for formal nights and woman wear a little black cocktail dress. Acting with manners and not getting sloppy drunk is the upmost importance. Get as many FREE photo's as possible posted on the photography boards. When you board the ship, make sure you hold your left hand up showing no wedding ring!

Sounds tacky, but you get your point across to everyone. This is free advertising. Also, speak to the head maitre d when you 1st board the ship. The night club after 10 PM should be a pit stop, the key is to go out and dance! If you are serious about having fun, learn to salsa the steps are easy and dancing is seductive. Point being, if you have 5 or 6 singles you have an interest in meeting, it is up to you to close the deal. All cruises are love boats, providing you have your own cabin. Last edited by Dannyboy; May 18th, at April 21st, , Celebrity cruise is not the place for singles.

I recently traveled on a celebrity cruise ship and had open seating dining. Humiliating to say the least and made to feel like an outcast.

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They also seated you in the very rear of the dining room in the least desirable section so you would not be noticed. I saw many single women eating by themselves at their own tables and I'm sure that they were told the exact same thing that I was no one wants to eat with a single person basically is what they were portraying very disappointing they need to accommodate singles better than that. Secondly celebrity cruise lines offers a meet up for singles at a bar but unfortunately there are other people at the bar besides the singles people and it isn't for singles only maybe they should think of using the bar quasar which is more private for such an occasion I found many men at the bar and married people at the bar but very few singles most singles went to the bar took one look and left because they realized it wasn't really a singles party that Celebrity offered I was extremely disappointed and felt I had wasted my money because I had paid for a double occupancy balcony cabin.

Originally Posted by tikigal. I saw many single women eating by themselves at their own tables and I'm sure that they were told the exact same thing that I was no one wants to eat with a single person basically is what they were portraying very disappointing they need to accommodate singles better than that Last edited by Nite; April 21st, at November 14th, , My first cruise will be on December 30, Princess Cruise. Looking for to my first solo cruise trip ever November 27th, , Carnival Cruise - New Orleans Dec. Looking to meet new friendly people.

Going on a cruise to... ahem... hook up?

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Find all posts by Aerogirl. Send a private message to juanita. Originally Posted by The Great Gazoo. Yeah, seeing how you're going during Spring Break, there will be a decent number of horny girls. Braves - Falcons - Hawks. Originally Posted by Ezrhino. Maybe on Alaskan cruises Maslag Ivy League Crew. I think only old people go on Alaskan cruise lines bro, go on the tropical ones. Any one got any cool stories of the cruises they went on.

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And by stories I mean sex stories, nudity female of course. I couldnt care less about the food or the shows, I'm going to score as much as possible and see all the skin I can Handle.

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Dude, cruises are the freaking best thing in the world I think after you experience a 3 day, you will definitely want to go on a day cruise, it owns. Here is a thread I started about 2 months ago about cruises, there is some info on there that you may find interesting. Originally Posted by Rhino Yall might call us county, but we's only southern. Originally Posted by Exist 2 Inspire. I've been on 3 different cruise lines but never heard of a topless deck. Is it only on the Spirit?

How easy are the girls on cruises?

Because that's like whoa. Not sure if it is only on the "Spirit", or whether they have them on Carnival in general I had to drop a new transmission and a new brake system in my Bonneville, and I ended up dropping 3, dollars total for both. So my buddy and I are talking about going on the same cruise in June, for out 30th birthdays. Originally Posted by Hunterchilla. Last edited by Exist 2 Inspire; at Did you guys say they have topless deck on the cruises? Cruises aren't called a floating orgy for no reason.