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On Day 1, Michael was revealed to the viewers as "The People's Puppet", a special non-Housemate controlled by the outside world. In the early hours of Day 3, Gina received a formal warning following a heated argument with Sallie which resulted in Gina aggressively trying to remove Sallie's hat from her head. On Day 4, Jemima received a formal warning for using racial remarks in a conversation about the type of men she goes for. This then resulted in Gina being offended by the comments. On Day 5, Michael nominated Dexter, Gina and Sallie on behalf of the public audience's majority decision.

On Day 7, Dexter was removed from the public vote after receiving the fewest votes to evict at that point. These housemates could then collect their suitcases. On Day 10, housemates took part in the 'Remember To Remember' task in order to win a treat. In this task, housemates were divided into two teams of seven Blue and Purple Brains in a challenge of memory.

Big Brother had placed in the house beforehand a series of objects which the house thought they would have to memorise for the task, however, it was later revealed that the task would be based on a series of conversations that took place earlier that day. For the task, Jack and Joe had to successfully impersonate how a selection of animals eat their food.

If housemates correctly guessed more than half of Jack and Joe's impersonations correctly, they would win a slap-up meal of their choice, to be delivered to the house later that day. Big Brother provided six gas masks which could save the six housemates who wore them from the infection. The infected housemates were subjected to Big Brother's attempts at curing the virus, and if they were cured they could return to the main house in preparation for the final part of the task. The housemates would need to pass the final part of the task in order to receive a luxury shopping budget for the week.

On Day 14, the housemates passed the final part of the task and earned the shopping they collected in the final part of the task. This task was inspired by Charlie Brooker 's Dead Set.

Big Brother contestants 2013: Sam Evans, Dexter Koh, Dan Neal, Gina Rio and others

The housemates had to go to the store room one-by-one, in alphabetical order. The housemates passed their secret task later that day and earned a treat. The housemates were asked a series of questions relating to what they thought of their fellow housemates by Big Brother. Each question answered would earn a housemate the chance to unlock the locked box. However, one of the locks could only be unlocked if they selected the right key. The three housemates who selected the correct keys were Jackie, Wolfy and Gina, and by unlocking the locked box collectively, they all earned the chance to see exclusive footage of their fellow housemates' audition tapes.

On Day 11, as punishment for discussing nominations, Hazel, Jackie, Joe and Jemima were sent to the jail in the garden. On Day 11, the housemates nominated for the first time and on Day 12, Dexter, Gina and Jemima found out they had received the most nominations from their fellow housemates and were therefore up for eviction during this week. On Day 14, Gina was saved from eviction after receiving the fewest votes to evict.

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On Day 17, housemates competed in a battle of the sexes task, which saw the boys Callum, Daley and Dexter go up against the girls Gina, Hazel and Sophie. For this task, the respective teams would have to follow the commands of Big Brother for as long as possible. The team who allotted the most time after all three team members of the team had had a turn would win the task.

Dexter Fletcher

The boys emerged as the winners of the task, and therefore won a 'girls night-in' for all the male housemates later that night. On Day 18, housemates competed in the 'Last Laugh' task. For this task, each housemate entered the Diary Room one-by-one where they found a 'funny' joke or object inside provided by Big Brother.

Sam laughed for over 15 minutes and won the task. As a reward, Big Brother gave him and two housemates of his choice a chance to watch Gina, Jackie and Wolfy's audition tapes. He chose Callum and Daley. For this task, every time housemates heard the countdown buzzer, they would report to Big Brother and be given a task that they would have to complete before the countdown clock ran out.

Each task they successfully completed within the time limit would go towards the amount of money they could spend on the weekly shopping budget. The other housemates had to use Wolfy's teachings to open up and tell one of the animals a secret.

Once each housemate had given the animal a secret to keep, Wolfy then had to try and guess three housemates' secrets that they told to one of the animals. Each secret guessed correctly earned the house a reward. Wolfy guessed one secret correctly and as a reward won ingredients for a fish dinner for the house. The rest of the housemates were tasked with trying to get Sophie to deliver these expressions.

The housemates later passed the task. On Day 17, a mysterious tennis ball reading: On Day 19, as punishment for discussing nominations, Dan, Dexter and Gina were sent to the jail in the garden.

Big Brother contestants Sam Evans, Dexter Koh, Dan Neal, Gina Rio and others - Mirror Online

On Day 19, housemates nominated face-to-face during a live broadcast, [61] with Dan, Dexter, Gina and Wolfy receiving the most nominations. On Day 23, the third and fourth housemates "fake evicted" were Gina and Dexter respectively. Both were then escorted backstage to be talked to by Big Brother in the Diary Room, before they both entered the Safe House see twists.

On Day 24, Dexter and Gina were tasked with giving housemates of their choice tasks to fulfil. The housemates however were told by Big Brother that it was a 'viewers take over' day and that these tasks were chosen by the viewers. Housemates completed all tasks successfully and as a result won a Chinese takeaway.

Dexter and Gina were called to the Diary Room prior to the task's announcement, and were tasked with matching a series of headlines to the name of a housemate of their choice.

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Having done this, the other housemates were told to do the same. However, the housemates did not know that they were being tested on how closely they matched Dexter and Gina's answers and that the headlines they had been given were not real. Each headline matched with the name of the correct housemate won the house a watergun and an ice lolly. As residents of the Safe House, Charlie, Dexter and Gina were made Treasury members and had to make a series of budget cuts and avoid temptation in order to save as much money for the week's shopping budget as possible.

The other housemates were aware of this and that the saboteur was Sam, who was tasked with hiding Dan's toiletries in the vegetable patch and throwing his clothing into the pool. Sam completed these tasks, however, Dan successfully guessed that it was him who was the house's secret saboteur. For guessing correctly, Dan received the use of a variety of gym equipment for one hour.

Sam was sent to the jail as punishment for not keeping his identity hidden. On Day 26, Dexter and Gina were told that they would have the power to save one of the four nominees and replace them with another housemate of their choice. A hidden pool within the back garden was also unveiled.

Ex-residents Charlie, Dexter and Gina were still eligible to re-enter. Voting opened to the public as to which duo would enter the Safe House for its second week. The pairings for possible entry into the Safe House on Day 31 were: On Day 26, as punishment for discussing nominations, Jackie, Sam and Sophie were sent to the jail in the garden. On Day 24, Jackie broke her arm after slipping and falling on it in the garden. Big Brother arranged for her medical attention and she was escorted to a nearby hospital. Later that day she re-entered the Big Brother House.

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  • However, it was later revealed that on Day 26, Dexter and Gina had the power to save one of them and replace them with another housemate of their choice see twists. Subsequently, Dexter and Gina chose to save Charlie and nominate Jackie in her place. On Day 32, Safe House residents Hazel and Daley were tasked with becoming 'The Interviewers'; by interviewing their fellow housemates on their time in the house so far. Big Brother provided them with additional information files on their fellow housemates to assist them during this task.

    For this task, Big Brother placed an oversized remote control in the house. The housemates were instructed to obey all instructions given by the remote control in order to pass the task and obtain a luxury shopping budget for the week. If they went below a pre-determined number of fails, the housemates would fail the weekly task.

    Big Brother sent in a series of distractions when housemates were carrying out the instructions of obeying the remote control, such as sending in a herd of sheep. The housemates therefore won a luxury shopping budget for the week. For this task, housemates thought they had to solve a dilemma, using a set of mysterious props and puzzles placed in the garden by Big Brother. A meter was placed in the garden to measure how close they were to passing and failing this task.